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"Looks like the Silver lion could have transformed a long time ago. Right now, it should have taken the human form to follow you …" Yue'er, on the other hand, was very calm. She panicked, "Don't think too much. We need to increase our speed and enter the mountain range. Next, you have to conceal yourself well."

Chen Xiang had not hidden his presence all the way back, but now he released a Domain to separate himself from the surrounding space. After a few long-distance teleportation, he arrived at a group of volcanoes that were emitting purple smoke.

"You're quite strong. If you don't enter this area, perhaps I won't be able to discover you."

Chen Xiang heard a cold laughter. Then, the surrounding volcanoes suddenly turned into ice mountains and a thick layer of ice quickly condensed on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the entire area was covered in snow and ice. This kind of power was simply too terrifying. Furthermore, this was a hot volcano range.

Chen Xiang had already seen the Silver lion, its body was enveloped by a layer of faint mist, its silver hair was wildly dancing, its face was very white, its eyes were green, giving off a cold light, as it sized up Chen Xiang.

"Calm down. It's easy for us to leave this place if we work together." Yue'er transmitted a message to Chen Xiang. At this time, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a kind of indescribable power coming from his bag. Yue'er was releasing her own spatial energy.

"Just release your Spatial Force. Leave the rest to me." Yue'er replied, "Don't be afraid of him."

Chen Xiang immediately released his spatial energy with all his might. The strange thing was that his spatial energy did not leak out even a single bit of his aura, which had been completely absorbed by Yue'er.

"You're that Silver lion, and you've actually turned into this dog." Chen Xiang sneered: "Why didn't your master come personally? He sent you here, isn't he worried that you won't be able to go back."

The Silver lion's face suddenly twitched, Chen Xiang's words clearly angered him, he never thought that a weak human like Chen Xiang would actually dare to be so arrogant in front of him.

"The young master said that he would capture you alive, but I can tell him that he accidentally killed you." The Silver lion's voice turned cold, one of its arms suddenly turned into ice, releasing a burst of terrifying cold air, striking Chen Xiang.

"Let's go." Yue'er giggled, and Chen Xiang disappeared.

The Silver lion's face congealed. Just now, he had felt an extremely terrifying wave of spatial energy, and he had even heard the laughter of a girl. This made him suddenly remember something terrifying.

"You can't leave." The Silver lion sucked in a small breath of air, because he wanted to confirm who was with Chen Xiang and if it was that terrifying fellow.

… ….

Chen Xiang was also sweating profusely just now. Fortunately, Yue'er had acted in time and broke the Silver lion's spatial seal in an instant, bringing him to an ancient forest.

"So dangerous, what is this place?" Chen Xiang touched the trunk of a huge tree beside him, and after he lightly punched it, he discovered that the trunk was extremely sturdy.

"We're already in that mountain range. I intentionally left some traces for that guy to catch up to us." Yue'er smiled. "That idiot may already know that it's me, but he'll still come over."

Chen Xiang was originally very surprised that Yue'er left such a trace. After hearing what Yue'er said later on, he understood that Yue'er had other motives.

"We're going to set up a trap." Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"More or less, in short, he didn't dare to be so arrogant after entering this place. To most humans and beasts, this Silver lion is an extremely terrifying existence, but here, if he was a little careless, he would die even faster than me." Yue'er smiled. "If we're lucky, we might be able to help him collect his corpse."

Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er, who had stuck her head out from the backpack, and shivered. This little thing was too terrifying, it actually wanted to trick that Silver lion to death.

However, he still did not understand why this mountain range was so terrifying.

"Where is the danger?" Chen Xiang walked in the direction Yue'er pointed, looking around at the peaceful scenery. The flowers and plants here were all very good, there were very few beasts here, if not for them, the flowers and plants would all be stepped on.

Yue'er replied, "I've only heard that there's something called a Dao Spirit within this mountain range. It should be considered a Spirit Body, nurtured by the Great Dao's power, and can directly use the power of the Great Dao's Laws. It's extremely terrifying.

"Dao-spirit." When Chen Xiang heard Yue'er describe this thing to such a terrifying extent that it gave rise to goosebumps in his heart, he was worried that such a thing would suddenly appear and kill him.

"Yes, but you and I do not need to use things, we all have the power of the Great Dao, I have the power of the Space Path, and you are the Six Realms' Power. Although that Silver lion is powerful, but I could already feel that he did not control the power of the Ancient Code, so it would be very dangerous for him to enter." Yue'er smiled sweetly, "That's why he came here and frozen it like before. When the inspiration for the ice path arrives at the Icy cold power, he'll come immediately."

Chen Xiang understood, that was why Yue'er said that this was a trap.

"However, we cannot be careless. Aside from the Dao Spirit, there are other dangers here, and these are basically all heaven's risks. Because things like Dao heart stone can be developed here, there are also many natural killing arrays or illusions. We cannot let our guard down." Yue'er immediately warned Chen Xiang as she saw his guard down.

Chen Xiang felt that finding Yue'er before he came to do this was extremely right. If Yue'er didn't tell him these things, who knows what dangers lay within.

Because this was the Dao-spirit's territory, Chen Xiang did not release the spatial sensing domain.

"Be careful in front." Yue'er suddenly shouted, causing Chen Xiang to immediately stop. In front of him, there was nothing.

In the forest that Chen Xiang was in, every tree had a straight tree trunk, and every tree had the same distance between them, which looked extremely accurate, but there were some large trees in front of him, so the distance between them was different. The biggest difference was at least three inches, and the smallest was even an inch.

Normally, it would be difficult to discover it, so she didn't pay much attention to it. However, in Littlemoon's eyes, this was a very important matter.

"There's a Killing Array in front of you. If you don't believe me, you can just throw something solid inside." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang took out a small piece of Top stone, which was an extremely stiff piece of God level's artifact forging material.

Just as the Top stone entered, it turned into a cloud of smoke, causing Chen Xiang to open his mouth wide in shock.

"This is too scary." Chen Xiang just entered and he already encountered this kind of natural killing array.

These giant trees had grown for a very long time, and they had followed this rule from the very beginning until now, and naturally formed a killing array. The countless complicated tree roots that were underground were the Spirit grain s that formed the killing array, and the Heaven and Earth powers that had been absorbed by each tree for many years were the source of the killing array energy.

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