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"Hurry up!" The domain released by the Arrogant Wolf God had already begun to loosen. Chen Xiang immediately opened a spatial tunnel and quickly left with Jiang Sheng and the others.

The sudden arrival of the White Tiger gave Chen Xiang and the others a very valuable opportunity to avoid a fierce battle with the Arrogant Wolf God.

The place where Chen Xiang and the others appeared in was an ice land, and this place was still Cold Wind Forest.

"Why is he still in Cold Wind Forest? I traveled a long way. " Chen Xiang looked around: "I wonder how Senior White Tiger is doing, that Arrogant Wolf God is really amazing."

If Master is able to break through the domain of the Arrogant Wolf God, even if he cannot beat the Arrogant Wolf God, he can still run. But let's hurry up and enter the Divine Fire Forest, it would be safer inside. Qi Shi said.

"The flames and heat emitted by the Divine Fire Forest can very well destroy the power of the domain. Even if the Arrogant Wolf God were to release his domain, it would not trap us to death!" Lv Zhen nodded his head: "I also want to take a look at the Life Forest's third barrier."

Just as they were about to act, a mass of black fog appeared in front of them. The black fog turned into a white tiger.

"Master, what about Arrogant Wolf God?" Seeing that the White Tiger was able to catch up with them, Qi Shi was overjoyed.

"This fellow is temporarily trapped by my power of darkness. However, that won't last for long." "This Arrogant Wolf God is very powerful. If it weren't for the fact that I have a breakthrough in my comprehension of the Laws of Darkness, we would definitely not have survived today."

"I'm only using the power of the Law of Darkness to force the Arrogant Wolf God into a dark world. However, his strength is very strong, and he will be able to break through very soon."

Lv Zhen said: "How long does he need to come out? If we enter the Divine Fire Forest, will it be much safer? "

"This period of time is enough for us to enter the Divine Fire Forest, it will be much safer for us there. At least, we won't be able to unleash the power of the devils that he obtained in hell in the Divine Fire Forest. The flames inside the Divine Fire Forest are the same as your devilish suppression power, they have the effect of purifying the devils."

The White Tiger smiled at Lv Zhen. He knew that Lv Zhen was very strong and they had never communicated before, but they all knew each other well.

"Big white cat, have you seen the Vermillion Bird in there? I didn't expect you to be fine! " Long Xueyi chuckled.

"Of course I saw her. It was she who told me to do it for you guys … She was worried about a girl called Warm Moon trying to comfort her. " The White Tiger looked at Chen Xiang. He knew that Dongfang Xinyue was inside Chen Xiang's ring.

Jiang Sheng took out his boat and said: "Let's go to Divine Fire Forest quickly. It would be best if we go to a place with relatively strong flames."

Originally, they were relatively close to the Divine Fire Forest, but in just six hours, they could see the flames in front of them rising into the sky. Those flames were all coming from the huge trees that were three hundred meters tall.

Dongfang Xinyue once said that the flowers, plants and trees in the Divine Fire Forest were all special. To be able to continuously burn those flames without extinguishing, and the more strongly one burned those flames, the more exuberant the life force of those plants and flowers was.

"Old Jiang, can this boat of yours withstand the flames inside? "Without any strength, every Saint Beast that enters will turn to dust." The White Tiger said.

"Don't worry. This ship was created by me. It's only a tiny bit away from a divine artifact. That bit of flame can't do anything about it." Jiang Sheng had already sensed the powerful flames in front of him. He was an artificer and was extremely sensitive to flames.

Chen Xiang asked: "I wonder where the flames are the most powerful, Arrogant Wolf God shouldn't be too willing to go there right?"

The White Tiger replied, "You'll have to ask the Vermillion Bird. She's been here for a long time, so she knows a lot about Divine Fire Forest."

Jiang Sheng's boat quickly entered the Divine Fire Forest. Even though there was a thick layer of Space black iron s in between, the people in the cabin could still feel a sense of warmth. This was the heat emitted from the flames in the Divine Fire Forest.

"What a terrifying flame!" Chen Xiang exclaimed: "Even if it's a Holy Lord, I'm afraid you can't come in!"

"As long as the fire resistance ability is strong, then it's fine. But if the fire resistance isn't strong enough, then even if a Saint comes in, he'll still be burnt to ashes." Jiang Sheng was obviously very excited: "These flames are not bad, I want to stay here for a while and see if there is any way to make my Fire Soul have this flame's special name, so that when I deal with the Evil Demon in the future, I will have twice the result with half the effort."

Lv Zhen laughed: "I can pass you a cultivation technique called Demon Suppressing Flame Technique. If you cooperate with your own cultivation technique with the Fire Soul, I think you can absorb these flames to change your own fire attribute, and thus have a stronger demonic suppressing power."

"Then I can't thank you enough!" Jiang Sheng laughed, which made him even happier.

Qi Shi said: "Master, did you also condense Divine Deity? Why did you suddenly become so powerful, you actually stopped a guy like Arrogant Wolf God. "

"You're my disciple. In the past, you were much more powerful than me, and you even possessed Divine Deity. If I don't have Divine Deity now, wouldn't my rebirth be a waste?"

With regards to the White Tiger that had died once, felt that it was not strange that it could condense Divine Deity at all. Furthermore, the White Tiger and the Dark Rule spiritual bead were able to help him condense his Divine Deity.

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Big Lion, my Divine Deity is right on that Arrogant Wolf God. If you kill that fellow, you can return it to me."

"Didn't I give you some pears?"

At most, I will temporarily not pursue the matter with you. However, I did not say that you would not be allowed to pay it back, so if it is possible, you still have to return the Divine Deity back to me. " Long Xueyi stuck out his tongue.

Chen Xiang said: "If Arrogant Wolf God also enters the Divine Fire Forest, if we join hands, would it be easier to kill him?"

White Tiger frowned, he thought for a while and said: "It will be easier, but that does not mean that we have complete confidence, and that we might even be injured. That guy is truly powerful, he should be a god, but his strength has been weakened! Since he was once a god, just his divine body is not something that we can easily touch. "

Lv Zhen nodded his head: "The divine body is very powerful, even if he had a divine weapon, it would not be that easy. He would also need a considerable amount of strength to work with the divine weapon to break through the defense of his divine body."

Jiang Sheng asked, "Where is the Vermillion Bird? "If you add her to the mix!"

"This is not something that I can persuade. After I found her, I was beaten up and scolded by her. While my anger has greatly lessened, it does not mean that I can persuade her to do something so dangerous." The White Tiger shook its head.

"Let me say it, I have a way!" Long Xueyi was very confident: "Isn't it easy to deal with her?!"

After getting rid of the Arrogant Wolf God, Long Xueyi would be able to recover her Divine Deity. Adding her Supreme Dragon blood, she would be able to cultivate a Divine Dragon Body in the future, and would be a true Divine Dragon. At that time, she would be even more powerful, able to fight against gods of Arrogant Wolf God's level by herself.

The flames released by the trees, flowers, and plants here were of the same degree and were extremely mystical. As the third barrier of the Life Forest, not only was the Divine Fire Forest filled with the power of fire, there were also many hidden dangers inside.

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