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Upon stepping into the Blood Devil Forest, Chen Xiang immediately sensed that there was a very powerful ferocious beast hidden inside. This ferocious beast's heartbeat was erratic, causing the earth to tremble very weakly, and Chen Xiang almost did not feel it.

"That guy should be hiding deep underground!"

Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, and nimbly shuttled through the forest. At the moment, he did not encounter any danger, but he felt that danger was slowly approaching.

"Down there!" Chen Xiang's body trembled as he used the power of the spatial laws to allow his body to travel through space and leave his original position.

After avoiding it, he turned around and saw a very large red tongue. This tongue was definitely able to roll up an elephant. His tongue was covered in blood and emitted waves of heat, as if he had just eaten someone.

When the giant tongue's attack hit nothing, it immediately retreated back to the ground. Chen Xiang looked at the ground, and actually did not find any hole, so how did the tongue come out?

Chen Xiang suddenly sensed that there was something underground. This time, he did not travel through space, but immediately stepped on the Shrinking step and teleported, at the same time he quickly summoned the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and slashed in that direction with his blade, releasing a green circular blade qi, chopping right at the tongue that just extended out!

However, this tongue was strange and hadn't been cut off. It only vibrated slightly and sent out a wave of blood mist that abruptly retracted back into the ground.

Chen Xiang was startled for a moment, and then he quickly teleported away. The moment he left, ten of these tongues shot over from all directions, if not for him escaping fast, he might have been caught in the crossfire by now.

Along the way, he had been pestered by this kind of thing. If he didn't have so many tricks up his sleeve, he would have been swept away long ago.

He had tried to strike at the tree trunks with his powerful strength, but not only did the tree trunks not crack, they had not even moved a single inch. He released another flame to burn those red leaves, but he still did not ignite it, causing him to wonder if he had entered into a powerful illusion world.

"What the hell is this?" Chen Xiang relied on his ability to travel and was able to cross this kind of thing like a demon's tongue. Now, he understood why this place was so clean.

Now, Chen Xiang did not have much energy to concentrate on that weak heartbeat. If he thought of the tongue and that heartbeat, he would feel that there was an incomparably huge monster with countless terrifying tongues down there!

There were no ferocious beasts in the Blood Devil Forest, nor were there any other beasts. Just this kind of terrifying tongue was enough to make this place dangerous.

Chen Xiang spent two days continuously shuttling through space. It was already night, and the moment he stepped out of the Blood Devil Forest, he breathed in fresh air, and at the same time, a very dense wave of immortal energy pounced on him. Even without him absorbing, it would enter his body, showing just how dense the immortal energy was!

"So this is the Chaotic Mountain?" Chen Xiang looked at the stars in the sky and noticed that the starlight here was even brighter than outside.

"This place seems to have gotten even taller!" Long Xueyi said: "If your previous Heaven Sacred City was at the eighteenth floor, then this place would at least be the twenty-fifth floor!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. When he was passing through the Blood Devil Forest, due to the long journey, he did not realise it, but he felt that the gravity here was a little stronger.

"No wonder!" Chen Xiang looked at the huge mountains which were enveloped in starlight, and felt a sense of shock. He had seen the most of these mountains, the biggest one he had ever seen.

A cloud floated over from the distance, but it was only in the middle of these mountains. From afar, it looked like one could pick out the stars from the mountains!

"It's so high! Some of the mountains can't even be seen!" Chen Xiang exclaimed.

A gentle breeze blew past, bringing with it a tinge of killing intent. Chen Xiang's gaze turned cold, he immediately stepped onto the Shrinking step and rushed forward!

The instant he left, hundreds of arrows were shot over. The arrows were extremely sharp and glittered with a cold light, yet they were able to pierce through metal plates. These archers were all first-rate archers, and the quality of the bows and arrows were also extremely high quality magical equipment.

"There must be at least a few hundred people hiding in this area, maybe even more. Seems like they are waiting here for people to pass through the Blood Devil Forest, waiting to ambush them."

Chen Xiang was secretly furious, he had turned into a small insect and hid on the ground. Now that these people were so rude to him, he did not need to be lenient!

This was a very short forest, it was very easy to hide in the dark night. Chen Xiang had already used the Heaven tour method to find the hiding place of these people. These people had all been through years of training, so they used this kind of method to attack!

These people were all dressed in black, and one of them spoke up.

"Did we make a mistake?" There's no one there? "

"That's not right, there must be someone. He seems to have discovered it and dodged it, but there is no trace of them!"

"Should we send someone to look for it?"

"No need, that person's strength must be pretty good. We don't specialize in close combat, so they'll watch carefully and lock onto us as long as someone appears. No matter who he is, we'll kill him first."

"This guy is so powerful, even the leaves of the Demon Forest are red. If he could enter, would he be able to find us?"

"What are you afraid of? The arrowheads of our arrows are infused with Chaotic Force. As long as he appears, our three thousand hidden bows will definitely shoot him out of the hornet's nest! Didn't Leader say that? Other than the Leader and the Great Clan Elder, there is no one in our Super Yuan Mountain that can withstand our three thousand hidden bows. That fellow is not as strong as our Leader! "

"Oh right, I heard that Grand Elder has gone missing."

"Shh …" Don't talk nonsense, don't bring up this matter again. "

These words were extremely clear to Chen Xiang. He secretly sneered in his heart, "It's fine if you provoke me, but it's still the Super Yuan Mountain. Today, it's the end of your three thousand hidden bows!"

If Chen Xiang stayed in the Chaotic Mountain for a long time, he would know how terrifying these three thousand hidden bows were. This was a famous thing in the Chaotic Mountain, they would normally not be here, but they had just received an order to be responsible for guarding this entrance to the Chaotic Mountain.

Chen Xiang released his Spirit power, locking onto the hidden "hidden bows", he then took out the Death-haunting arrow, he felt that the crossbow bolts released by the Death-haunting arrow were much stronger than those guys.

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