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The two Sky Dragons that were charging over were very fast. When they were in their human form, although their strength had decreased by a lot, they were still very agile. The Holy Sword in their hands glowed brightly, giving off a strong aura.

However, the speed of these two Sky Dragons had become extremely, very slow in Chen Xiang's eyes. At this moment, he had an extremely strong feeling in his heart, making him feel that he could easily kill these two Sky Dragons.


The God Power that Chen Xiang channeled from the Divine Sense Sea into his body suddenly collapsed and exploded, releasing a burst of extremely terrifying energy that quickly circulated through his meridians and muscles, striking against each other and exploding out wave after wave, this was the prelude to the time when he was displaying that bizarre sword technique.

Feeling this bizarre and terrifying energy gush out, Chen Xiang slowed everything in front of him. The middle-aged man who was the first to charge forward actually slashed with his sword at an extremely fast speed, so fast that even their eyes could not catch hold of him, but in his eyes, the sword continued to hack downwards.

Chen Xiang swiftly brandished his blade and slashed downwards from top to bottom. His blade was extremely fast, it looked as though he had never moved it, but a new line of blood appeared on the upper half of the middle-aged man's body, from his waist to his left arm. His body was slashed into two halves by Chen Xiang.

The other Sky Dragon could not even see Chen Xiang's blade, but he realized that his companion's Qi was wrong, and he knew that something was wrong. He had already unleashed a slash, and although he thought that it was extremely fast, it was extremely slow in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"If you guys hadn't come over, you might have been able to live longer." Chen Xiang slashed out again with his blade casually. It seemed like a casual slash, but the power contained within and the speed was astonishing, the killing move of his had already reached its peak.

With two slashes, the twin dragons became four pieces, dying much simpler and faster than the Hell dragon just now.

"Ahh …"

When the blood dragon saw him, it roared crazily and was about to rush towards Chen Xiang, but Qi Shi would not let it succeed.

Chen Xiang took out the divine cauldron and placed the two dead dragons inside. They had consumed a lot of energy in this battle, so they would need to have a full meal after the fight.

"Senior Jiang, I'm here to help you."

While Chen Xiang was speaking, he took a step forward and traveled through space, arriving behind a black robed man. The Devil-suppressing magic power rushed into the divine blade and quickly slashed at the black robed man.

These Hell dragon s were much stronger than the two from before, Chen Xiang's two slashes only left two lines of black qi flowing out of their bodies.

But it was already good as Jiang Sheng had stabbed them dozens of times, and did not even have a single hole. These Hell dragon were very difficult to kill, after they were injured, their wounds released a ball of black Qi, and in the blink of an eye, they were healed.

"This makes me feel much more relaxed." Jiang Sheng laughed. He only wanted to fight a Hell dragon now, so he wasn't as nervous as before.

The black clothed man's blade wounds had yet to heal, making him extremely cautious. Just now, he had seen Chen Xiang use the Sacred Seal to crush a Hell dragon to death.

The strength of the Hell dragon was much stronger than the normal Sky Dragons, but the Evil Qi on them was very strong, and their bodies were filled with Evil Force. Chen Xiang using the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Devil-suppressing magic power to attack them had a fatal blow to them.

"Demon Abyss." Both of his hands danced, and suddenly, a black hole formed from countless black snakes encircling Chen Xiang. It was so deep that the bottom couldn't be seen, and there was even a strong suction force.

Chen Xiang was pulled down by the suction force, in the blink of an eye, half of his body had submerged into the "Demon Abyss", the moment he was wrapped by the "Demon Abyss", two gigantic scimitars appeared in the hands of the black-clothed man in the sky. Both of his hands moved quickly, slashing out countless of black blade images, which turned into a sharp blade filled with Evil Qi, flying straight towards Chen Xiang's head.

Chen Xiang roared, his body releasing golden light all over, a burst of divine and vast aura surging out in all directions. The black vortex that engulfed half of his body instantly collapsed, and the blade images that flew over, were all cleansed by the divine light on his body, and dissipated.

Demon Sealing Array.

The golden light that shot out from Chen Xiang's body was a wave of pure and powerful divine power that shone towards the man. Following his mind's control, the energy turned into six Devil-suppressing qi array s, and enveloped the black-clothed man from all directions.

The six golden sides of the Devil-suppressing qi array turned into a cage, sealing the Hell dragon inside.

The black-clothed man felt that he was facing an unprecedented threat and roared continuously, wanting to turn into a huge dragon and break out of the cage. The black aura on his body surged out crazily, but was completely purified by the Devil-suppressing qi array.

Chen Xiang suddenly leaped into the air, the Divine Blade in his hand shone brightly, filled with righteousness and a wave of pure and hot Devil-suppressing magic power continued to fly out from the blade.

"Demon Slaying Slash." Chen Xiang's mind suddenly surged with a technique, he subconsciously activated it, and the God Power in the Divine Sense Sea surged, surging into his body, transforming into a burst of extremely hot power that instantly entered the God Blade.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword flashed with light, and a Soaring Dragon roared out, bringing with it the divine power, it rushed towards the middle-aged man locked in the Devil-suppressing qi array, and pierced through his robust and struggling body.

A mournful roar shook the horizon, and the Devil-suppressing qi array scattered. A ball of ashes flew out, and another Hell dragon was killed by Chen Xiang.

Just as Chen Xiang finished dealing with the Hell dragon, the Hell dragon that was fighting with Jiang Sheng also let out a low roar, and was immediately scattered by the multicolored light the Sword Saint shot out from a mirror.

At this time, only Qi Shi was there. Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng looked at each other and smiled, then rushed to Qi Shi's battlefield.

The Blood Dragon knew that the two Hell dragon had died, but he was unwilling to retreat just like that. Originally, they had held the advantage, but who knew that Chen Xiang's sudden appearance would cause them to lose three Hell dragon s and two Sky Dragons.

When Chen Xiang arrived on the battlefield, he immediately unleashed a sharp attack, unleashing the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and the strongest Devil-suppressing magic power. Then, he used his mind to control the colossal mountain-like print, and crazily smashed it onto the Hell dragon that had transformed into a huge dragon.

Although the Hell dragon had transformed into its original form, and had a thick dragon body that was tens of thousands of meters long, it had a huge killing power. It turned into a thirty thousand foot tall mountain, its movement speed was extremely fast, closely followed by the huge dragon body, which continuously smashed down, as if it was beating a small snake with a hammer.

A Hell dragon with powerful evil power, its strength was comparable to half of a Strong of Lord Stage, but it was still forced to flee and howl by Chen Xiang, and it was in a very sorry state.

"You can die now."

Chen Xiang saw that the Hell dragon was struggling to stay alive, it released its divine blade and merged with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, causing long and sharp blades to appear from the bottom of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. It then controlled the Holy seal to smash the Hell dragon's head to the ground, turning the entire head into ashes.

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