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When they saw this scene, many people became worried, because this continued for a very long time, which meant that Chen Xiang and the others could very likely pass through Nirvana Doom. If Chen Xiang did not die, then they would definitely return and fight against the ancient powers.

"The Power of giving is here, it feels a lot!" shouted excitedly. As long as he made a breakthrough, he would be able to obtain the mysterious Power of giving.

Yun Xiaodao and the others immediately calmed down and refined all of the energy. Chen Xiang continued to refine pills as he fused the Power of giving into the five Heaven Pellet embryos, forming the shape of the Heaven Pellet.

"Hehe …" There's something good to eat again! " Long Xueyi laughed sweetly, as if she did not remember what she did in Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea at all. Furthermore, she did not tell Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou about what had happened.

"Little Naughty Dragon, when are we going to make a real move again?" Chen Xiang joked.

"Humph!" Long Xueyi said: "Don't worry, once you have mastered Yulong blood, this Dragon Emperor will definitely harvest you!"

After they went through Nirvana Doom together, their vitality were greatly injured, but the benefits they received were not small, especially for Yun Xiaodao and the rest, they had broken through multiple times and their cultivation had surpassed Chen Xiang's. Only Duan Chong did not have any gains, because he had went through Nirvana Doom long ago, but when he looked at his face, it was filled with a kind smile.

After Chen Xiang entered the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, he went through three stages of Nirvana Trials and four stages of tribulation. After going through the third tribulation, he was wrong and wrong, and was able to use the Celestial Slain Method to fuse with the Robbery power, and he even managed to cultivate a Heaven Pellet ahead of time. During the fourth trial, even though there were many dangers involved, and he was completely tormented by the Robbery power, but in the end, they were able to endure through it.

These Grain force were precious treasures to formation masters. At that time, he had swallowed quite a bit, and it could be said that he had taken away ninety percent of the Grain force within the rainbow colored tribulation cloud.

Chen Xiang had previously used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, so he was already very familiar with the way to refine the Robbery beast. Hence, it was very smooth and quickly formed two rainbow-coloured glittering pellets, which he then immediately gave one to Long Xueyi who couldn't wait any longer. After scooping the pellet into his hands, he excitedly licked it a few times before putting it into his mouth.

Chen Xiang did not eat it immediately. He still had to refine some Power of giving s and condense the fourth pellet from each Beast statue.

Inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, the sky was still covered in red clouds, which looked lifeless. After the great calamity before, the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's energy had weakened a lot, and her spirit energy had thinned out, causing the space to become much thinner.

Chen Xiang was confident that he could leave the Heaven Thunder Purgatory after absorbing the Power of giving!

They were all worried that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would wake up. Such a big thing had happened here, as the master of this place, it was impossible for him not to know about it.

However, what made them feel at ease was that even though they had stayed here for half a day, the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord did not make any movements. At the moment, Chen Xiang had already completely absorbed the Power of giving, so his cultivation method could be completed quickly.

But Yun Xiaodao and the others could not do it, they had to cross Nirvana Doom twice in a row, there were a lot of Power of giving s, so Chen Xiang reckoned that it would take them at least ten days to complete it!

"If we go out now, we won't affect you, right?" Chen Xiang said, he was worried that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would wake up if he continued to stay.

"Mm, let's go now. It won't hinder us." said, Xiao Chou and the others nodded immediately, leaving this damned place was something they wished for the most.

Chen Xiang looked at Duan Chong and said, "Elder Duan, let's go together!"

Duan Chong looked around at the scarred Heaven Thunder Purgatory, sighed, and nodded.

Although the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's space had become a lot weaker now, if he were to open a spatial door, it would definitely cause damage to the Luotian Gate and if it became serious, it would not be used anymore.

He transferred the power of the spatial bead into the Luotian Gate and let the ring on top of it spin, forming a very powerful formation. It fluctuated the space around it, and then opened a spatial door.

"Don't even think about leaving!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's angry shout came out.

Chen Xiang saw a yellow-skinned, skinny man with a body like firewood in the distance. He wore a black robe and carried a black gale as he flew towards them at a very fast speed.

"Hurry up and leave! Leave this place to me!" Chen Xiang shouted to Duan Chong and the others.

"Quick!" I can deal with him! " Chen Xiang's body suddenly released a white mist, the dense dragon aura caused people to tremble, his current Dragon Power was even more terrifying, it made people feel like he was facing an Ancient Giant Dragon.

Yun Xiaodao and the others were hesitating, but Duan Chong's face was filled with determination, it seemed like he did not plan to step into the spatial gate.

"If I don't leave now, I won't have a chance. If no one can leave by then, I won't die!" Chen Xiang looked at the Luotian Gate that was cracking open. "Dragon Subduing School cannot lack you!"

Chen Xiang looked at Duan Chong, that gaze could not help but make Duan Chong's mind tremble, as though he had seen something!

"Elder Duan, I'm counting on you!" Chen Xiang replied back, "I have profoundwu diamond armour on me, you don't have to worry about me!"

"Let's go!" Duan Chong clenched his teeth, released a wave of power, and pushed Yun Xiaodao and the others into the dimensional door. In that instant, he also followed them out!

At the same time, the disk in Chen Xiang's hands shattered. The Luotian Gate turned into powder, and the angry Heaven Thunder Devil Lord also arrived at the same time.

Chen Xiang borrowed Long Xueyi's power to instantly increase his own by a lot, and quickly struck out with a palm, striking the blood colored ball of light that was brimming with evil and destructive energy.

When the palm came in contact with the blood-red light ball, the evil power suddenly exploded, creating a burst of blood-red clouds that covered an area of thousands of meters. Evil energy surged in all directions, and the sound was like thunder.

"Humph!" let out a cold snort, his body releasing a pure gold light, the Devil-suppressing holy power cleansed the blood red evil energy, and even though he was shaken by the power until his hair was in a mess, he still stood there as steady as a mountain.

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's originally handsome face had now become the same as Heaven Thunder Purgatory's. It was deathly still, and shriveled and bloodless, looking like a dried up corpse, which was a bit scary.

Chen Xiang had refined so many huge mountains and swallowed so much land before that it had even triggered a great calamity and extracted the power of many Heaven Thunder Purgatory, resulting in his current appearance.

This was exactly as Chen Xiang had speculated before. Heaven Thunder Purgatory and him had a very close relationship!

"Your strength has regressed a lot!" Chen Xiang revolved the Devil-suppressing holy power in his body, to remove the Evil Qi that wanted to turn him into an evil being. The main purpose of the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, was to use this power to turn him into an evil being.

"I can still kill you. Originally, I planned to wait for those few brats to absorb the Power of giving before making a move. That way, I could obtain a lot of energy. Heaven Thunder Devil Lord said angrily: "I will eat you little by little! "Although you are the only one left, it seems that your nutrition is sufficient for me to return to my original appearance."

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