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Tai Qiang's group only had two people, and judging from his tone, being able to get this rank seemed to be an extremely amazing thing. It could be seen that his partner's strength was not bad.

"In the Devil-killing Divine Palace, how many teams like yours are generally formed?" Now that Chen Xiang no longer had the Tracing mantra, he wanted to follow him around everywhere and carry out the missions distributed to them.

"There are a total of more than three hundred teams with the most people, and all of them are in the top ten, basically having dozens of people in a single team. That's a large team, and they carry out very dangerous missions. Tai Qiang said.

Ren Tianyong actually had a team. As the strongest War God in the Devil-killing Divine Palace, it was normal for the team he led to be the strongest.

"Let's go, I'll bring you to meet my partner right now. We've only been on the same team for a few months, so our results are very good because of our good cooperation." Tai Qiang smiled and said: "In the past, when I just joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace, I was also part of a party with another person.

Tai Qiang brought Chen Xiang to wander around the Villa, and arrived at a relatively old building. Outside, he shouted: "Brat, our team has a new member."

Just as Tai Qiang was about to open the door and enter, he heard a dissatisfied voice sound out from inside: "Our team can't let other people join as they please. They have to at least pass my test."

Chen Xiang frowned, because this voice was a little familiar, very similar to someone he knew, but a little different.

After opening the door, Chen Xiang saw a somewhat tanned bald man standing at the door. He was very tall and his body was very uniform.

"Xiao Chou." Chen Xiang shouted in shock, the bald man in front of him was his disciple, it was just that at that time, he was a young lady, and now he had grown up, and his appearance had not changed much.

"Who are you? Do we know each other?" Because Chen Xiang was still disguised, Xiao Chou could not recognize him.

Tai Qiang could tell that Chen Xiang recognized him with a glance, because he did not tell Chen Xiang his name, yet Chen Xiang actually knew his name.

What happened next made Tai Qiang's heart jump, was that Chen Xiang actually jumped up, and fiercely patted on Xiao Chou's head.

Slap! With a crisp smack, Tai Qiang was stunned. He couldn't understand why Chen Xiang did such an abnormal action. If he patted someone's head when he had nothing to do, other than Chen Xiang having a cheap hand, Tai Qiang couldn't think of any other reason.

Just as Xiao Chou was about to explode in anger, he saw that the person in front of him had a very familiar smile, and that look in his eyes. He immediately recalled that ever since he was young, there were only a few people who dared to hit his head like that, and that Chen Xiang was one of them.

"You bastard, you actually came to Gods Realm so early." Chen Xiang laughed as he spoke, and even reached out to touch Xiao Chou's head.

"Master, it's really you." Not only was Xiao Chou not angry, he was instead overjoyed and struck Chen Xiang with his fist: "You irresponsible master, how many years have you left me behind?"

Chen Xiang laughed, "But you are still growing up quickly. Xiao Dao and the others, aren't they with you?"

"These fellows are too slow, they can't keep up with my tempo. I am the most outstanding person in Great Strength Race all these years, and I possess the purest bloodline and inheritance of the Herculean God. They can't compare to me." Xiao Chou laughed complacently: "I didn't think that you would know Tai Tou too, Master. This guy actually didn't mention anything about you to me."

Tai Qiang laughed: "Didn't you say that your master was Chen Xiang?"

Because Chen Xiang was also a relatively sensitive person in the Gods Realm, both Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou would not mention him.

"You two fellows should be afraid of knowing me and causing trouble for you two, that's why you did not say anything, right?" Chen Xiang scolded.

"That's great, you guys are all in our team now. We might be able to push the rankings even further forward."

Xiao Chou was from the Great Strength Race, so his growth rate had always been astonishing, and now, he was leading the way for many people entering the Gods Realm. Chen Xiang was still a little surprised, for just a moment ago, Xiao Chou said that he had the bloodline of the Herculean God, which made him even more surprised.

Xiao Chou brought Chen Xiang and to his house and brought out many good things to entertain them, at the same time, he wanted to discuss his plans for the future.

"What's up with this team's ranking, could it be that ranking is very important?" Chen Xiang had just joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace, so he didn't really understand much about this place.

"Of course it's important. As long as we can get one of the top rankings, the amount of God's money we receive every month will double, and the difficulty of the missions we receive will be even higher." Tai Qiang said.

"Then what is the ranking?" Chen Xiang asked again.

According to the points, the more missions we complete, the higher the points we get, and the harder the missions, the more points we will have. According to the points, the more missions we finish, the higher the points we get, and the harder the missions we will have. Tai Qiang said.

Xiao Chou laughed heartily: "You underestimate my master. With him here, the top ten shouldn't be a problem, maybe we are the only team that don't have a wargod. And it's only three people, yet can squeeze into the top ten."

