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Chen Xiang was as innocent as a child. After crying and feeling sad, she fell asleep in Chen Xiang's arms. Chen Xiang knew that in the future, Dongfang Jing would definitely grow up, and this world was extremely cruel. Although she had always wanted to stay at peace with the world, she had been forced to come into contact with the dangers of this world for many years.

"Let her stay in the Zi Lan Mountain Valley. It's rare to see a girl as pure as water like her. It's good that she's alive like this." Bai Youyou could not help but exclaim.

Even though she and Su Meiyao were both women, they had experienced a lot of things since they were young and became strong female rankers. Although they were not in contact with the outside world and could not bathe under the sunlight inside the ring, and it was also extremely cold and desolate, and they did not have any powerful strength right now, they had to admit that they had lived a relaxed life during this period of time.

Dongfang Jing woke up after a few hours. She wasn't crying right now, only sadness in her eyes. But to a girl like her, she was already very strong, and was able to recover so quickly.

"Brother... This dress is really pretty. " Dongfang Jing asked as she looked at her extremely beautiful white dress.

"Cough cough, I got my sisters to help you change this. At that time, you passed out, and you were wounded. Your entire body was covered with blood." Chen Xiang blushed. He had peeked at her taking a bath back then, but he was very happy to have such a good girl.

Dongfang Jing left Chen Xiang's embrace and walked to the side of a small stream. Using her tender and white hands, she used a small amount of water to wash her tear-stained jade face, then used her power to adjust her body, restoring a sliver of blood vitality to her innocent face. Although she looked the same as before, she had become much stronger.

Chen Xiang kept looking at her, and could not help but think of this innocent and cute little sister who looked like she was hacking away at that corpse crazily. This made him a little worried, worried that Dongfang Jing would lose his way due to hatred and become a devil lady.

However, he soon discovered that his worries were unnecessary.

"Big brother, don't worry about me. I will definitely take care of myself in the future, but you are the one who makes others worry." Dongfang Jing smiled, and seeing her smiling face, Chen Xiang's mood inexplicably became better.

Dongfang Jing took the wet silk cloth and walked to Chen Xiang's side, gently helping him to insert the dust and sweat on his face.

"Brother, do you really want to know what happened to me?" Dongfang Jing asked softly, then sat by his side with his head lowered.

It was as if she had gone from a child to an adult overnight, and her mind had become more mature.

"Don't think too much. Live well!" Chen Xiang knew that something must have happened between Dongfang Jing and her father. Furthermore, Dongfang Jing's current strength was now extremely strong, because she had merged with the Blood Soul of the Dongfang Family.

"En!" Dongfang Jing nodded his head: "Big brother, you're so powerful. You've encountered so many big things, and were once surrounded and attacked by so many strong people. Furthermore, you've been disgraced by many people and cursed at them.

Chen Xiang laughed, caressed her face and said: "Not at all, can I be your brother?"

"Big brother, you have to be careful in Sacred Dan Realm. Daddy and I met a very terrifying guy, and that guy was … "He's dead." A flash of grief passed through Dongfang Jing's eyes, "My father assimilated the clan's blood soul into my body, then, he blocked those powerful fellows. Give me some time to escape, I met the people from Purple Moon Imperial Land and Dongfang Lingyun on the way."

Chen Xiang pulled her closer, gently caressing her hair, he said: "Since it's all in the past, I'll let big brother handle those strong fellows! What are they like? "

"They say they are from the Divine Devil Cult. Because the Blood Soul of our Dongfang Family is something that the Divine Devil Cult cannot allow, they want to kill us." Dongfang Jing said.

"I will remember this name!" Chen Xiang patted her back, and said: "I'll bring you to a place, I feel that it's very suitable for you."

Dongfang Jing also knew that she couldn't always follow Chen Xiang because Chen Xiang had big plans to accomplish and she was too weak so she couldn't help at all. She would only be a burden to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's injuries were more or less healed, there was no problem to bring him along on the road.

"Big brother, Leng Youlan is also your recognized sister, so does that mean she's my big sister?" Dongfang Jing held Chen Xiang's arm and slowly walked to Zi Lan Mountain Valley with him. At this moment, she was much more cheerful.

"Of course. Although your sister has a fiery temper and is quite overbearing, you will definitely treat her well! Hehe, she is just like you, a little stupid. " Chen Xiang knew that Leng Youlan was just a b * stard, but he had more experience than Dongfang Jing. He was very experienced in battle, and when it came to killing, he was even more ruthless.

When he was at Three Realms Talk, Dongfang Jing had also seen this eye-catching, white-haired, ice-cold beauty. She indeed did not look weak, and she couldn't help but want to see her elder sister. Of course, there was also Xue Xianxian, his sister-in-law.

"Little Scoundrel, I've never seen you be so gentle to me before. Heh heh!" Long Xueyi was extremely unhappy.

"Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, are you jealous?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Who said I have never been gentle to you before? Last time … I was very gentle to you. "

Long Xueyi let out a charming snort, and no longer paid any attention to Chen Xiang. The last time she merged with Chen Xiang's divine soul, Chen Xiang had indeed been very gentle to her.

A lot of people had come to check the place where the battle with Primordius took place, but they could not find any clues. However, the matter of Primordius's disappearance had been linked together by someone.

Five days after the incident, Chen Xiang and Dongfang Jing arrived at the entrance of the Zi Lan Mountain Valley.

As soon as someone stepped into the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, the guardian immediately appeared, but she did not recognize Chen Xiang.

Yun Zhu wore a set of purple robes.

"You two, this is the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, are you looking for us valley masters?" Yun Zhu's voice was still as gentle as ever. Although she was a fire wolf, but she looked more like a sheep.

"Sister Yun Zhu, I am Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue.

"It's really you?" Yun Zhu said in pleasant surprise, "Second sister said that you might come. I thought you came here two or three days ago."

"Who is this beautiful girl? Your wife? " Yun Zhu giggled, causing Dongfang Jing's beautiful face to turn red.

"She is... My recognized sister, let's talk after we enter! " Chen Xiang quickly explained.

After Chen Xiang let Dongfang Jing and Yun Zhu get to know each other, Chen Xiang then sent a sound transmission to Yun Zhu, informing him of their tragic encounters before. This made Yun Zhu suddenly feel tender and affectionate towards Dongfang Jing, and he very willingly agreed to take good care of Dongfang Jing, because she was originally an orphan without any parents.

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