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Many people were commenting about the Gold dragon ice, only Chen Xiang was looking at it very carefully, with a focused expression. Some people thought that he was pretending to understand the profoundbing, especially those who often played with it, because they believed that they were certain that there were definitely treasures inside.

Chen Xiang used the Chaos Divine Eye to look carefully a few times, but he still could not find anything inside the profoundbing. He could not help but shake his head and sigh, such a beautiful piece of profoundbing with no treasures inside, which made him feel that it was a pity. At the same time, he was even more sure that these gaudy profoundbing actually had nothing inside.

"Brother, what are you sighing for? It's normal that you can't afford it. Just now, you were squeezing around this Gold dragon ice. Do you really think you can see if there's anything inside?" An old man who was trampled on by Chen Xiang just now was kept in mind. Seeing Chen Xiang looking at him in such a serious manner, his heart was in a mess, so he started to complain.

Chen Xiang was currently a long bearded middle-aged man. He shook his head and said, "No, I'm sighing because this Gold dragon ice looks so good, but there's nothing inside."

Chen Xiang was speaking the truth. Although his voice was low, the people who were able to come here had good hearing, and could hear what Chen Xiang said. Hearing Chen Xiang say that, everyone was enraged, and scolded themselves: "What do you know?"

Seeing everyone's expressions, Chen Xiang did not say anymore, he was indeed speaking the truth just now.

"Nonsense, such a strange piece of profoundbing, naturally formed dragons, how can there not be treasures inside? If there aren't any treasures, how did this profoundbing turn into a dragon?" A black clothed man coldly snorted.

Chen Xiang said: "I have seen many strange profoundbing, but very few of them were able to produce treasures, so I would like to ask why these strange profoundbing do not have any treasures, these profoundbing do not have any treasures, but the profoundbing are still unique."

There were a lot of things like what he said just now, and those people were speechless at this moment. However, the black clothed man still said resolutely: "Didn't you see that the Gold dragon ice were incomparable to those strange profoundbing? There must be treasures inside the Gold dragon ice."

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "It's useless to say anything unless you break it down and take a look."

"That's right, but if you want to break through the profoundbing, then you have to buy it. This is a huge gamble, which one of you two would dare to do that?"

"Don't just talk, arguing is meaningless. Call him and do something."

"Buy it, break it."

Everyone jeered.

Chen Xiang said loudly towards the black clothed man: "If my guess is right, then this Gold dragon ice should belong to this brother. Since you are so sure that there are treasures inside the Gold dragon ice, why not open it yourself and shout it out? What are your intentions?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone began to discuss softly, especially when they saw the muscles on the man in black's face twitch, they were even more certain that this Gold dragon ice was his.

Chen Xiang originally did not dare to be sure, so he was only casually saying that even if the Gold dragon ice was not the black-clothed man's, he did not suffer any losses.

Since he was so sure that there were treasures inside the Gold dragon ice, why did he not break through the profoundbing and instead sell it here at a high price? As long as he was not stupid, everyone would understand that this guy did not have much confidence in his Gold dragon ice, but he was sure that there were treasures inside the Gold dragon ice.

Seeing that the black clothed man had nothing to say, Chen Xiang laughed secretly in his heart.

The reason he came here today, was to join in on the fun, and then, to cause some trouble. With such a high quality of cold energy like this Gold dragon ice, he definitely could not let the Fire Divine Palace take it away to revive the Ice Emperor.

Therefore, Chen Xiang decided to destroy the profoundbing.

The man in black took a deep breath, and cursed at Chen Xiang many times in his heart before he said slowly: "There must be some treasures inside the Gold dragon ice, but there are also some treasures of various grades, and I am not sure what this treasure is, so I took out the Gold dragon ice to sell. If everyone wants to bet a bet, I can sell one million and five hundred billion of them right now."

The crowd was in an uproar, but there were definitely not many people who wanted to buy it, the risk was too high, the price was too high, even a huge being like the Fire Divine Palace could not bear the price.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "You just said it before, there's a treasure inside the Gold dragon ice, but it can also be a treasure that's not good, your words aren't bad."

