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In these few years, the Chen Martial Continent had been attacked a lot of times. Some were from the demon side, some were from the Human Realm, and some were allied together, but at most, they could only temporarily occupy a few mines and could not completely control them. In these two years in the New Imperial Heaven World, there were not many forces that could swallow the entire Chen Martial Continent in one go, and the Fire Divine Palace was one of them.

They were worried that the mysterious Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School, whose lifespan was ten years, would appear. They believed that as long as the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School did not appear after sealing Chen Xiang for ten years, they would be able to attack the Chen Martial Continent at ease.

Before, Duan Chong had contacted him, and at that time, Chen Xiang would have him inform the Chen Martial Continent to prepare ten years later. At that time, the Fire Divine Palace would attack.

"If everything goes well, I should be able to leave a year or half a year earlier. I hope everything goes well." Chen Xiang ate the profoundbing pellet in his hand. This was his last crazy attempt and he had to condense the core of the Seventh Heaven Pellet right this time.

The energy that was as vast as the ocean surged inside his body, washed his tibia flesh, and was refined and refined by him into a Innate Qi, which then flowed into his dantian, charging towards the pill embryo of the Seventh Heaven Pellet inside the Beast statue. Under the guidance of the Philosophic stone, the Innate Qi would become extremely intelligent, following the natural Tao technique, it would continuously tap into Chen Xiang's potential, strengthening Chen Xiang's body, and developing the Heaven Pellet for him.

Under normal circumstances, one would only be able to condense Heaven Pellets after surviving nine Nirvana Tribulations, but Chen Xiang already had one long time ago, and it wasn't just one pellet, but every Beast statue had many. For example, right now, he was condensing the seventh Heaven Pellet from every Beast statue.

Using this method, high quality energy could be used to condense a divine pellet that could hold a large amount of the Innate Qi. If not for the help of the Philosophic stone, Chen Xiang was still trying to comprehend how to guide the enormous Innate Qi to merge into the natural Great Way, to strengthen his own dantian.

The ten gigantic profoundbing s had refined an extremely high quality profoundbing pellet. Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was only at the edge of breaking through.

This made him a little excited, but at the moment, he only needed to wait for the arrival of Nirvana Tribulation Seven. After going through the seventh tribulation, he would then obtain the mysterious and powerful Power of giving, which could then be considered a true transformation. At the same time, it would also mean that he had stepped into the later stages of the Nirvana stage, which was also the most difficult stage.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He took out the Hammer of God, and crazily struck the invisible seal, clashing with the strong seal power. At this time, his power was much stronger than before, he wanted to try and shake the seal power, but it was useless as usual.

What Chen Xiang did not know was that when the Fire Divine Palace sealed him, he assumed that he was an immortal king, and used the powerful array disc that the Fire Divine Palace brought down from the Heaven Realm, as well as a large amount of resources.

If Fire Divine Palace was unable to find a suitable amount of energy within a short period of time to use as resources for this sealing array, Fire Divine Palace would not be able to waste any more, because such a powerful seal would consume an astronomical amount of energy every hour.

If the Fire Divine Palace had not thought that sealing Chen Xiang was worth it, they would not have done this, because it was equivalent to burning Spar. In order to maintain this powerful seal, they had buried countless Spar here.

"How come you're not here yet? I have a feeling that Nirvana Doom is coming, what will happen exactly?" It had already been a few days since Chen Xiang refined the core embryo of the Seventh Heaven Pellet, and he had a feeling that Nirvana Doom was about to arrive.

However, he was currently sealed within this seal which was cut off from the world. He was worried that the Nirvana Doom would be affected because of this, and if he did not descend, he would not be able to break through.

Unless you hide in the profound Realm, it will be hard to escape. Especially to you, as a Alchemist, the Robbery power that appears will be very powerful, and if you can sense what you have, the Robbery power will continue to increase, which requires a certain amount of time. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang sat there obediently as he waited. He really hoped that his seventh tribulation would be very strong, and it would be best if he could break this seal.

"Head, it's bad." A middle-aged man suddenly rushed into a luxurious study, shouting loudly with a panicked expression.

"What is it? Tell me." Hallmaster hastily asked, because this middle-aged man who suddenly rushed in was in charge of guarding that seal.

"There seems to be a problem with the array disc as it is frantically absorbing energy. The Spar that we just transported over this morning was almost completely sucked dry in just an hour. Could it be that Chen Xiang had done something inside that it has never happened before?"

Hallmaster is an Immortal King, he is extremely familiar with the array discs, he shook his head: "It shouldn't have been Chen Xiang's fault, if he had that kind of ability, he would have done it already, he definitely wouldn't have waited this long, I'll go take a look first."

Fire Divine Palace's Palace Mistress came to the outside of the seal. At this time, many people were busy placing many Spar s into the designated place to replenish the energy of the formation plate and maintain a few powerful formations. This would allow the seal to become unbreakable.

Outside the auction house that Chen Xiang was in, two stacked formation plates were spinning frantically in the air, absorbing many Spar s that could sustain the seals. Those Spar s were basically just put in, but in the blink of an eye, they disappeared, turning into transparent mist and entering into the two formation plates.

Not only were these two array discs absorbing energy, they were also frantically devouring the surrounding spiritual energy, causing a huge energy whirlpool to appear in the sky above the profound Ice City. It was slowly rotating, and a large amount of spiritual energy turned into a pillar of light that fell from the sky, entering the two array discs.

"Hall Master, if this continues, a lot of Spar will be consumed." The two massive formation discs were absorbing energy at an increasing rate, as if they were monsters that could swallow the sea.

"No matter how many Spar s we lose, we have to continue filling them in. If Chen Xiang takes this opportunity to escape now, all our eight years of losses will be for nothing. Our plans to attack the Chen Martial Continent will also end here." The Palace Master did not understand why it was like this, but he had no other choice. He could only continue to smash the Spar, or else all his efforts would have been for naught.

The news quickly spread, causing many people to think that Chen Xiang was coming out, many of the powers who planned to join forces to attack Chen Martial Continent had stopped their plans, if Chen Xiang the God of Slaughter came out, then they would be sending themselves to their deaths.

Although the Dragon Subduing School had just been established, outsiders never knew the extent of the Dragon Subduing School's strength. The Dragon Subduing School didn't have a Leader right now, so he had never made any other moves, but if Chen Xiang came out and led the mysterious and powerful Dragon Subduing School to sweep through Di Tian, no one would be afraid, especially the demons.

Many people thought that Chen Xiang was about to come out, and they all had mixed feelings, especially those big shots of the powers, but Chen Xiang was currently lying inside the seal, it was extremely quiet inside, without even the slightest movement, which made his heart burn with anxiety. If Nirvana Doom did not come, then he would have finished his plan.

"Is it Nirvana Doom? I really want to go through Nirvana Doom in this situation." the middle-aged man asked.

"It's not Nirvana Doom because there is no Robbery power. If it was, it would not absorb our Spar, and it is possible that Chen Xiang used some methods inside to weaken our seal. According to this method, he would not last long, we must not open the seal, and that brat is extremely cunning, we cannot open it at all, or else he would have escaped." The hall master had thought it through thoroughly.

This was indeed caused by Nirvana Doom, but this kind of Nirvana Doom was different from normal Nirvana Doom, it was extremely rare. Even the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace had never heard of this kind of Nirvana Doom, which was why he denied it.

Lying on the ground, Chen Xiang suddenly felt something that appeared here, he suddenly sat up, only to see a semi-transparent person appearing, and his body was slowly becoming more obvious.

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