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Now that there was such a good opportunity to earn Divine Deity, Chen Xiang would naturally not let it go. Of course, he did not forget that his goal here was to retrieve the Six Realms mirrors, so the Penalty Heavenly God did not tell him its name.

Now, he could no longer bring the Six Realms mirrors back. The Younger Nine Girl in front of him was unfathomably strong, he could control him with a single finger, and there was no chance for him to do so.

As long as the Six Realms mirrors did not fall into the hands of the Hell Devil Emperor, he could be considered to have completed most of his mission.

"What, you're willing to pay Hell Devil Emperor, but you're not willing to give it to me? What's more, Hell Devil Emperor betrayed you." Chen Xiang saw that the Younger Nine Girl was hesitating, and urged: "Hurry up and make your decision, that Six Realms mirrors is extremely important to you, what is there to be reluctant about, furthermore, you and I are not mortal enemies, we are just having a little conflict."

Younger Nine Girl said in a deep voice, "Don't think that you know a lot by yourself. You actually don't know anything, do you think that my matter will be that simple?

Chen Xiang had already been thinking about this issue a while ago, and from the looks of it, it really wasn't controlled by the Younger Nine Girl. Back then, the reason the Nine Divine Kings decided to seal the Supreme god bone away should also be because the matters of the Younger Nine Girl were too complicated.

"In other words, the Six Realms mirrors is not something that you need." Chen Xiang wanted to know more. It was clear that the power behind the Younger Nine Girl was the one that caused him to disappear all those years ago.

Younger Nine Girl's attitude towards Chen Xiang became much better, and he said: "That's right, with my current strength, it's not easy to obtain three Upper Heavenly God's Divine Deity s that I can use whenever I want."

Chen Xiang could tell that Younger Nine Girl had a lot of things he wanted to say, but he couldn't say them.

Seeing Chen Xiang's regretful expression, Younger Nine Girl said, "Even though I can't give you three Divine Deity s, I can give you other rewards."

Chen Xiang chuckled: "You can threaten me easily, if I don't help you find it, you'll kill me, wouldn't that be even easier?"

The Younger Nine Girl said coldly: "Do you think I am that kind of person? A lower god's Divine Deity, I won't do it."

Chen Xiang spread out his hands: "Of course I do, do I have any choice now? I just want to quickly leave this damned place."

With that, Chen Xiang stood up and brought her outside, walking towards a direction. Originally, he planned to look at the mysterious faces of the people who controlled the Younger Nine Girl, but after thinking about it, that was a powerful force that could even bring down the Nine Divine Kings, if he continued to be curious, that would be courting death.

Chen Xiang followed the direction of the finger formation and arrived at a place at the edge of the Demon Palace. There was an old and old mansion here, he pointed inside: "It should be here."

Younger Nine Girl opened the door, and just as he stepped in, he immediately retreated, his face was extremely serious as he shouted at the door: "Who is inside!"

After a short while, an old voice that was neither hurried nor slow came from within, "Younger Nine Girl, you really did find this place. Hell Devil Emperor is still unable to hide anything from you."

Hearing the voice, the Younger Nine Girl said in shock, "Big … Eldest senior brother, how could it be you? "

Chen Xiang was also surprised. The old man inside was Younger Nine Girl's big senior brother, that meant Younger Nine Girl should have a master, wasn't that master a very powerful old monster?

"The Six Realms mirrors is still in recovery period. Master told me to come here and guard it. I guarantee that nothing will happen to them." That old voice carried a few sneers. "You should know what's going on by now."

Younger Nine Girl immediately shook his head and shouted involuntarily: "I don't understand, since you all have already found the Six Realms mirrors, why didn't you tell me, and even allowed me to continue searching, why are you all hiding this from me?"

Chen Xiang felt that something was wrong. When he wanted to leave quickly, he found that his surroundings and the Younger Nine Girl's were all red. They had fallen into the old man's domain.

"We don't trust you. If you find the Six Realms mirrors, you definitely wouldn't give it to us. So we did it."

Chen Xiang suddenly saw an old man appearing in front of Younger Nine Girl. He was an old man with a head of red hair and a face covered in wrinkles.

The old man looked at Chen Xiang, then said to Younger Nine Girl: "You don't need to care about this matter, just treat it as our test to you. You being unable to find the Six Realms mirrors for so long also proves that you're not much of a threat."

Chen Xiang was standing behind Younger Nine Girl, and when she suddenly clenched her jade fists, she couldn't help but take a few steps back. Younger Nine Girl was extremely angry, because she had spent a lot of time on this matter, but did not expect it to turn out like this.

"What, you dare to be angry with me?" Seeing Younger Nine Girl's killing intent, the old man frowned and his voice became gloomy.

At this time, Younger Nine Girl was looking at the old man with a vicious gaze, her tightly clenched jade fists slightly trembling.

"I hate that look." The red-haired old man shouted angrily as he raised his old, skinny hands, and slapped Younger Nine Girl on the face.

Hearing the clear slapping sound, Chen Xiang knew that the situation was bad and retreated quickly.

Sure enough, Younger Nine Girl was already so angry that she could not hold back anymore. Her beautiful body released waves after waves of terrifying aura, and her black hair started to dance about, venting out her endless anger.

"Old bastard." Younger Nine Girl shouted hoarsely. His fist shot out like lightning, striking the red-haired old man's face and releasing a deep purple glow.

"I'm going to smash your face today." Younger Nine Girl waved his hands, and a few purple light rattans appeared, binding the red haired old man who was rushing over.

The red-haired old man's red domain instantly shattered, turning him into the Younger Nine Girl's purple Space Domain.

"Little bitch, what are you doing?" The red-haired old man did not expect the Younger Nine Girl to be so powerful, he was shocked.

Younger Nine Girl gnashed his teeth and said: "You have beaten me for so many years, I will return it to you now."

As she spoke, a long whip filled with black thorns appeared in her hand. With a few 'shua shua' sounds, she whipped the red-haired old man's face a few times.

"You're dead. Master will be here soon." The red-haired old man grinned fiendishly, "It's too late for you to kill me now. Although your strength has exceeded my expectations and is even a lot stronger than mine, it won't be that easy for you to kill me. If I were you, I would run far away right now."

"Hurry and take the Six Realms mirrors away." Younger Nine Girl anxiously shouted to Chen Xiang. Her hands slapped the old man's face back and forth, and in that instant, she had whipped him hundreds of times.

Chen Xiang anxiously walked into the house, Younger Nine Girl formed a seal with his hands, as though he was going to use a powerful technique.

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