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One day later.

The Heavenly hall of immortals.


supreme god was furious, "The Demon Slayer is dead?"

"Who dares?"

Gu Wuji's body was covered in blood, and he did not go to clean up the mess.

The anger of the supreme god was just as he had expected.

Gu Wuji's heart turned sinister as he said, "supreme god is First Elder Yi."

supreme god frowned, "Yi Yi?"

"He's too impudent."

The entire hall of immortals was in an uproar. The elder Yi killed the Demon Slayer?

Demonic Slaughterer was the hope of Sky Martial Continent. To deal with these big shots, that was the only thing they could do, it was not easy for a Demon Slaughterer to fall in this manner, the anger in supreme god's heart was exceptionally strong.

An elder said slightly: "supreme god, although elder Yi has six Immortal Roots, but... His blood lineage was a devil's legacy, and … His ancestor is also a Heavenly Mystery Great Demon. His appearance in the South Horizon Region this time around may have been planned to kill the Demon Slayer. "

As soon as he finished.

All the elders came to a realization.

supreme god also frowned, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

And then …

supreme god shouted: Send me the Immortal Token and send the Star Spirit Hunters. You must find Yi Yi and bring him to me.

As soon as he finished.

With a wave of his hand, a celestial token flew out and exploded in midair.

It was also at this time.

Eighteen streaks of light flew out from the sky above the Heavenly hall of immortals.

They were all the top rankers in all of hall of immortals, the star spirit messenger.

Gu Wuji sneered coldly, "Yi Yi, just you wait to die."

"I'll kill you first, then Long Fei and the Long family. This time, I will completely eradicate the Long family from its roots."

The supreme god said slightly: "Elder Gu, Elder Tai, this time, although the two of you did not bring back the Demon Slayer, you have to do hard work and no contributions. You can cultivate in the Celestial Immortal Cave for a year."

"Recover your cultivation as soon as possible and help my Heavenly hall of immortals find the Demon Slayer."

Gu Wuji and tai hong's expression changed, they were extremely excited in their hearts, and immediately knelt on the ground and said: "Thank you supreme god."

All the elders were filled with envy.

… ….

In another place.

Yi Yi also didn't expect Gu Wuji to invert right from wrong, making him the target of the Tong Tian hall of immortals.


He also knew very well that Long Fei was the real Demon Slayer.

The awakening of the power within his body had shocked him immensely.

On the way.

Long Fei learned more about the Long family from Yi Yi.

After a calamity, the Long family's experts mysteriously disappeared.

What exactly was hidden inside?

In addition to Long Kuangtian's continuous search in the Infernal Realm, there wasn't even the slightest result.

Was the person who spoke of the Yu Ling Island Lord's words in the Demon Sea his own father?

His father was not in the immortal domain.

The more Long Fei understood, the more mysteries he felt, and the stronger the secrets of the Long family were. There must be something behind this secret.

"What is it?"

Long Fei secretly asked himself, "Perhaps, only by raising the dragon salyer to the highest realm, can we release the Dark Dragon God s?"


"I still have another dragon domain mission, and another six years or so. If I can find the dragon region and the ten thousand dragons, perhaps the secrets of the Long family will be solved as well."

Long Kuangtian had once said that the Long family and the dragon salyer were inseparable.

If the dragon salyer could be raised to Perfection, perhaps there would be an answer.


What was the level of dragon salyer? How much further away from being a Paragon? Long Fei basically did not know, and he did not even find the 'heart of ancient fairy tree' that was needed to level up dragon salyer.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled a long breath, and said: "No matter what, I will definitely accomplish all of this."

Yi Yi Yi looked at Long Fei's resolute eyes and smiled lightly: "Don't be anxious, everything will be answered. Also, don't worry about the matters regarding your blood lineage."

"As far as I know, your Long Family's ancestor also had Negative Activation to Dragon Blood. If he could become an absolute expert in the Sky Martial Continent, you definitely could too."

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Thank you."

Long Fei was clear in his heart that he did not care about the matters regarding Negative Activation to Dragon Blood at all.


The Long family's secret was also related to his Negative Activation to Dragon Blood.

There was a lot to it.

The Long family's secret was very deep, but it was also very shallow. As long as Long Fei could find the Dragon Domain, he would be able to know about all of this.

… ….

Half a month later.

Yi Yi's idea moved, controlling the flying sword and landed on a hillside.

At the bottom of the hill was a small town.

The town was not big, but the crowd was dense.

Yi Dao said, "If we enter from this town, we will be entering the god's soul mountain. Look at that huge mountain in the distance, it's the Heavenly Soul Peak. The legendary sect's god's soul herb grow at the edge of the mountain's cliff, but no one has picked them up yet."

Long Fei took a look at the Heavenly Soul Peak in the clouds. Even though they were tens of thousands of meters apart, Long Fei could still feel its valiance.

A shocking impact.

They entered the town.

"Have you heard?"

"A fairy beast appeared on the Heavenly Soul Peak. As long as we kill it, we will be able to obtain one Immortal Foundation."

"You just heard about it?" Haven't you noticed that there are strangers in the town these days? These people are all here for the fairy beast. "

"So many battles."

"I heard that there's a battle going on in the god emperor academy."

"Everyone from god emperor academy is here?"

"Not only that, the people from the Dark Academy are also here. I'm afraid this is going to be a fight between two big academies."

… ….

Many people on the street were discussing.

Long Fei asked, "Senior, what exactly are Immortal Roots?"

As soon as his voice fell.

Many people looked at him with disdain, "Country bumpkin."

Long Fei turned a deaf ear.

Yi Yi Yi explained, "Immortal roots are power, talent, and also potential in the immortal domain. Immortal roots are divided into nine grades, and they can be comprehended."

"We can also kill fairy beast s and obtain Saint Spirit Grasses."


"Any method is extremely difficult. I only have six Immortal Roots. Three of the Immortal Roots were comprehended by me, and the other three were obtained by chance."

"Everything depends on your luck."

"Furthermore, you have either fused with the level 1 immortal root, or you have comprehended a Second-level Fairy Rout, or you have merged with it, and can't fuse with the level 1 immortal root to improve."

"You heard it just now, a single Immortal Foundation can attract countless experts to fight for it. immortal domain's god emperor academy, Dark Academy's Immortal Foundation is extremely rare, I didn't expect that a fairy beast would actually appear in the Heavenly Soul Peak, looks like there will be a fight for it." Yi Yi exhaled slightly.

The South Horizon Region.

Warrior to the ninth level of war king, this was also the realm the Long family's ancestors divided into.

There were also nine stages in immortal domain.

With the Immortal.

They were divided into the Immortal Realm, Spiritual World, Wild Immortal Realm, virtual Immortals Realm, Blood Immortal Realm, Golden Immortal Realm, Yuan Xian Realm, Unity Immortal Realm, Immortal Realm Realm, and the Great Perfection Realm, Flying Immortal Realm!

In the Sky Martial Continent, the immortal domain was the center.

The South Horizon Region had its own division of realms because it was the Long Family's territory, but … In immortal domain, his cultivation was equivalent to a third stage Immortal. Baidu Search: Half a Float

The lowest level of existence.


The town's northern part rumbled loudly, as if a mountain had collapsed.

The few of them rushed into the town and said: "Not good, the beasts have attacked!"

Chapter five, immortal domain chapter begins.

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