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Hiding behind a rock, Chen Xiang used his divine power to lock onto over a hundred "hidden bows", then quietly used the Death-haunting arrow s to face the people he had locked onto. Although they were all well-hidden and hid behind a few things, they were clearly detected by Chen Xiang using his vast divine power.

These three thousand hidden bows had all used their specially trained eyes to look at every blade of grass and every tree outside the Blood Devil Forest. If there was even the slightest movement, they would immediately discover it, so not long after Chen Xiang walked out of the forest, he was shot with a large number of hidden arrows.

"You want to play dirty with me? I can be their ancestor now! " Chen Xiang locked onto over a hundred heads of "hidden bows", poured his energy into the Death-haunting arrow and released an arrow.

The black arrows shot out, immediately transforming into 100 tiny black arrows. According to Chen Xiang's will, the arrows shot towards the 100 over people, all of them aiming for their heads!

Under the dark night, these black arrows could be said to be completely transparent, they were all made by Chen Xiang using his own Innate Qi!

A hubbub of noise came from the distance. The hundred "hidden bows" had all been killed. After the hidden arrows had pierced through their heads, they even caused a burst of air explosions!

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth rose slightly, because the three thousand hidden bows were all panicking at this moment. They, who were known as the number one assassination group in Super Yuan Mountain, had actually lost more than a hundred people in an instant, and now, they had actually been assassinated in reverse.

"This... Could it be that person from before? " A black clothed man had just finished speaking when a bloody hole appeared on his forehead, and he died on the spot. All the black clothed men beside him were the same, when they reached the end, the hidden arrows would explode from the inside, and all of them would die with their heads exploding!

"Another three hundred!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath and started to condense an even stronger Innate Qi on the Death-haunting arrow.

"You want to play with me? You bastards are still too young, what's the most powerful hidden bow? Go to hell! " Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, and released another arrow. After this arrow was shot, it turned into more than a thousand arrows, and the thousand heads that were locked onto by his divine power were instantly exploded!

More than half of the three thousand hidden bows died in less than a moment! For the hidden bow, even if they had seen a ghost, it was still not this strange. Now, they were all panicking, someone had already started to run away!

Just as many people were planning to retreat, Chen Xiang's last arrow shot out, killing the rest of the hidden bow, leaving only one behind, but the other person's chest was also pierced by Chen Xiang's black Qi arrow.

Not long after, there was only one person left who could make people tremble in fear!

Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appearing in front of them, the remaining hidden bow knew that they had ambushed an incredible fellow. They blamed their Leader and told them to ambush him here. He was the only one left, and from the looks of it, he was dead for sure!

"Hmph, kill me if you have the guts. Don't expect me to ask you anything!" This Dark Bow was actually quite stubborn, but Chen Xiang did not plan to get anything out of him, so he used his palm to slap him on the head, releasing the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to look for information that he needed from this person's memories.

"You …" That person was extremely terrified. He never thought that he would have such an evil technique that could directly look through the memories in his mind!

"The people from the Chaotic Mountain are not as powerful as those ancient powers, they actually haven't tampered with your minds. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to do this." After Chen Xiang obtained what he wanted to know, he killed this person with a single palm and then set them ablaze.

Chen Xiang gained some understanding of the Chaotic Mountain from that person's memories, and knew where the Super Yuan Mountain was. It was still very far from here, and he also knew that the ancient powers were in the Super Yuan Mountain, and they were even important guests!

"The city is built on top of these mountains!" Chen Xiang looked at a tall mountain in the distance as he stepped on his Shrinking step and ran.

Under the starlight, the mountain flashed with a faint purple light. According to the person's memory, the purple light was formed because the mountain was surrounded by purple mist!

The purple immortal energy was rather good, which was why a city was built at the top of this mountain!

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Chen Xiang saw a Transmission array. There was even someone guarding it, and if he wanted to go to the top of the mountain as fast as possible, he could only use this Transmission array.

However, Chen Xiang did not use the Transmission array because he needed over a hundred Spiritual crystal. He did not have a lot of Spiritual crystal, only about a thousand, and Spar were not circulating in this place.

"In the future, we will need Spiritual crystal to go to the Immortal World. I wonder if there are any reserves of Spiritual crystal here? I can take advantage of this to get more. "

Chen Xiang knew that the Spiritual crystal contained a lot of energy, and the Immortal Qi was much higher than the Spirit Qi in the Spar, which would definitely help the deities in their cultivation. However, to the immortals, the Spar did not have any help at all, unless there was a lot of it, it would take a long time to absorb.

"This Sacred Dan Realm is a high level world, and using Spiritual crystal is a very normal thing. I wonder how good are the immortals here?" Before this, Su Meiyao had always felt that the overall standards of the Sacred Dan Realm was a little lacking, but after coming to this Chaotic Mountain, she discovered that this was the only place that was more decent.

Chen Xiang immediately flew to the top of the mountain and arrived at a platform. Because this mountain was very big, there was a lot of land on the mountain peak.

Outside the city gate, there was an old man with a head full of white hair and a messy expression. He was squatting there, his body covered in filth, and he lowered his head to look at the ground.

Seeing this old man, Chen Xiang was shocked, this man was Du Hai!

If he was not familiar with Du Hai's aura, he would not have cared about believing that Dan Immortal would actually fall to such a state!

"Elder Du!" Chen Xiang anxiously used his spiritual sense to send a message to Du Hai.

After Du Hai heard it, he suddenly raised his head to look at Chen Xiang. His eyes were extremely bright, and did not match his current despondent look at all.

"Chen Xiang?" Du Hai asked.

"Well, how are you? Yanyao is really worried for you! " Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, because Du Hai was still alive.

"I'm fine, I'm just looking for a chance to take revenge!" Du Hai knew that Chen Xiang was someone to be trusted, and during this period of time, Chen Xiang had become very famous.

"Kid, why have you come to this kind of place? It's dangerous here, don't you know? There are at least five old fellows in this city who are on par with me! "

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