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Xie Ao had already hinted at Chen Xiang that he had a very strong backer in the Supreme Divine Palace. Regarding this matter, Zhan Xi did not know, but he had thought that Xie Ao was just a small fry in the Boxing Hall.

Chen Xiang understood that the Boxing Hall belonged to one of the Divine Nations's factions and the elders in charge of the Boxing Hall and the Sword Hall were all working hard for the Divine Nations. Xie Ao was now with the Boxing Hall, so could his backer be an elder of the Boxing Hall? And how did he build a good relationship with that elder? Chen Xiang was very curious, but he did not ask.

"They may not come until tomorrow!" Chen Xiang said: "Tomorrow, our tenth hall's shop will open. If I have time tomorrow, I will come and take a look!"

He already knew about his real appearance. Because he had killed Zhan Xi and one of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's disciples, he did not want to meet with the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's disciple again. He was worried that something might leak out.

Of course, he was very happy that these bandits had gotten rid of him, because they had planned to capture him and force him to hand over the God Murdering Sword Techniques and the Heavenly Alchemy! And the one who ordered them to do so, was an elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain!

Xie Ao said: "Furthermore, I have heard news that they will be here tonight. If nothing unexpected happens, it should be like this.

Xie Ao had just seen Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie come together, he had met Feng Yujie before, but that was a long time ago.

Feng Yujie was currently chatting and laughing with the Olde Iron Cock, causing him to be secretly surprised. Xie Ao had been in the Supreme Divine Palace for a very long time, so he knew the character of the Olde Iron Cock. He was a petty and black-hearted person, and he very rarely talked or laughed with disciples, unless it was to trade with him.

Chen Xiang said: "Then I will come back later, I still have some matters to attend to, I will be leaving first, goodbye!"

Xie Ao nodded towards Chen Xiang, and then watched Chen Xiang walk towards the Olde Iron Cock.

"Elder, when will this Transmission array be completed?" Chen Xiang wanted to confirm if what Xie Ao said was true. The Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's God of Heaven would come tonight.

"We can build it before nightfall. Where do you want to go?" The Olde Iron Cock laughed. Chen Xiang had given him a Dao heart stone, there was no need to talk about him giving it to Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie.

Feng Yujie laughed: "The elder already knows that we are opening a shop, he said that he will help us spread the news, and he will even send people to help us decorate the shop."

Chen Xiang immediately replied gratefully, "Thank you elder for your help!"

"There's no need to stand on ceremony!" When Olde Iron Cock received the Dao heart stone that Chen Xiang gifted to him, he did not speak carelessly about it, as it would bring Chen Xiang trouble.

Just as Olde Iron Cock finished speaking, a gust of cool wind suddenly blew over. Chen Xiang was immediately startled, he was extremely familiar with this gust of wind, it was that Xiao Changle!

Xiao Changle was the hall master of the Six Realms Divine Palace, so both Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun knew this Xiao Changle. The last time Xiao Changle had said that he would come to the Supreme Divine Palace, he hadn't even finished constructing the Transmission array before he had arrived.

"It's this guy!" I never thought that he would actually come. I even thought that Hallmaster was joking! " Olde Iron Cock looked in a direction as he muttered to himself. It seems like he knew of this Xiao Changle as well.

Feng Yujie sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Has Xiao Changle come? Although many years have passed, this aura is extremely familiar! "

Xiao Changle was a disciple that was specially groomed by the Nine Divine Kings, so Xiao Changle recognised him.

"It's this guy. He is the hall master of the Six Realms Divine Palace, but he always appears and disappears, without a trace of an expert's demeanor." Chen Xiang complained: "Last time, this guy scared me like a ghost!"

Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang returned to the shop. Shui Bingyan held Feng Yujie's arm and looked in one direction. In that direction, there was also the direction Olde Iron Cock had just been looking.

"BingYan, what are you looking at?" Feng Yujie had already guessed that Shui Bingyan was there, but she still wanted to confirm.

"There's a very strong guy over there, but he doesn't have any ill intentions towards us, so we don't need to be afraid of him!" Shui Bingyan blinked his eyes and then did not take this matter to heart anymore.

Feng Yujie laughed tenderly: "Chen Xiang, if this Xiao Changle knows that I have already become your woman, he might be jealous, so you better be prepared!"

Chen Xiang was a little shocked: "This guy has pursued you before?"

Feng Yujie stuck out her tongue, pouted her lips, and said: "Look at your reaction, it's as though I don't have anyone chasing after you! You must know that I am the goddess of the nine heavens, and there are many men who wish to obtain me! "

Chen Xiang laughed: "So what, in the end, you're still not mine? Let them go to hell! "

Feng Yujie curled his lips: "Many of those fellows are very strong. It's not easy for you to get them to go to hell. For example, this Xiao Changle, is now the hall master of the Six Realms Divine Palace!"

Shui Bingyan asked: "Elder Brother Shen, the Xiao Changle you are talking about, is he him?" As she said that, she opened her jade palm, and a pool of water appeared in her palm. The lump of water quickly turned into a small person, with long hair fluttering in the wind, elegant demeanor, and a flute in hand. It was the extremely handsome Xiao Changle!

"It's this guy!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Bing Yan, you're really amazing. You've already seen him?"

"Yes, there is water vapor that people can't see at all times. Through this water vapor, I can see everything around me." Shui Bingyan nodded.

She was a Dao spirit and had naturally mastered the Laws of Ice and Water!

"Elder Brother Shen, are you going to deal with this guy? If he bullies you, I'll help you beat him up! " Shui Bingyan replied: "I can beat him."

That was why Shui Bingyan said this when she heard Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie's conversation. It was because she heard from Chen Xiang that Chen Xiang had a powerful enemy!

This allowed Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie to have a new understanding of Shui Bingyan's strength.

"About this, we don't need it for now!" He is not my enemy! " Chen Xiang caressed her jade face and laughed: "BingYan, you have great strength, do not recklessly kill innocent people. I think you should be able to tell that those are bad guys and good people."

Shui Bingyan immediately said: "I can tell, Elder Brother Shen is a good person!"

Chen Xiang nodded with satisfaction and laughed: "Not bad!"

Feng Yujie shook his head. Chen Xiang was a good person, but sometimes he was like a demon.

As they were on their way back to the shop, they met Luo Tianjun, who seemed to be looking for them.

"It's great that we met you! Then Xiao Changle is here, let's go see him. I haven't seen him for a while. " Luo Tianjun laughed.

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