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The thing that left the most impression on Chen Xiang was that after doing all of this, he was actually smiling brightly, that kind of smile was as if he had just earned some money.

"Peng Renyi, you are worse than an animal, I am your savior. It's fine if you didn't repay me, but you still did such an ungrateful thing." Steward Tai spat out fresh blood and screamed in anger.

"Don't worry, I won't let you die. If you die, the Penalty Heavenly God won't be easy to deal with!" Peng Renyi laughed: "I just want to monopolize this divine money! Although you are currently heavily injured, and will recuperate properly in the future, you will definitely recover completely. If we can still meet again in Gods Realm in the future, I will definitely receive you with hospitality. "

"Haha …"

Peng Renyi laughed out loud and took the storage ring from Steward Tai. looked down on the 100 million silver coins in the ring right now, but the ring was very valuable.

"Bastard, don't ever think of returning to the Gods Realm. You don't even have the chance to go to hell!" Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart as he activated the divine talisman, throwing it towards Peng Renyi.

Following Chen Xiang's thoughts, the divine talisman appeared above Peng Renyi in an instant, and then, it released countless threads of light, which were profound Spirit grain s that formed into a giant handprint that flickered with flames, and smashed down with a loud bang, causing the surrounding desolate mountains to crumble, and the ground to crack extremely quickly. The rumbling sound resonated in all directions, and the shock wave was like a raging wave, wreaking havoc on the ground, causing the entire desolate mountain to tremble, and even the ground to crack.

Chen Xiang threw the talisman out and anxiously ran up to the sky. Seeing the power of the divine talisman, he had a lingering fear.

The divine talisman's attack power was extremely concentrated, causing a lot of noise. Even if Chen Xiang was a distance away from Peng Renyi, if he did not dodge, he would still be injured by the wave of air.

The land quickly calmed down as Chen Xiang dug out Peng Renyi and the Steward Tai from within the rubble.

Right now, Steward Tai was still not dead, but the injuries on his body was even worse, he was already drenched in blood and there was not a single bit of good meat left in his body. However, he was still laughing crazily in pain, because Peng Renyi, who was beside him, was not any better off, or maybe even worse.

"Shen … Chen Xiang... "You little bastard." Peng Renyi endured the pain in his heart and uttered a sentence that was filled with endless hatred because he was just one step away from leaving this Divine Prison. He could also take away a portion of the divine money, but in the blink of an eye, it was as if he had fallen into hell. Thinking of this, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

"This is a good gun!" Although Steward Tai felt that it was painful for Chen Xiang to pull the spear out from the head of Steward Tai, he was still extremely pleased in his heart. This was because he hated Peng Renyi, the ungrateful and despicable person, even more.

Chen Xiang kept his spear. The weapon Peng Renyi was using at the most crucial moment was definitely not an ordinary weapon.

"I remember that I still owe you some silver coins!" Chen Xiang took back the storage ring, and said with a cold smile: "You bastard, don't think that I don't know that you did something to those medicinal ingredients."

"You … "You …" Peng Renyi was so angry that he couldn't say a word.

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, lowered it to his throat, and said coldly: "You are only severely injured right now, you won't die, and I don't want to kill you either. Otherwise, Penalty Heavenly God will not let me off! "Therefore, you should just hand over the things on your body obediently. I can let you feel a bit more comfortable after this. Otherwise, I won't be polite anymore."

It was better to die than to live. As long as he could live, it was better than anything! Peng Renyi anxiously shouted: "This is my most precious treasure, now it all belongs to you."

With just a thought, all sorts of random things came out from Peng Renyi's body. There weren't many of them, just about ten of them, which were all weapons and treasures.

Chen Xiang put away these things and then activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and Devouring magic kungfu on Peng Renyi. Peng Renyi's strength was far stronger than his, and he needed some time to bring out the opponent's divine soul and Divine Deity.

"What are you doing? Didn't you say to let me go? " Peng Renyi felt Chen Xiang making a move on his Divine Sense Sea and anxiously shouted.

"You often lie to others yourself. Have you ever thought that others would lie to you? I was just joking with you. "

Last time, when Peng Renyi lied and saw through it, he said that it was because he was joking with Chen Xiang!

"Relax, I will treat your Divine Deity well. This thing can be sold in the Gods Realm and can be sold for a lot of divine money. Even if you die, you should rest in peace." Chen Xiang kept on talking in anger, provoking Peng Renyi.

Peng Renyi, whose entire body was filled with scars, was gasping for breath. He was so angry that he couldn't say a word, his eyes wide open as he watched Chen Xiang pull out his soul and Divine Deity.

"Do you really think thirty thousand dollars is so good? Previously, Hell Devil Emperor used four Divine Deity s to reward me! "

Chen Xiang looked at the Divine Deity that he extracted from his hands, which was about the size of a walnut, sparkling and translucent. The faint softness that it glimmered with, contained an extremely strong power.