"That's right, there must be treasures inside the Gold dragon ice." The man in black said with determination.

"And if not." Chen Xiang looked at the Gold dragon ice and said: "If I buy this Gold dragon ice, and there are no treasures inside, you can return to the one hundred and fifty billion Spar and give it to me. What do you think?"

had also expected this, so he continued to say something extremely tempting: "How about this, because I think that there are no treasures in the Gold dragon ice, if I buy your Gold dragon ice, if there are no treasures inside, then you can return one hundred and fifty billion to me."

"If you have the treasure, the treasure will belong to you and the one hundred and fifty billion will belong to you. What do you think?"

The man in black thought for a moment and then shouted, "No problem."

Chen Xiang immediately took out a hundred and fifty billion Spar. Dragon Subduing City had made a lot of Spar, and he had it with him.

Everyone immediately did not dare to look down on him anymore, because Chen Xiang was not using one hundred and fifty billion to buy the profoundbing, but to gamble. Furthermore, what he was betting on was not only the Spar, but the treasures inside the profoundbing.

If the profoundbing really had a precious treasure, he would definitely lose a lot.

Everyone immediately retreated, far away from the Gold dragon ice. They did not expect that the guy who kept saying that the Gold dragon ice did not have any treasures was actually buying it now. Furthermore, he handed it over to the Spar happily, which was truly admirable.

Everyone was guessing the identity of this person. To have this kind of action, he definitely wasn't an ordinary person.

The Gold dragon ice was bought, and there was even a bet made. If this bet was won by Chen Xiang, then Chen Xiang would get nothing, and at most, make sure that there were no treasures inside the Gold dragon ice. And if that man in black won, not only would he obtain treasures, he would also get a hundred and fifty billion Spar.

The person who broke through the profoundbing was the one who would be sent by the profoundbing, and he used a sharp knife. As long as he stimulated the profoundbing to the point where it could be broken into pieces, the Gold dragon ice could be broken into pieces.

"Old mister, sorry for the trouble." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he retreated far away, lest others think that he was cheating, and the black clothed man did the same as they kept their distance from Chen Xiang, the three man tall Gold dragon ice.

The old man used his sharp knife and stabbed into the profoundbing, only to see the Gold dragon ice suddenly shatter, turning into a piece of ice and falling to the ground.

There was a thick pile of ice crystal powder on the ground, and it was still unable to confirm if there were any treasures inside. The old man waved his sleeve, and used his strength to hold up the ice crystal powder, and then floated up like a curtain of water.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother, don't tell me you want to go back on your words?"

The man in black clenched his fists tightly, appearing very excited. He rushed up and carefully examined the ice crystal powder. After searching carefully, he did not find any treasure.

The one hundred and fifty billion Spar that did not have any warmth were about to be returned to Chen Xiang, which made the man in black feel extremely unresigned in his heart. Although from the looks of the bet, he had gained a lot, but if he lost, his losses were not small either.

Chen Xiang stored away the ice crystal powder on the ground. This was his final goal, which was to obtain this Gold dragon ice without spending a single Spar. This ice crystal powder was trash in the eyes of many people, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, the high grade materials for refining pills could become a very powerful killing tool in his hands.

… ….

"Who is this guy? A perfectly fine piece of Gold dragon ice was destroyed by him like this. Investigate carefully for me. If he's not that powerful, teach him a lesson and destroy our plan." An old man from the Manor said angrily.

"Before this, we had already investigated everyone who was qualified, but only this person was unable to find out. I think he used a disguise technique and a fake one, he must have a huge background, I'm sure he doesn't know if he is hostile towards us Fire Divine Palace or not."

The old man from the Fire Divine Palace snorted: "Regardless of whether or not he is hostile to our Fire Divine Palace, he must be taught a lesson for destroying a good profoundbing like the Gold dragon ice."

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