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To be able to produce a little demon from an Primordial profoundbing, many people would not believe it if word of this got out.

If Chen Xiang had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it to be true.

"The little demoness was a type of demon from the ancient times, and she was usually transformed by some strange plant and could reproduce." The little demoness was a type of demon from the ancient times, and was usually transformed by some strange flower and strange plant. Lv Qinlian herself was also transformed from a strange plant, but she was a bit older, so this little demon girl could be considered her own kind.

"But why does she hate me so much? I let her go." Chen Xiang was very depressed. The little demon girl in Lv Qinlian's hand had her eyes closed at the moment, and a red light shone from between her eyebrows.

Lv Qinlian said in a low voice: "I am currently teaching her the human language, don't look at her small stature, she is still very powerful, if not she would not have been able to live until now."

The little demon spirit opened her eyes and shook her elegant long hair. She looked at Chen Xiang and snorted: "Big scoundrel, you messed up my house."

Chen Xiang really wanted to reach out and touch this cute little demon. He said: "Little demon, you need to know that I saved you. If it wasn't for me, you might have fallen into the hands of some really bad people."

Lv Qinlian quickly explained, and only after talking about the profoundbing did he dispel the misunderstanding.

"I'm not called Little Goblin, I'm called Xiao Yao. Although that's right and saved me, I still feel like he's not a good person."

This little demon's words made Chen Xiang very unhappy, he could only stick out his tongue and make a face at her.

"Xiao Yao, what happened over there? Why are you and your residence inside these profoundbing? You were frozen for a very long time." Lv Qinlian asked. Everyone was very curious about what was happening in profound Cold Ancient Realm.

I don't know, I only remember that it suddenly became very cold. There was a lot of snow, a lot of things were frozen, and at that time, many of my companions were frozen to death, because I myself was a fire flower, so I was very resistant to the cold. When Xiao Yao thought back to this matter, he felt extreme grief, because she was the only one who had survived.

From her, Chen Xiang found out that there had once been a snowfall in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, which resulted in the appearance of many profoundbing.

"Xiao Yao, come with me from now on. You don't have anywhere to go." Lv Qinlian rubbed her little face with her jade fingers.

"En, thank you sister for taking me in. I will repay you." Xiao Yao said with a joyous expression.

"Sister Lian, aren't you afraid that she'll be poisoned to death?" Chen Xiang said softly. This little demon did not have any attack power, but since she was formed from a strange flower or herb, she should have some power.

"Bad guy, you're underestimating me. I'm not afraid of poison. Back then, I lived in a patch of poisonous mushrooms." Xiao Yao said.

Lv Qinlian nodded his head, "In order to protect themselves, little imps have to live by the side of many powerful poisonous flowers and herbs."

"Little thing, I'm not a bad guy." Chen Xiang declared in a very serious tone.

"Hmph, I won't bother with you anymore. You look like a bad person." Xiao Yao flew over to Lv Qinlian's head and turned into a very beautiful pink little flower. It attached itself to Lv Qinlian's hairpin, making him very surprised.

Chen Xiang changed his appearance to another one, and said: "Sister Lian, I will go to other areas that sell profoundbing, wait for me to return, then we will go to Demon Charming Association together."

"Then go quickly, my place is also going to be open for business."

After leaving the Sky Demon Pavilion, Chen Xiang immediately ran towards the nearest large shop and went to the place that displayed the profoundbing. He used the Chaos Divine Eye to observe the profoundbing, searching for treasures inside.

This shop was not very big, only around twenty to thirty profoundbing. Chen Xiang did not find any profoundbing from here, so he quickly left and went to the next shop.

He ran through five of the larger shops in Northern Demon City and returned empty-handed. Although he could see that there was a profoundbing s with something inside, there were no treasures inside, only a pile of very old weeds.

When Chen Xiang returned to the Sky Demon Pavilion, he found out that more than half of the profoundbing here had already been sold.

"Chen Xiang, I can't bring you to the Demon Charming Association yet. One of our large Sparite vein has been taken, all the Spirit Demons there are injured and are on the run. I need to go there immediately to take a look." Lv Qinlian had also just received the news.

Chen Xiang took out a few Relive Dan and handed them over to Lv Qinlian: "These are some of the Relive Dan, maybe they will be useful to you."

Lv Qinlian did not have many Relive Dan, so the more this kind of thing, the better. She did not reject it and accepted it.

Chen Xiang really wanted to know which power actually dared to provoke this group of Poison Spirit Demons.

He had originally planned to go to the Demon Charming Association to see the profoundbing, then go to the profound Cold Ancient Realm. Now, Chen Xiang had no choice but to change his plan.

The illusion of the profound Cold Ancient Realm was very bad, and it was not suitable for people to build cities. Although there were no longer any blizzards or things like that, they would occasionally blow out large amounts of cold air.

It was said that the strength of this kind of ice beast was extremely terrifying. The strong ones could reach the strength of a Worldly Immortal, and the average one had the strength of Nirvana Tribulation. Many of the people who went in as a party were killed by these ice beasts.

Furthermore, this was only a danger outside of profound Cold Ancient Realm. In the depths, there were even more terrifying and unknown dangers. If one did not have the strength to go in, it would not be easy to think of coming out.

After leaving the Northern Goblin City, Chen Xiang headed towards the north, and felt even colder and colder. In less than half a day, he arrived at the world of ice and snow.

There were originally mountains and forests here, but they were all sealed up by ice. In front of them was a large expanse of ice, and cold winds blew in waves. This place was only the borders of the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and was not very deep yet.

Some would even form a group of a hundred people and enter. This way, it would be safer, and if he entered alone, only the strong would be able to enter, but there were very few of these people.

Previously, Lv Qinlian had also advised Chen Xiang to not let him enter the profound Cold Ancient Realm alone, but he felt that his escaping ability would not let him die inside.

After the cold wind died down, it became very quiet, making people feel very eerie. However, at this moment, a loud explosion and trembling broke the dead silence.

There were people fighting, and it was a battle between a large group of people. All of them were very powerful.

Chen Xiang used Heaven tour method, he immediately went to check on the situation.

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