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After Chen Xiang hid himself, he stood there motionlessly. The black-robed woman was extremely sensitive, otherwise, he would have already turned into a fly and flew away.

"I have released the Space Domain. As long as I don't move, I will definitely not be discovered." Chen Xiang did not even dare to release his consciousness to investigate, in case the black-robed woman discovered him.

Originally, he had planned to wait for this woman to leave this place for a period of time before making his move. Who knew that he would suddenly be caught?

"Hmph, don't think that I can't discover you."

When Chen Xiang heard the black gowned woman's cold shout, he knew who had grabbed him. He never expected that there was actually someone who could pull him out from his Space Domain.

He didn't understand what was going on. The most important thing right now was to get rid of this woman, or else he would fail this mission.

He immediately channeled his extremely strong spatial energy and broke free from the woman's imprisonment. He discovered that this woman used a strange spatial energy. Fortunately, he had used a large amount of spatial energy to break free earlier, otherwise he would have definitely failed.

Just as Chen Xiang teleported, he sensed a very violent power rushing towards him. He was not in a hurry to dodge, and his chest was struck by that power, causing him to feel pain all over.

"Who exactly are you? What are you here for?" The black robed woman didn't take out a weapon as she appeared behind Chen Xiang like a ghost. She didn't try to grab Chen Xiang now because when she attacked him earlier, she had already determined that Chen Xiang wasn't very strong.

If she was very strong, then that move of hers simply could not injure Chen Xiang at all. At the very least, Chen Xiang's strength was below hers.

Chen Xiang did not reply. All he wanted to do now was to quickly escape from the black-robed woman, and after taking that palm, he stabilized his body before teleporting away.

Now he felt like a mouse being played with by a cat.

"You won't be able to escape. With your tiny bit of spatial energy, you think you can escape from me?" The woman in black smiled in disdain.

Chen Xiang had already broken through spatial power before, and was already very strong. He could even break through the powerful spatial seal, but in front of the black-robed woman, he seemed so powerless, which caused him to be extremely shocked in his heart.

Since he couldn't escape, he could only go all out.

Chen Xiang immediately threw out an Explosive Flame Pill from behind him. With a "bang" sound, he could sense that the woman in black was not by his side. He immediately teleported again, but his vision suddenly went black.

"Hmph, you angered me." The black-robed woman stood in front of Chen Xiang, her body emitting an imposing manner, as a large hole appeared in the black robe that she was wearing. This was what Chen Xiang had exploded with with the Explosive Flame Pill.

Chen Xiang glanced inside the big hole, and saw a small piece of snow-white skin with an extra faint red colour. It should have been caused by the Explosive Flame Pill.

"Can it be that this fellow is a Empyrean God? How can he be so powerful?" groaned in his heart. If he fell into the hands of a Heavenly God and was proficient in spatial techniques, it would be hard for him to escape.

Seeing that the lady was about to go berserk, Chen Xiang thought of something, and anxiously bowed: "Big sister, please calm your anger. I was just curious for a moment, I came in to take a look, but I did not expect to meet such a strong expert who is proficient in spatial techniques, and a woman at that, I am so competitive, that I want to try and see if I can escape from big sister's hands."

Chen Xiang saw that everything around him was pitch black, and knew that he had fallen into her Space Domain. In her Space Domain, he was even more weak.

The black gowned woman had wanted to raise her hand to help Chen Xiang, but after hearing Chen Xiang's words, she stopped and kept her Space Domain.

Chen Xiang was very weak, but she could use spatial energy quite well. This also attracted her interest, because she rarely made any achievements in the field of spatial energy.

"Don't think that you can deceive me just like that. You must have other motives for sneakily barging in. It's only for the sake of curiosity, I can't do this kind of nonsense." The black gowned woman walked to Chen Xiang and tore off his mask. She only saw a very ordinary face.

Chen Xiang had long since changed his appearance. If the woman in black knew that he was Chen Xiang, he would be in even more danger.

The black gowned woman looked at Chen Xiang's face carefully and let out a few sneers before patting him on the cheek. Her jade hand released a soft purple light and gently caressed Chen Xiang's face and released waves after waves of white light.

"Chen Xiang, it's really you." The woman in black chuckled, then took off her mask. "I didn't expect you would deliver yourself to me."

"It's you." Chen Xiang shouted in shock, the lady in front of him was none other than Mei Emperor.

Why was the Mei Emperor here, and why was she so powerful, he could not understand why the current Mei Emperor was completely different from the one he had seen before. Although they had the same face, their temperament and strength were completely different.

"You know me." The black-robed woman's question also confused Chen Xiang.

If she wasn't Mei Emperor, why would she have taken off her mask? And if she was, why did she ask that?

Now, Chen Xiang realized that the Mei Emperor in front of him did not have that kind of strong charm power. It was indeed not the Mei Emperor that he knew before.

"I've seen a woman who looks exactly like you … I thought it was her. " Chen Xiang said: "Why are you taking off your mask? Although your face is beautiful, it isn't enough to turn my divine soul upside down."

The black clad woman replied, "The woman you're talking about, is she called Mei Emperor?" She saw Chen Xiang nod his head and said, "That useless thing, using my appearance, will be so useless. I will bring her back to the furnace later."

He suddenly felt that the black gowned woman in front of him was not simple at all. Mei Emperor was something that was created by the Nine Divine Kings back then, could it be that this black gowned woman was related to the Nine Divine Kings?

"You probably aren't one of Hell Devil Emperor's subordinates. What's your relationship with him?" Chen Xiang asked.

Of course I'm not one of the subordinates of the Hell Devil Emperor. With just trash like him, he's not even worthy enough to bring me shoes. The black gowned woman laughed contemptuously, her face was full of arrogance, she suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang's arm and walked towards a pavilion.

In just a few moments, Chen Xiang was brought inside the pavilion by her, and fiercely thrown onto a chair.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something, and then boldly asked: "Are you the real Younger Nine Girl?"

Because Younger Nine Girl was invaded by the evil consciousness that year, he was abandoned by the Nine Divine Kings, and later on, it became a disaster that was everywhere in the Mei Emperor.

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