Previously, Peng Renyi did not understand why the Hell Devil Emperor would use thirty thousand gold to reward Chen Xiang. Now, he understood that Chen Xiang was not as easy to deal with as he had imagined.

Peng Renyi had been killed by Chen Xiang and Manager Tai, who was standing at the side, was also filled with fear.

Chen Xiang placed Peng Renyi's soul inside his own Divine Deity, but he temporarily did not refine it, because's current divine soul far exceeded the physical body, and Peng Renyi's body was placed inside the Demon God Slaying Tower to be fed to the bats.

There was a bloody hole in Steward Tai's forehead, but he was still a very strong person after all. He hadn't died yet, and was only severely injured.

Chen Xiang was considering whether to kill this steward! Killing Steward Tai would allow him to obtain one Divine Deity, which was one step closer to his mission.

But now that he was inside the Divine Prison and he was weak, and the help Yu Fan gave him was pitifully little, and this Steward Tai in front of him was not weak either. If he could be of use to him, then everything would be much smoother for him in the future.

"I don't want to kill you! If you can make me feel at ease, then I won't kill you. " Chen Xiang said as he looked at the steward Tai on the ground.

"Soul Contract!" Steward Tai thought about it for a moment before releasing his divine soul to allow Chen Xiang to place a trap.

Chen Xiang's divine power had entered into the inner part of Steward Tai's soul and was infusing it with the contracted power. This way, Steward Tai wouldn't kill him.

"You have to listen to me from now on!" Chen Xiang took out a bottle of pearl tears and dripped it onto Steward Tai's wound.

It had to be said that Pearl's tears were extremely useful. It was just that, in a moment, Director Tai looked much better, as if he could stand up straight.

"Steward Tai, is the damage to your soul not too severe?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You can recover in a few days. Just call me Tai Qiang." Steward Tai looked at the bloodstain on the side. It was Peng Renyi's, and now that this bastard had died so tragically and he was still alive, he was more or less happy.

With regards to Chen Xiang, he also resigned himself to fate. Not only did Chen Xiang not kill him, she even saved him! However, in order to ensure his safety, he had made a soul contract with him. This was also a matter that was only natural.

Tai Qiang did not ask anything, he only knew that Chen Xiang was terrifying, even though his cultivation seemed very low.

"You can go back first, I'll look for you in a few days." Chen Xiang said.

Tai Qiang left, he did not dare disobey him, because if he did, his soul would suffer the pain of being roasted by flames.

Seeing that Tai Qiang had walked far away, Chen Xiang shouted lightly: "Master Yu, you can come out now!"

"Well done! Even though Tai Qiang has a Divine Deity, keeping him alive will be of great help to you in hunting for other Divine Deity in the future. I will give him some pills so that he can recover quickly so that he can help you hunt for Divine Deity. In the future, we will contact each other and use the method of keeping secret notes to guide them, then we will leave behind our own information. " After Yu Fan finished speaking, his body turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared.

In the future, all he needed to do was to mark these markings near the city's bulletin board. In those places, there would be many people leaving their markings, and he would have to frequently go there to see if Yu Fan left any other instructions.

Not long after Yu Fan left, Chen Xiang sensed a burst of aura approaching. He anxiously took out the flying discs that Yu Fan had given him, sat on them, then activated them.

"So fast!" Just as Chen Xiang was praising her, he felt the energy behind him fluctuate, he continued to control the flying discs.

He looked back and saw several people riding on octagonal flying discs, chasing after him.

"Are they all sent by the Hell Devil Emperor? I have to get rid of them as soon as possible. I didn't expect them to arrive so soon. " Chen Xiang's Frisbee was already fast enough, and the people behind him were not slow either. If not because of the distance and his Frisbee was very fast, the people behind would have already attacked.

"These guys might all be gods on the same level as Master Yu Fan, I have to deal with them carefully." Chen Xiang was trying to think of a way to get rid of those people, "If only there was another divine talisman like that one."

Chen Xiang recalled that he had refined many Annihilation Ice seal Dan and Heavenly Annihilation Pills from other people's Heaven Pills.

He took out a large box and continuously threw it behind him. Immediately, loud banging sounds were heard, as well as waves of bone-piercing cold Qi. His Ice seal Dan's destructive cold Qi had frozen a large part of the forest.

However, it could not last for long before it was melted by a scorching wave of air. In the blink of an eye, it had turned back into a sea of fire. This was the power of the people behind them.

"So terrifying! How could he be so powerful? Are they sent by the Hell Devil Emperor or not? " Chen Xiang could feel that heat wave, which caused him to be situated in the center of the earth. Only Di Tian's Core could feel that kind of terrifying heat wave.

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