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The White Tiger thought for a while, and still felt that it was better not to know, he had already seen some things from Chen Xiang's eyes.

"You didn't come to me just to show off how you killed Ice Emperor, right?" The White Tiger did not continue asking Chen Xiang how he killed Ice Emperor.

Chen Xiang looked at the pond, grabbed a handful of grass and threw it in. Looking at the rippling water, he asked: "What fish is in the pond you're in, you're so bored."

"There must be fish." The White Tiger laughed, "If you have something to say, just say it directly. Don't beat around the bush."

Chen Xiang scratched his head and said: "Right now, there are two powerful Immortal Kings in Fire Divine Palace. If they want to attack Chen Martial Continent, it would be very difficult for me to stop them.

This was one of the reasons why Chen Xiang was looking for the White Tiger.

"If it was before, I'm afraid I would have made my move. Now you don't have to worry."

After Chen Xiang heard this, he became even more suspicious. Previously, he felt that the Immortal Kings were worrying about something, so he did not dare to personally attack the Chen Martial Continent, otherwise, it would only take a day or two and it would not cause the Fire Divine Palace to lose so many people.

The white tiger said, "In this New Imperial Heaven World, there is a new law, which is a very mysterious power. This law will change with the growth of the New Imperial Heaven World, and this law power is born to allow the reborn Di Tian to grow in a more equitable environment. At the same time, it will also prevent the newly born Di Tian from being destroyed by a powerful force."

"In other words, the power of law would deal with those immortal kings. If those immortal kings were to make a move, would they be annihilated by this power of law?" Chen Xiang was secretly rejoicing in his heart. The power of the Ancient Code was extremely mysterious, it was a powerful force that could maintain the flow of the world.

The White Tiger shook its head and said, "It's not destroying the Immortal King, but destroying the world. If the Law Energy senses that this newborn and fragile Di Tian is threatened by a powerful force, that power will destroy all living beings in this world and give birth to new ones. This way, the world won't split apart again."

When Chen Xiang heard this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. He was no longer worried about the threat of the Immortal Kings to the Chen Martial Continent, but rather the threat of the entire Di Tian.

If this came out from someone else's mouth, Chen Xiang would think that these words were mysterious, but since it was said by the White Tiger, he had no choice but to believe it.

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, the White Tiger laughed and said, "You don't have to worry about them taking action to kill all of you. I won't let them destroy this world, which is also why I am in this world."

Of the Four Divine Beasts, only the White Tiger was still here. Chen Xiang only thought that he was reincarnated because he had been killed by someone stronger than him.

"You are here to protect the New Imperial Heaven World." Chen Xiang asked.

If I could protect him, then he wouldn't have broken down. I am just an unlucky person who was forced to stay here by all sorts of means, I am only responsible for allowing the New Imperial Heaven World to grow. Once the New Imperial Heaven World is fully matured, it will not be something that I can control, and at that time, the power of the Ancient Code will not be restricted anymore. The White Tiger smiled bitterly.

With regards to the matters of the New Imperial Heaven World, that was still far in the future. Knowing that the Immortal Kings would not interfere, Chen Xiang felt more at ease.

"Grand Elder, how much do you know about the matter of the Nine Emperor Kings back then?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The Ten Kings of the Nine Emperors, is this something that was passed down?" "I have never heard of the Ten Kings of the Nine Emperors before, but I know that the Nine Emperors are fellows who rule over nine realms. The Five Emperors are five experts who are very strong, unworthy of the title of Emperor, and are respected by many. Their strengths are all around the same level."

The story of the Nine Emperor Ten Kings was something that Chen Xiang had heard from Duan Chong, but when it came to the White Tiger, there was a huge difference.

The White Tiger continued, "Perhaps some of the records that were passed down are too ancient and are mistaken for the Nine Emperor Ten Kings. Although it's said that they're from the Ninth Heaven, how can the Emperor be compared to them?"

Chen Xiang nodded and asked, "Then are the Dan Emperor and the Demon Emperor among the Nine Emperors?"

"Logically speaking, it should be hard for you to know about this. After so many years, even some of the old bastards in Heaven Realm wouldn't know about this. How did you know?" The White Tiger was very curious about this.

"Why is it that these things have to be sealed off? Even if it were to be passed down, it wouldn't be that big of a deal." From the White Tiger's reaction, it could be seen that the Dan Emperor and the Demon Emperor existed.

"Because..." The White Tiger sighed and did not say it out loud, causing Chen Xiang to secretly curse a few times in his heart.

"Why are you asking about the Demon Emperor and the Dan Emperor? Did you have news about them? Among the Nine Emperors back then, only the Ice Emperor was able to determine whether they were dead or alive." The White Tiger laughed.

Chen Xiang took out the map and the dagger.

After the White Tiger saw the dagger, it hurriedly put down the fishing rod. Moreover, its murderous aura was also released, as if it was attracted by the mysterious dagger.

"It really is the Demon Emperor's item." The White Tiger took a deep breath and suddenly recalled the past. It couldn't help but sigh.

"It looks like the Demon Emperor has been using this dagger for many years in order to cause this to happen. But a character like the Demon Emperor often uses this dagger …" It doesn't quite make sense. " Chen Xiang said.

"Hehe, the Demon Emperor is a very insidious guy, he was also known as the Great Emperor of Assassination. He was originally a very ordinary mortal, but due to a stroke of luck, he became an assassin, and then grew up step by step. He cultivated the demonic way, and became a strong warrior in the Devil Cultivator.

The White Tiger picked up the dagger, played with it for a bit, and then returned it back to Chen Xiang.

The white tiger took up the map that seemed very old, and continued to say, "Logically speaking, this dagger should have belonged to the Demon Emperor. It should have been nurtured by his demonic energy for many years, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that it is a Divine Soldier. But, why would it flow out? Could it be that he died?"

This was what Chen Xiang had taken out from the treasure chests, and the treasure chests were left behind by the ancestors of the ancient powers that were hidden in the Chaotic Mountain for their descendants.

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