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The Heaven holy Dan's pill formulas were nothing to the Dan God in Blue Costume, so he dared to take out the Heaven holy Dan's divine medicines in front of everyone. Those medicines were indeed the few that Chen Xiang was familiar with.

Wu Qianqian also took out some medicinal ingredients. Other than Tyrant body cloud ear, Chen Xiang did not recognize any other medicinal ingredients, even the Dan God in Blue Costume did not know what kind of medicinal ingredients they were.

Chen Xiang was very suspicious, and really wanted to ask Wu Qianqian what those things were that he wanted to use them to refine Bati Dan.

Wu Qianqian had opened the lid of her pill furnace, so she could easily see if there was anything inside. The inside of the furnace was empty, and her furnace was not a good one either, far from the Dan God in Blue Costume's.

The Dan God in Blue Costume had already started a fire to refine pills, and many Alchemist were watching with wide eyes, hoping to see through the pill formula. However, even if they knew the sequence of the ingredients, they would still not be able to grasp the opportunity.

This was because they were unable to clearly sense the control of the fire in the Dan God in Blue Costume's pill furnace. Only if they could clearly see the interior of the furnace and feel any changes, would they be able to steal the pill formula.

Therefore, in the eyes of many Alchemist, Li Zhonghan and the others were just making trouble for no reason previously, because stealing pill formulas was simply too difficult.

Wu Qianqian's refining methods were astonishing, because she had placed the Tyrant Profound Ear and other medicinal ingredients into the pill furnace at the same time.

Dan God Ye said in a low voice: "I knew there was a Tyrant body cloud ear inside, but I don't know what the other medicinal ingredients are, it's hard to believe that this little girl was the one to create this pill formula."

"From the looks of it, she doesn't seem to be under any pressure. She is facing a Dan God in Blue Costume, and this kind of calmness is not something an ordinary Alchemist can possess. It seems like she has a great background." The Rosy clouds Dan Saint said.

Wu Qianqian had obtained Chen Xiang's inheritance and was using the Original source refining s from the Heavenly Alchemy.

The Dan God in Blue Costume had already put in all of the divine medicines and as they neared the end, he began to reveal a portion of his Medicine aura.

Just like Chen Xiang had guessed, even if it was a Pill God, if he used a normal method of refinement, he would still have to rely on leaking Medicine aura s to maintain the balance of multiple types of spiritual energy in order to fuse multiple types of Medicine aura.

Chen Xiang estimated how much more he had left based on the medicinal aura released by the Dan God in Blue Costume.

"As expected of the famous God of Pills, it's already quite rare for him to produce two pills this time." Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, but he knew that Wu Qianqian would definitely win, it was just that his speed would be slower by a level.

If it was Pill Saint who refined the Heaven holy Dan, there would be only one pellet per pellet and it would take a very long time. However, Dan God in Blue Costume only needed half an hour to start condensing the pellets, and his speed was many times faster than other Pill Saints.

"Alright." Dan God in Blue Costume smiled. Although his smile was very faint, it was very confident, as if to say, it's just a little girl, I can win easily.

Wu Qianqian smiled lightly: "Dan God in Blue Costume is indeed impressive, to be able to refine a batch of Heaven holy Dan so easily, this little girl is impressed."

Dan God in Blue Costume laughed: "I will wait for you, don't worry."

Wu Qianqian was really not in a hurry, she continued to concoct pills with her eyes closed.

The two Pill Saints standing behind Dan God in Blue Costume looked proud, as if they were the victors. Li Zhonghan on the other hand, looked at Wu Qianqian with a look of despise, as he sighed in his heart.

It took Wu Qianqian an hour to open the pill furnace, her refining speed was two times slower than Dan God in Blue Costume's. When she opened the furnace, Li Zhonghan laughed coldly: "Conducting a challenge to the Pill God was truly overestimating yourself.

Lv Qilian replied: "Of course we know our standards. There's no need for you to say anything, and we don't have him to challenge the Dan God in Blue Costume."

When Wu Qianqian opened the pill furnace, he used his Spiritual Sense to scan inside and found that there were actually four Bati Dan s inside.

The effects of Bati Dan were better than his own Heaven holy Dan. He admitted this point, so Bati Dan were also slightly better than his own Heaven holy Dan.

If a Holy Pellet of this level was not a pellet god, it would be very difficult to refine two of them at the same time, let alone four, but Wu Qianqian had refined four of them now, even though the time was a little slow.

"I've lost." Dan God in Blue Costume sighed, then cupped his hands towards Wu Qianqian: "Admirable, admirable."

With that, the Dan God in Blue Costume left, and then he heard his stern voice: "The three of you are not leaving yet."

Li Zhonghan and the two Pill Saints did not manage to react at all. Dan God in Blue Costume had actually admitted defeat himself, and had left in such a hurry.

No one understood. It was only when Wu Qianqian took out four Bati Dan s and gave them to Lv Qilian did they finally understand.

Dan God in Blue Costume could only refine two pellets per pellet, but Wu Qianqian could refine four pellets per pellet. Although the refining time was two times that of Dan God in Blue Costume, if Dan God in Blue Costume wanted to refine four pellets of Heaven holy Dan, he would still need the same amount of time as Wu Qianqian.

Therefore, Dan God in Blue Costume lost a lot in this aspect.

The news of the Dan God in Blue Costume being defeated had spread like wildfire, causing the reputation of the shop to increase. Although there was no name for the shop up till now, everyone had already remembered it.

Because Wu Qianqian had won against the Dan God in Blue Costume, once the Dan God in Blue Costume left, everyone started to have enough money for the Holy Pellets. In just half a day, all of the Holy Pellets were sold out.

"Selling so much all at once. It seems like I'll have to wait a while longer if I want to sell out the next time." Lv Qilian returned and counted the divine money.

Chen Xiang anxiously ran back to the shop and went upstairs. He anxiously asked Wu Qianqian: "How did you refine the Bati Dan, those herbs are not right."

Wu Qianqian chuckled: "Those medicinal herbs have changed forms by Sister Qilian, I have quite a few spare ones here."

Medicinal ingredients could also change their form. Chen Xiang looked at Lv Qilian with some disbelief.

"It's the Alive Slain Method, it's not as simple as you think it is. Besides refining the spirit liquid, it has other uses." Lv Qilian laughed: "I had expected this to happen, so I did it earlier. I only changed the color, it won't affect the pill refining."

Chen Xiang gave Lv Qilian a big thumbs up, praising him: "As expected of the future female emperor of the Divine Nations, you are truly not bad."

Lv Qilian snorted: "If I didn't have to, I wouldn't even bother using such a method. If I had the ability, I would directly use my fist to greet him."

Long Xueyi said: "Little Scoundrel, luckily you did not do anything, that Dan God in Blue Costume was hiding in the crowd, it would be troublesome if he caught him."

"Now that we have a fortune, we don't need to be in such a hurry. We will be concocting pills for ourselves." Lv Qilian said: "Wait until news spreads out, we will refine another batch in half a year, and we will continue to raise the price."

Chen Xiang leaned on a chair, and laughed: "You are now the big sister, you can arrange everything yourself."

Hua Xiangyue smiled tenderly: "We worked hard for almost two months and already earned more than six hundred million."

The Dan God in Blue Costume tumbled, but the other Pill Gods did not dare to laugh at him, because they were very clear about the situation at that time. If it was them, it would be the same.

Some of the Pill Gods also thought of something, because a long time ago, there was also such a powerful Alchemist, and that Alchemist held the Heavenly Alchemy.

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