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Last time, it was with great difficulty that Chen Xiang managed to enter the dragon's resting area from the center of the earth. He felt that he could also use this method to enter the Chen Martial Continent's Dragon Vein.

Long Xueyi did not stop Chen Xiang, although it was a bit risky.

"Little Naughty Dragon, do you have anything related to the tomb in your memories? Don't hide it from me, it's very important to me." At this time, he had already went through the passage below the You Ming Deep Abyss and entered the depths of the earth. With Fire Dragon Sword by his side, he did not need to resist the powerful Flame Essence.

The core of the earth's fire essence was constantly growing stronger. If not for the Fire Dragon Sword, Chen Xiang would never be able to walk around this place so easily.

Long Xueyi did not reply, he was obviously considering something. Chen Xiang did not rush her, he already knew that Long Xueyi was hiding a lot of things.

Chen Xiang confirmed the direction he was heading and headed towards the direction of Devil Continent. On the way there, he could use a very fast speed and at this moment, he was secretly impressed by the power of the fire dragon that could refine such a powerful Fire Dragon Sword and force the Flame Essence to retreat.

"Even the White Tiger doesn't know about the matter of that tomb. Do you think that I would know about it?" Long Xueyi finally spoke, but Chen Xiang had waited for her for a long time, and was only waiting for these words, he was extremely unhappy.

"That may not be so." Chen Xiang said: "Just let me know a little bit, whether the owner of that tomb is a good person or not."

"Alright, that guy is a good person." Long Xueyi's answer was very direct, and caused Chen Xiang to not believe it somewhat.

"Say more." Chen Xiang continued to closely pursue the matter: "Tell me, when I get back, I will definitely make you even more delicious food. There will definitely be Earthly fruit and such."

"Don't tempt me with this method. I won't be able to hold it in." Long Xueyi's favorite thing was to eat Earthly fruit s, it was just that there were very few of them, and all of them had been eaten long ago, but Chen Xiang had the Earthly fruit's core, so he could definitely produce one.

Chen Xiang continued to speak, "You and I are already considered to be husband and wife, so don't be shy about it. Saying it out won't do any harm to me either.

"You heartless fellow, you only talk sweetly to me when you're trying to trick me." Long Xueyi scolded with a smile.

Chen Xiang became anxious, because Long Xueyi knew some things about this grave. "What relationship do I have with you?

Long Xueyi sighed: "I will tell you a bit, but I won't tell you too much. You have to ask me also, there are some things that I can't tell you, but I have my own difficulties, you don't need to know the reason … Also, you must fulfill your promise and get me a Earthly fruit. I have almost forgotten the taste of these delicious fruits. "

Chen Xiang remembered the first time he ate a Earthly fruit, when he was still a little girl who was carved from jade. He never thought that she would grow up to be this big in the blink of an eye, and that they had already grown up to be like this.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely make it for you to eat." Chen Xiang said with an anxious voice.

Long Xueyi chuckled, then said: "That guy in the tomb was training in a very strange technique, so he had to die once every so often. However, every time he revived, he would become extremely powerful, and the last time something happened in the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, it just happened to be when he died, so that guy didn't participate in the great battle. Otherwise, Di Tian wouldn't have ended up like this."

Chen Xiang was shocked: "So that means this guy is a good person?"

Long Xueyi "En" responded: "It's good, but he isn't human."

"He's not a human, is he a beast?"

In ancient times, the strong were mostly beasts, because beasts were born with excellent conditions.

"Not really. That guy should be a god, a real god." Long Xueyi said: "Alright, just know all this, and don't ask where that guy came from."

Chen Xiang never thought that a God would actually appear in Di Tian, and right here in the Chen Martial Continent.

"Could he be from the chaosworld?" Chen Xiang asked. In his eyes, the Primal Chaos Realm was a world of a higher level than the Heaven Realm.

"No." Long Xueyi said.

"Where is that?" Chen Xiang asked.

Long Xueyi did not reply, but Chen Xiang still had to go to the mortal world. He would only be at ease if he saw with his own eyes that his father was alive.

As he walked through the earth's core, he carefully observed its surface. If he were to find some small holes, it would very likely be where the dragon veins were. The dragon veins in Evil Dragon Graveyard were exactly like this.

When the news spread, many people rushed over, wanting to enter to take a look. However, no matter how many people attacked together, they were unable to break through the formation. What they did not know was that even an existence like the White Tiger was unable to break through the formation.

"Little Naughty Dragon, I'm going to the tomb of the Thief God right now. Are you not going to stop me?" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"Men of my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, it doesn't matter if we steal the tomb." Long Xueyi chuckled.

found it weird when listening to about a man from the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, but when he heard how Long Xueyi laughed, he knew that the Divine Tomb shouldn't be too dangerous.

"Elder Duan, it's not that I don't want to bring you here, but this place is really dangerous. Only I can come here myself. I'm really sorry." secretly said in his heart. Entering this kind of tomb was the thing he wanted to do the most, but this was indeed very dangerous.

"I found it. It seems that the formation of the dragon's vein is like this." Chen Xiang immediately turned into a strand of black silk, drilled into a small hole, and followed the flow of the air to the top of the mountain.

These small holes were completely formed by lines and lines. Once the hot air rose from the earth's core, it would go through these small, veined tunnels and turn into a very dense spiritual energy.

Chen Xiang followed the rising airflow of the small hole and arrived at a very large passage. The passage was much larger than his own Evil Dragon Graveyard, like a huge river, and the water here was spirit liquid formed from spirit qi.

"This is the true dragon vein. Compared to this dragon vein, mine is like an ant and an elephant." Chen Xiang was shocked and jealous. The spirit qi turned into spirit liquid, forming countless huge underground rivers flowing under the Devil Continent. Finally, they condensed into dragon veins.

Chen Xiang followed the flow of the water and eventually arrived at a very large pit. It was a hundred times bigger than the one in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and looked like a heavenly pit, but the bottom of the pit was filled with spirit liquid. In the middle of the pit was the body of a dragon with dragon veins.

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