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Long Xueyi's power was unfathomable, Chen Xiang felt that she was stronger than him, so he did not need to worry about her, but he was more worried about the Dragon Slaying Clan. Right after arriving here, he did not even have the time to report his name, and had already provoked the violent dragon.

The old man's fiery fist was not weak at all, and it was also very fast. Seeing that his brutal fist was about to land on the body of the charming girl, the hearts of everyone present couldn't help but beat wildly.

However, after this fist landed, it was as if there was a force pushing it. Although the fist charged directly towards her, Long Xueyi's body moved backwards strangely, causing the fist to not hit her body, and the force on the fist also disappeared strangely.

"Hmph, isn't it just the Fire Dragon God Fist? What's so good about it? Furthermore, it's learned so poorly."

Long Xueyi snorted in disdain, and then threw out a punch as well. Her fist was actually burning with a very strong flame, and the dragon head that was formed from her fist was even larger, more lifelike, like a dragon head.

Before the old man could even be surprised, his chest was hit by the Fire Dragon God Fist. At the same time, a Fire Dragon penetrated through the old man's body and flew into the distance with a roar. The place where the Fire Dragon flew past ignited with flames on the ground, as if it was using flames to draw a straight line on the ground.

That sudden burst of power and terrifying flames made even and Duan Chong, the strong ones, feel that they were impossible to catch up to. They no longer doubted what Long Xueyi said just now, they only felt that it was weird, since when did Chen Xiang find such a powerful very high Elder, and it was even a woman, so they felt even more impressed by Chen Xiang.

The old man from the Dragon Slaying Clan took a few steps back. There was a large hole in his chest, but he did not know how Long Xueyi managed to do it, as he did not let the old man bleed.

A living person was standing there, but there was a large hole in his chest. This was very strange.

"Speaking of exterminating a dragon, your ancestors aren't even worthy of carrying shoes for me. You actually dare to come here and act presumptuously? You all deserve to die." As Long Xueyi spoke, his body released a very strong "Dragon Slaying Qi". Chen Xiang was very surprised that she had accumulated so much Dragon Slaying Qi, it was much richer than his Dragon Slaying Qi.

This kind of Dragon Slaying Fist, they were extremely familiar with, at this point, they knew that they had kicked an iron plate, this Dragon Subduing School of the Dragon Subduing School, in many ways, had exceeded their expectations, in terms of strength, the Fire Dragon God Fist was much more genuine than the elders of their clan, and the tyrannical Dragon Slaying Qi was also something no one in their clan could compare to.

"If you have something to say, let's talk about it..." Although the old man's chest had a big hole, he was still alive, but he felt that the Qi on Long Xueyi's body was not right, and anxiously shouted.

"Go tell your ancestors." Long Xueyi's eyes flashed with a red light. She gently waved her jade-like palm, and a red light shot out from her palm and into the old man's body.

Just as the old man was about to counterattack, he suddenly froze in place. He did not move, and soon after, a shocking scene appeared. Many red threads appeared on the old man's body, and the old man's body was actually cracking open.

"Flowers fall." Long Xueyi gently snorted.

After that, the old man's body exploded, turning into blood-red fragments that fluttered in the air. It was as if a blood-red flower was fluttering in the wind.

Looking at that bright red beauty floating towards the distant blood-red level, everyone shuddered. That was a single person, yet he died just like that.

"Master..." The middle-aged man who killed the dragon clan shouted in horror.

"Let's go together." Long Xueyi waved her devilish jade hands, releasing two rays of red light that instantly entered the middle-aged man and the young man's bodies.

Seeing this scene, everyone trembled, Long Xueyi was just like a witch in their eyes.

Very soon, the bodies of the young man and the middle-aged man cracked open. The crack emitted a red light that caused one's scalp to go numb, and then it exploded, turning into pieces of red powder that floated in the wind like bright red flowers.

Chen Xiang frowned slightly. He could already tell that when Long Xueyi struck earlier, he had mixed in some other energy, and felt that it was very likely to be the God wind. However, he could not be sure, because the divine power was originally invisible, so it would be difficult to discover when he used it.

Although he also trained in the divine way, and he had also seen the divine way experts of the Divine Devil Cult, he was not considered an official cultivator in his eyes, not even he himself could be considered one.

As for the Long Xueyi in front of him, he was a genuine cultivator from the moment he was born. Even if she revealed a bit of her strength, Chen Xiang was still unable to see her true strength clearly.

"With just that little bit of strength, you dare come to my Dragon Subduing School and clamor, you really do not know your place, to let you all die just like that, you are already considered very courteous."

Long Xueyi said in a smug tone and then suddenly disappeared, while her cold and dignified voice continued to reverberate in the sky.

After returning to the ring, this elegant and cold looking beautiful dragon couldn't stop laughing. Because of what she did just now, she was very happy. She had stayed in the ring for so long, and it was rare for her to have a chance to relieve her boredom.

When the three members of the Dragon Slaying Clan arrived, they were indeed very arrogant. However, they were all dead now. This made everyone feel as if they had died a miserable death. Because no one knew his name, they were all killed.

"With me, the very high Elder, here, they actually dared to come here, and they didn't want to die this way. Serves them right." Long Xueyi laughed. He did not look like that very high Elder just now.

"Disperse." Chen Xiang said to the rest.

Li Baojun had already given some pellets to the injured disciples to eat, their injuries had already improved a lot, and seeing their own sect have such powerful very high Elder, these disciples all felt extremely proud, of course, this was the first time they heard of this very high Elder.

Returning to the Dragon Subduing City, Li Baojun and Duan Chong hurriedly asked about the very high Elder.

"Leader, why haven't we seen this very high Elder before? Did you invite him just now?" Li Baojun asked.

"What a formidable woman. She seems to be even more powerful than the Grand Elder." Duan Chong said.

Of course Long Xueyi wasn't as strong as the White Tiger, it was only because the White Tiger had restrained itself when it attacked, and Long Xueyi's surname was precisely like that. If she had the chance, she definitely wouldn't let it go, even if she wasn't as powerful, she would make others think that she was stronger than anyone else, which was why she gave others this kind of pretense.

With just a bit of bragging, Long Xueyi had already mastered it to perfection. With her own strength, she could easily fool anyone with a little bragging.

"This... It has existed for a long time, but she has always been in seclusion and did not show herself. That's why you all have not seen her. When I have the chance in the future, I will definitely ask her to move around the sect more and give some pointers to disciples. " Chen Xiang said in a perfunctory manner.

If she let Long Xueyi teach her disciples, it would be equivalent to letting her brag, and at that time, she would definitely be bragging too much. did not reveal his name as the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord just now, and Chen Xiang would already be thankful.

"Is there any latest news from the Fire Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang asked, at the moment he was not personally watching Fire Divine Palace, he needed to train and increase his strength.

"Currently, there is only one piece of news. They are recruiting disciples, so even if they do not cultivate fire, they can still recruit disciples to the Fire Divine Palace. Moreover, they still have some high level pills to attract some strong practitioners." Duan Chong said.

Chen Xiang walked back and forth a few steps, thought for a bit, and said: "Elder Li, you have also started to plan and recruit your followers. As long as you are strong enough to pass through the seven stages of Nirvana, and use the Heaven level pills as reward, if you pass through the eight stages of Nirvana, you can give them Flying Dan s.

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