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When Leng Youlan came back from outside, and saw the two of them cultivating far away, she was unable to understand what was going on. She had rested here for more than an hour, and when she went out, she would sometimes hunt some Holy Beasts for Long Xueyi to eat.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi had cultivated the Gods join method for an entire day, and only after the effects had gradually weakened, did they finally stop, and then began their separate cultivation. Of course, the greatest benefit they had gained was the feeling of comfort and satisfaction in their minds.

If Leng Youlan wasn't here, Chen Xiang really wanted to try cultivating it.

Chen Xiang cultivated the Alive Slain Method and meditated on it for two days. He did not make any progress, if he wanted to reach Lv Qilian's level, it would definitely take many years, but he could not wait that long.

Long Xueyi's cultivation just needed to sleep and eat, so she was not too familiar with this aspect. At most, she could point out a general direction and it would not be of much help to Chen Xiang.

"Why, you look upset." Long Xueyi entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea and saw Chen Xiang's soul frowning as he sat there.

"This Alive Slain Method is too complicated, I feel that it is much harder to cultivate than any other Killing techniques." Chen Xiang's soul opened his eyes, looked at the little world inside Divine Sense Sea, and let out a long sigh.

Long Xueyi's soul floated over and landed in his arms, "Of course, the Heaven Earth Killing Method you cultivated in the past, you have some experience with the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but this guy only knows how to fight all day, the Alive Slain Method does not seem to be of much use to him, he does not cultivate much."

Chen Xiang lowered his head and kissed Long Xueyi's cherry lips, then rubbed Long Xueyi's stomach and asked: "Then how can I quickly grasp the Alive Slain Method now, I really want to quickly feed you, this Little Naughty Dragon's stomach."

When the time came, she would be able to quickly replicate a large number of Holy Fruits. Thinking of all these, she licked her lips and swallowed her saliva.

"Go find Lv Qilian, he is cultivating the Gods join method with her, it will be of great help to her, you can let her teach you the cultivation experience of the Alive Slain Method … When the time comes, you just need to enter her Divine Sense Sea and you will understand. " Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly: "This kind of thing happens a second time."

"Little Naughty Dragon, you're not jealous." Chen Xiang lightly pinched her butt.

"I've already eaten enough, so I don't mind eating more." Long Xueyi scoffed.

"I'm going back now, and then I'll come back." Chen Xiang also felt that finding Lv Qilian would allow him to learn the Alive Slain Method a little faster.

"Don't you know how to use the Heaven tour method and the spatial laws to return? Even in the Heaven Realm, the highest realm of the Heaven tour method is capable of allowing a soul to roam to the Nine Heaven World." Long Xueyi said, "As long as you can travel through space, you can use a wisp of your divine soul to find Lv Qilian. Once you have a precise location, you can just bring the entire divine soul over."

"I've been wanting to try this method for a long time. It can save energy and is also very safe." Chen Xiang chuckled, then closed his eyes and channeled his divine power to condense the power of the spatial laws. Through his perception of space, he opened a small hole, allowing his soul consciousness to travel to Di Tian.

Chen Xiang did not immediately go to Di Tian's Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Instead, he went there to look for Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er.

The Ice Dragon Race's defense was still strong enough that even a strand of Chen Xiang's soul could block it, preventing Chen Xiang from entering that Ice Dragon Villa.

"I can only use the old method." Chen Xiang allowed that strand of his soul to drift outside the Ice Dragon Villa, waiting for his acquaintances to come in and out.

As domineering as ever, she wore a set of white ice armor, and held a white longsword in her hand. She looked very much like a Ice dragon sword, which Chen Xiang guessed was probably created by Jiang Sheng himself.

Since the return of those old Ice Dragons, Long Huishan had also received more than half of the Ice Dragon's inheritance. She had shared many of the Ice Dragons' inheritance, so the old Ice Dragons had always placed great importance on her.

"Big Sis Long." Chen Xiang's soul flew over and whispered to Long Huishan.

"Bro." Long Huishan looked around, but did not see a trace of Chen Xiang. "Come out quickly, there's no need to be so sneaky now, you little rascal, don't tell me you're used to using this kind of sneaky methods?"

"Didn't you go to the Heavenly Dragon Realm? Why did you come back?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am right in Heavenly Dragon Realm, and have just recovered from my trance, quickly take me in, I want to look for Elder Sister Meng'er and Xianxian."

"Then, you can enter my Divine Sense Sea." Long Huishan relaxed his mind and allowed Chen Xiang to enter her Divine Sense Sea.

After Long Huishan obtained the inheritance of the ice dragon, she started to cultivate her divine way. Her progress was extremely fast, and when Chen Xiang saw that her Divine Sense Sea was covered in snow and ice, he knew that she had already reached a very profound level in her divine way and could condense the God wind.

"So cold." Chen Xiang shouted, "I only need to stroke my soul a little, it will freeze to death."

At this time, he saw Long Huishan's divine soul floating over. She wore a light, long skirt, and flew slowly across the snow and ice, just like a goddess who had descended to the mortal world. She did not have the domineering aura of the Female Dragon King she used to have in the future.

"You can actually use the Heaven tour method to return here from the Realm of Flame Heaven." Long Huishan was a little surprised: "Looks like your Heaven tour method realm is very high."

"No, I only came here because I opened a spatial passageway." Chen Xiang came over to his side and steadied his mind. He smiled: "Big Sister, you're so beautiful now. I really want to hug you."

"If you want to hug me, then bring your real body back. I'll give it to you at any time." Long Huishan laughed mischievously: "You little scoundrel, could it be that you want to scheme against me?"

How could she not know about Chen Xiang's playfulness? However, she actually had a little bit of anticipation towards this, since she had a very good feeling about Chen Xiang after all, and Chen Xiang was also the man closest to her.

Chen Xiang giggled, he had already been embraced by Long Huishan, although it was just a touch, it was still a very real feeling.

Long Huishan brought Chen Xiang's soul into the villa and arrived in a large mountain. Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian were currently master refiners of the Ice Dragon Race.

"My Ice dragon sword was created by them." Long Huishan was extremely satisfied with the imitation Ice dragon sword in his hand. Other than the special ice dragon's power that had not been supplemented by the ice dragon, the other aspects were no different from the ice dragon's holy sword that was in Chen Xiang's hands.

"The few of them." Chen Xiang was a little curious, "Aren't there only Meng Er and Xianxian?"

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