Tai Qiang took a deep breath, "If they can enter the top ten, the team can get three middle grade Divine Equipment. The worst middle grade Divine Equipment would cost several millions in divine money."

"Isn't it so? I'm still using the worst Inferior Grade God Equipment and a stall with tens of thousands of gold coins." Xiao Chou took out a spear.

Tai Qiang also took out his own Divine Weapon, it was a huge pair of scissors. "This one is much worse than yours, it's only worth thirty thousand God's Coins."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, "When I was in Di Tian, my Green dragon demon-slain broadsword were at the peak of existence. Even here, they couldn't compare to you guys."

Chen Xiang took out Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Suzaku bow.

"It should be worth tens of thousands of dollars." Tai Qiang picked it up and looked at it: "Only those who enter the top ten will receive rewards, let's work hard."

Xiao Chou laughed: "Master, you are so good at refining pills, staying here for eight or ten years, you can easily buy a set of middle grade Divine Equipment."

Chen Xiang had the thought of refining pills to earn some money, but his goal was not to buy Divine Weapons, he just wanted to find the ancient Four Symbols Divine Weapons.

"Then let's move out now. We don't need to rest, we can just go and find a mission." Xiao Chou said: "Right now, we are already group 50. We do not need to wait for them to be allocated, we can directly go and claim them."

In order to obtain the divine mid grade divine tool that he dreamed of, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were both filled with motivation.

Chen Xiang followed behind them and arrived at the top of the Devil-killing Divine Palace. Chen Xiang counted: The floor they were on should be level 20.

There were many people here, and also many profound God s.

Back then, when Chen Xiang was in the Divine Prison, the Azure Dragon had said that after the profound God carried out the examination, he would receive a silver divine tablet with the word "profound God" written on it.

"Why are there so many people? What happened?" When Xiao Chou saw twenty or thirty Inferior profound God here, he did not dare to be so arrogant. After all, he was just a small True God.

"Super profound God." Chen Xiang suddenly saw a skinny man. He was wearing a silver mask with two hands behind his back and a silver divine badge hanging from his waist. There was a "Upper" written beside the profound God.

"Second senior brother …"

"Second teacher..."

The group of people immediately started greeting the Second Senior Brother. profound God would usually call this person Second Senior Brother, and the others would call him Second Uncle. He should be the Second Disciple of Devil-killing Heavenly God.

Before, Ren Tianyong and this Second Senior Brother should be the stronger disciples of the Devil-killing Heavenly God, but they were not god's disciples. As for the outstanding disciples of the God of Fortune, they were already gods' disciples.

They were all disciples of the Devil-killing Heavenly God, and one of them was a woman who was called Ninth Martial Uncle by many disciples. The other disciples would call her Ninth Junior Sister, who was the most eye-catching, because she was the only female Super profound God here, and who was she followed by other lower profound God.

Chen Xiang secretly counted, there were more than fifty profound God here, the power of this Devil-killing Divine Palace was still very strong.

"Ten, how many times have I said this? You have to keep your wargod badge" At that moment, a large person who looked simple and honest walked in. When he heard the second senior brother's words, he hastily put away the bloody jade token on his waist.

Chen Xiang looked at it and saw the word war god written on it, and there were three words on the side.

"This guy, he's actually a level three wargod. The last time I saw him, he was only at the second stage. He grew so fast." Old Seven said.

"Tsk, Ninth Junior Martial Sister is amazing. She's already a Fourth Stage Martial Immortal. If we old guys were a bit slower, we would've been caught by the younger generation. You guys shouldn't be slacking off." The one who spoke was a fatty with a face full of smiles, many people had serious expressions, but he laughed, this fatty was just called number five by someone, he was Devil-killing Heavenly God's fifth disciple.

Previously, Tai Qiang had mentioned to him that there were ten great wargods in the Devil-killing Divine Palace. They should all be the ten disciples of the Devil-killing Heavenly God, and the strongest one among them was Ren Tianyong.

"Everyone is quiet. Let's get down to business." Second senior brother stood in front and floated in the air so that everyone could see him clearly.

At this moment, there were more than two hundred people gathered on this floor, and the strongest was undoubtedly this Second Senior Brother. The other people were the captains of the small teams, who had received the message just now from Tai Qiang to gather here quickly.

This group of demons are not the product of our Gods Realm, they should be from some other place. They are rather strong, and it is said that they have the Heavenly Demon Kings of the Heavenly God level, our mission this time is to completely block them, so that the Divine City has enough time to prepare our defenses, so as to prevent them from being captured by the Divine City.

To think that it was to prevent the Divine City from being captured, the crowd went into an uproar.

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