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When the green dragon heard Chen Xiang say that he wanted to leave, he immediately shouted anxiously. "Don't leave, wait for those guys to come, then I will send you away!"

"This..." Chen Xiang hesitated, then said: "What if they have too many people, and you can't handle them?"

"I'm not even afraid, what are you afraid of? They don't dare to kill me either, there's Penalty Heavenly God watching them! " The green dragon grabbed Chen Xiang's shoulders with both of his hands and started shaking him, "Don't be in such a hurry to leave this place. Even if you do me a favor, I'll be even more bored if you leave."

"Are you sure you don't have to worry? If the God of Fortune really joins, then it'll be hard to say for sure! " Chen Xiang was still a little worried, he did not want to kill Azure Dragon.

"If I say it's fine, then it's fine. You really don't have to worry about me." When the Azure Dragon thought of the large number of profound God War Gods, he became extremely excited.

"Alright, when those fellows come, you will immediately send me off! You're not afraid of them, I'm afraid! " Chen Xiang said: "Will you be able to send me away then?"

"Of course I can make it in time. I'll be able to get you away soon, so you can rest easy!" The Azure Dragon said with a smile, "If they really come, then I have a chance for a breakthrough. With these guys here playing with me, I won't feel bored in the future."

Chen Xiang curled his lips, the green dragon actually thought of this as a game, that was a very dangerous thing to do, upon knowing that the God of Fortune might want to join, he started to panic.

"I'm going to start concocting pills!" Chen Xiang sat down under a tree and took out a Blood ginseng. He then continued to refine more Dragon Blood Saint Dan and when he returned back, he would give some of them to his friends in order to rope them in. It was just that he did not have enough spirit liquid right now, and could not duplicate too many of them.

Recalling how he had eaten so many Blood ginseng s alive before, Chen Xiang felt a wave of pity. If he had used all of them to refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan s, he would definitely be able to obtain a lot of them.

"I can only return to Lv Qilian to condense those spirit pearls together. This way, I can quickly obtain a large amount of Holy level medicinal herbs." As he thought about how he had an intimate relationship with Lv Qilian, Chen Xiang couldn't help but think back to the past.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, when can you refine that Divine Deity again?" Chen Xiang asked, "It would be best to refine it before those War God profound God s come. I don't want to go crazy together with the Azure Dragon."

"Let's wait for another two to three days. This is our first time refining it. We need to be careful." Liu Meng'er replied.

Chen Xiang only had three Blood ginseng left, he could only refine two, and he would need to keep one for replication.

This time, he successfully refined another batch and obtained three Dragon Blood Saint Dan. However, he still did not use his innate ability to refine them.

"Try using your innate divine ability this time!" After Chen Xiang placed the Blood ginseng into the pill furnace, he used the power of the sacred art inside his soul essence to release the creator's fire and poured it into the furnace.

After the Blood ginseng was burnt by the flame, it immediately erupted into a ball of blood Qi, causing the pill furnace to shake non-stop. Chen Xiang increased the intensity of the big flame, at the same time using the Tai Chi God purification to suppress the resistance released by the Blood ginseng.

The flames released by his innate ability were extremely powerful, and the speed of the refined Blood ginseng was much faster than when he used the Rainbow Sacred Flame.

"It seems that as long as I use a normal refining method and use this life ability, it will become much easier." Chen Xiang felt that this furnace refined much faster than the previous two, and it consumed much less energy.

"The Saint Revitalizing Pellet should be a mid-tier saint pellet!" Refining all kinds of Holy level s into one is extremely difficult. Looks like Feng Yujie's skill in pill refinement is extremely high; Chen Xiang felt that he couldn't even refine a Medial Grade Holy Pellet now.

When he thought of Feng Yujie, Chen Xiang immediately thought of the two that Feng Yujie had adopted as his goddaughter! This made him even more anxious to return!

Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and the others already knew that Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao had told them.

"I am now a Pill Saint! Wait until I go to Gods Realm, I will definitely become a Pill God! " Chen Xiang's goal was also higher. He found out from the Azure Dragon that there were not many Pill Gods in the Gods Realm.

The trembling Yanlong furnace suddenly calmed down, Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with flames, he clenched his fists and bellowed, "Gather!"

The three cyclones inside the furnace began to search and quickly formed into pills!

The Azure Dragon watched from the side and said, "Is it done?"

"It's done! It's a bit faster than the previous two batches!" Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and took out three blood red Dragon Blood Saint Dan s. Although there was a faint smell of blood, it did not make anyone uncomfortable.

"Using an innate divine ability is different. It's actually so much faster!" The green dragon felt surprised, "In Gods Realm, for a normal Pill Saint to refine this kind of pill, they would need at least a few days. Even the faster ones would be slower than you."

Long Xueyi laughed: "You have yet to see anything faster, it's just that his current experience is insufficient. Otherwise, why don't you show him the hundred Blood ginseng he has refined so that he can have a look and at that time, his refining speed will be even more astonishing."

What Long Xueyi said was right, Chen Xiang was very familiar with this Dragon Blood Saint Dan. Adding on to the fact that he was using Dawan refining method, he was refining multiple batches at the same time, his speed and quantity of pills being produced would not decrease at all.

"If I were to use my innate ability to refine low-grade immortal pills, I might not even need a pill furnace. I could just finish it with the palm of my hand!" Chen Xiang laughed: "This life ability is really something good, to be able to produce such a magical power, if I could cultivate a second life ability, wouldn't that be even better?"

"Senior, did you see any deities in the Gods Realm who could cultivate the second life ability?" Chen Xiang asked, he knew that this was not an easy task, because the Azure Dragon did not have a second life ability right now.

I've seen them before. Basically, there are Empyrean Gods in the divine halls, some are third or fourth, and then, this will be used to measure their strength. I heard that the stronger an Empyrean God is, the more Divine Deity they have. The green dragon sighed, "I am also trying to cultivate, but it will be very difficult, unless I can become a Super profound God. At that time, as long as I can cultivate the second Divine Deity, I can become a god."

"This is a very distant matter, you'd better not think too much about it. Come one step at a time!"

Chen Xiang nodded, and asked: "Senior, when the time comes, how will you send me out? The time in this place is very chaotic! "

"I have my ways. As long as you are not a true god, I can send you out. Didn't the Vermillion Bird have the same cultivation as you before, so I also gave her out." The Azure Dragon said with a smile, "You don't have to worry!"

"When you send me out, you will definitely consume a lot of energy. How can you withstand the profound God and War God who are surrounding and attacking you?" Chen Xiang remembered that the Azure Dragon had said before that it would take a lot of energy to send him out of the Divine Prison.

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