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Wang Jinshi brought Chen Xiang and flew out of the Stone Woods, but just as they left, they felt a terrible stench approaching them, followed by a low growl.

"Senior sister, when you entered this wargod training field before, you usually met something that killed you" When Chen Xiang smelled the stench, he had a bad premonition. This was the training ground of a Fourth Stage War God, even a profound God like Wang Jinshi had to be cautious.

"The more powerful ones in the training grounds are usually the kind of demons that are locked up here." Wang Jinshi said: "Most of them were brought in by the Penalty Heavenly God."

"These demons …" are they all profound God? " Chen Xiang felt that he had still underestimated this kind of War God Trial Field.

Wang Jinshi nodded: "They are profound God, all of them are fellows who have made a mistake. They were originally meant to go to hell, but since they honestly admitted their wrongs, they are imprisoned in this kind of place … Actually, these fellows were only able to throw them in when they handed over quite a bit of divine money and their strengths were not bad. "

"I threw it here to test you guys." Chen Xiang thought that this method was not too good, if they were to come in and die at the hands of these villains, wouldn't that mean they had died unjustly?

"profound God s with decent strength usually enter the War God Trial and don't die. Although there are some unlucky fellows who die here, that is a very rare occurrence, unless you enter a training field that is outside of your limits. For example, right now."

Wang Jinshi saw that Chen Xiang's face was a little ugly, so he giggled: "I'm just scaring you, I'm also a Stage Four Martial Immortal now, so I can still easily deal with it. Moreover, Little Junior Brother, you have so many tricks up your sleeves, what are you afraid of."

"So you've been here before." Chen Xiang remembered that the first time he had met Wang Jinshi, he had heard that she was a Level Four Martial Immortal.

"I've been to this training field before, but not here, so I'm not familiar with this place either." Wang Jinshi wrinkled his nose, the stench was getting thicker, and the low growls were getting clearer, no matter how you looked at it, it looked like there was a ferocious beast nearby.

Chen Xiang said: "Although my Explosive Flame Pill is powerful, if used against profound God whose strength is about the same as yours, I'm afraid that it won't work.

"He's coming." Wang Jinshi quickly grabbed Chen Xiang's arm and pulled him to the side. Wang Jinshi dodged, only to see her Frisbee smashed into pieces by a black shadow that was swooping down from the sky.

That black figure only appeared for an instant before disappearing. This made Chen Xiang recall the first time he encountered the Azure Dragon when he was at the second bane of Divine Prison, and how fast the Azure Dragon at that time was.

The black shadow he saw now was probably only slightly slower than the green dragon.

However, Wang Jinshi was able to discover, and even brought him to avoid it. It had to be said that Wang Jinshi was not as weak as she looked on the surface, and was also a very strong woman.

"You're sneaking around, come out." Wang Jinshi shouted loudly. The Smoke sword suddenly appeared and was tightly held by her.

"It's been a long time since I've seen a delicate beauty. It looks like the taste must be pretty good, I really like eating these kinds of female profound God. Just thinking about it makes me drool." The voice laughed.

The one emitting the stench and low growls wasn't a ferocious beast, but a villain who liked to eat human flesh.

Wang Jinshi took out a small ice pearl and stuffed it into Chen Xiang's hands. "Take this, you'll have to pay attention to this later, don't get ambushed by this guy."

Chen Xiang also didn't know what use Wang Jinshi gave him the ice pearl, but just when he wanted to ask, he felt the stench suddenly become very strong, and then he was dragged away by Wang Jinshi.

"Seal." With Wang Jinshi's shout, an extremely thick layer of ice suddenly appeared outside of Chen Xiang, and some Demon Slaying Spirit grain even appeared on top of the ice.

The reason why Wang Jinshi did that was also to protect Chen Xiang, because the main target of the cannibal villain was Chen Xiang, and it was to disturb Wang Jinshi.

"This ice seal will be able to hold on for a period of time. It's enough for me to deal with this bastard." Wang Jinshi transmitted to Chen Xiang and then in a flash, he disappeared.

Now Chen Xiang understood that the ice pearl Wang Jinshi had given him just now was for the sake of preventing frostbite.

The thick ice that had sealed him was attacked by a very powerful force, but was blocked by the devil slayer Spirit grain outside the layer of ice. The thick ice that Wang Jinshi had released was also very strong.

"You are from the Devil-killing Divine Palace." Seeing those Demon Slaying Spirit grain, the villain was a little shocked. The ice that Wang Jinshi had released in such a short time was able to resist his attack, so it could be seen that Wang Jinshi was stronger than him.

"Not bad, I'll send you to hell." A wave of snow floated over, and Wang Jinshi appeared from within the drifting snow, as if she was a goddess formed from ice and snow.

The villain thought that Wang Jinshi had been beaten away by him just now, but did not expect that he would appear in such a manner. When he was about to attack, he discovered that his entire body was stiff, unable to move.

Wang Jinshi did not use her Smoke sword, but used her powerful ice divine power to create an ice sword, and pierced through the evil being's forehead.

"Break." Wang Jinshi's fist was wrapped in a layer of ice, it looked extremely stiff, as it smashed into the villain's head and smashed it into pieces.

After that, she threw out a few punches at lightning speed. The villains who were frozen by the ice were shattered by Wang Jinshi's punches just like that.

"You want to eat me with a guy like that? Go dream in hell." Wang Jinshi kicked the villain out of the wreckage.

With a wave of his hand, Wang Jinshi retracted the ice that had sealed his body. The ice quickly turned into a silver-white river and flowed into his body.

"Senior apprentice-sister, your icy divine power is so powerful. It can actually block such a powerful attack." Chen Xiang handed over the pearl that Wang Jinshi had given him earlier.

Wang Jinshi laughed: "You can keep this pearl, but it might be useful in the future. To tell you the truth, this is my innate divine power. Usually when I dance with the sword, I can only scare others, my strongest point is still the Ice Magic Force."

Chen Xiang put away the pearl properly, and laughed: "It seems that it won't be that easy to bite Senior Sister."

"What? You want to eat me too?" Wang Jinshi smiled and rubbed Chen Xiang's head before taking out a flying disc.

"I want to eat it, but I can't." Chen Xiang sat on the Frisbee, and gave the Explosive Flaming Pill to Wang Jinshi.

"When you can bite, try again." Wang Jinshi laughed as she played with the Explosive Flame Pill.

This time, Chen Xiang was a little disappointed that he did not see the might of the Explosive Flame Pill.

The flying disc that Wang Jinshi took out was a lot slower, but it was too fast for Chen Xiang, so he quickly distanced himself from the stone forest.

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