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After Wang Jinshi left, Chen Xiang had finally brought Long Xueyi into the room.

"These guys, their brains are all in a mess." Chen Xiang snorted, and took out a plate of fruits, placing it on the table.

Long Xueyi picked up a few of them and sent them into his sandalwood mouth, then said with a smile: "That beautiful senior sister just now seems to have a special relationship with you."

"Don't lie to me, I'm also a woman. The way she looks at you is different. There must be some secret between the two of you."

Long Xueyi was right, there was indeed a secret between Chen Xiang and him.

"That's right, I have a little secret with her, but I can't tell you about that, because it's the most important thing." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang was not willing to speak, so Long Xueyi tactfully did not pursue the matter and nodded his head.

"Didn't you just say that you came to Gods Realm alone for another reason?" Chen Xiang asked.

Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Yep, because I have gained some memories in my mind, I came here today, and I feel that I will be even more powerful in the future.

"In that case, could it be …" Chen Xiang was shocked, only to see Long Xueyi nodding his head.

"This feeling is very strange, I didn't expect it to be real, I really have another past life, it's just that my current memories aren't complete, so I don't know what happened in the past." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "If you have time, come with me to look for that complete set of memories."

"No problem, I will help you. After you have complete memories, your strength will definitely increase. At that time, we will work together to save the ice dragon and the green dragon, then we can build a shrine."

Long Xueyi laughed: "I think so too, let's work hard together."

The two of them smiled at each other and exchanged a palm strike.

Feng Yujie had said before, the Four Holy Beasts and the other Holy Beasts were created by the Nine Divine Kings according to the divine beasts that disappeared during the Primordial Era. Furthermore, when they were being created, some of the remnant spirits of the divine beasts were also added in, which was why Long Xueyi was in this situation right now.

"The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird have been in Gods Realm for a long time, but they are very low-profile. They are worried that they will be captured by the God of Heaven and used as mounts, just like the Ice Dragons." Long Xueyi said: "So that's why it's very difficult for us to find them. If they become stronger in the future, maybe they will become more high-profile."

"We are not in a hurry to find them. We will help you find your memories first." Chen Xiang hugged Long Xueyi in his arms and kissed her forehead.

Long Xueyi was also enjoying the warm embrace of Chen Xiang. As he ate the sweet fruits, he also enjoyed Chen Xiang's affectionate caresses.

"It's so good to be with you." Long Xueyi sighed as he licked his lips. When with Chen Xiang, although he would sometimes starve, as long as Chen Xiang had time, he would immediately help her get food. She didn't have to look for it herself.

Chen Xiang then told Long Xueyi about the information he got from Yang Yan about the Green Dragon.

"The old cyan bug is truly powerful. It actually attacked us from the depths of hell. However, this way, it will be even more difficult to redeem it." Long Xueyi sighed. If it was only one billion, it wouldn't be too difficult for Chen Xiang.

But now, to redeem the Azure Dragon, the amount of divine money needed was more than ten times.

"Take your time." Chen Xiang said: "I have also seen the Ice Dragon, he is currently following the God of Fortune like a zombie, I am very angry when I see him."

"We must save him." Long Xueyi also felt very sad in her heart. Right now, she could only hope that Chen Xiang could quickly find that piece of memory of hers, so that she could obtain an even stronger power from it and save the ice dragon.

"I don't know if Lv Qilian came to the Gods Realm, but I really want to find her quickly.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian could condense that kind of spirit pearl together, and now that the two of them had increased their strength by so much, and if they were to work together again, they would definitely be able to condense even more spirit ingredients.

She is a very strong woman. Her reason for not joining the Divine Female Palace should be because she wants to build a powerful shrine for herself in the future, or do it on her own. That is why she is so desperate for power, and it just so happens that you can help her. " Long Xueyi said.

Lv Qilian could understand the secret records that Wang Jinshi had left behind. If Lv Qilian had seen those secret records, he would probably come looking for him.

She had a special relationship with this place, and at this moment, she really hoped that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao could return.

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao both had decent strength at the moment, and they had always wanted to seek the Mei Emperor for revenge. With Feng Yujie assisting them, Chen Xiang wasn't too worried.

"Mei Emperor is still in Nine Heaven World. I wonder how he is doing now, but with the Temple meddling, he should be more stable. I hope big sister You You You and sister Meiyao can take care of their enemies."

If Chen Xiang wanted to eradicate the Mei Emperor, it wouldn't be a difficult task. The reason why Bai Youyou and the others had been working hard for so many years was precisely to seek revenge against the Mei Emperor.

"Don't worry, they all have their own thoughts right now. You always take care of them and they won't grow up." Long Xueyi comforted her: "Once Lv Qilian stabilizes her foundations here, with her charisma, she will definitely be able to gather them all together."

Very quickly, three days of rest time passed, and now everyone knew that Chen Xiang's wife had come by. Since they had not seen Long Xueyi, Chen Xiang said that she had gone to play by herself.

Chen Xiang didn't dare to keep the ring on his finger right now, and placed it inside the Divine Sense Sea. Otherwise, he would be discovered by the powerful gods.

"Let's go. As long as we can get a high score in the second round, the final victory will be ours." Devil-killing Heavenly God was extremely confident as he led Chen Xiang and the others towards all divine palaces.

"Dad, we scored so many points in the first round. I feel that the second round will definitely be targeted." Zu Chao said.

"They will definitely target us. If we can easily get first place, then there won't be any more challenges." Devil-killing Heavenly God was not the least bit worried, "I will tell you the truth, the second round is not being presided over by Penalty Heavenly God, but rather, it is a Heavenly God who is very close to Wealth Divine Palace.

Ren Tianyong frowned: "I've heard of this guy before. He's not some good stuff."

Devil-killing Heavenly God nodded his head: "That's right, this bastard has a very good relationship with the God of Fortune, and the rules for the second round are also set by him, so he will definitely make things difficult for us, but in that situation, if we can still get first place, hehe, that will be even better."

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