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Chen Xiang already knew that these people would come and find trouble with him, so he smiled and said: "Let them wait outside for a few days first. If they dare to do anything out of bounds, I will return it tenfold."

"It seems like they are planning to buy our low-priced pills, but I'm afraid they won't succeed, we can only buy them, and all those precious pills are for auction or by the sect, they won't go to them, even if they are bought at a high price, we will not be the ones to lose them," Li Baojun said.

Duan Sanchang suddenly ran over and shouted: "Our shopkeeper has been beaten up, the puncher is very arrogant, I heard he is a Dan King."

Li Baojun immediately became furious, "So what if you're a Dan King? I'll beat my shopkeeper and call him back so that he can burn down all of their Feng Clan's stores.

Chen Xiang's face was calm, but his heart was full of anger. He changed his appearance and followed behind Li Baojun, at the same time using the sound transmission to tell Yan Yanran to sneak into Feng Clan's shop and burn her again.

Because of Zhao Yiprofound's words, White Sea Imperial Land had become more obedient and didn't dare to offend anyone anymore. She was steadily developing, that was why Ji Meixian sat in the position of her Heavenly Girl in White Sea Imperial Land.

In the past few days, the Feng Clan and the Flying Immortal School were the most snobbish, followed by Qian Xuan Mountain and the Dan Alliance's chief alliance.

Amongst those people who came to cause trouble, there was actually a Flying Immortal School. They had just suffered a double blow and now they were this arrogant.

The owner of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was a simple and honest little old man. Now that he was beaten up until his nose was blue and his face swollen, this made Li Baojun angry to the point that his face turned green.

Li Baojun's angry voice was like a shockwave, shaking many people's blood and Qi. The entire Pill City was shaken to the point that it even slightly trembled. It was obvious that he was truly angry.

Many of the young people in the hall were extremely upset by the sound wave. Fortunately, the Dan King released their powers to protect them, otherwise, they would all vomit blood.

Duan Sanchang pointed at an old man with long eyebrows and said: "It's this guy. He claims to be Feng Clan."

The long-browed old man was still very arrogant after beating someone up. Originally, Chen Xiang and Li Baojun thought that they would cause a commotion for them, at most, they would just cause some trouble, but they did not expect to beat him up.

Li Baojun's face sunk. He was the pavilion master, he had to take responsibility for the safety of all the employees of Dragon Subduing Dan Hall. He was so arrogant that he had been bullied by others, how could he not be angry?

"I will give you two choices, either you kneel down and kowtow to my shopkeeper, or you die. You have no other choice," Li Baojun's voice was ice-cold and carried a dense killing intent, his angry face was terrifying, and even Chen Xiang was frightened.

If Li Baojun did this, perhaps many powers in Dan City would surround Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, but Chen Xiang was very supportive of it. No matter what, people from Dragon Subduing School must not be bullied.

"You … "Hmph, I am a dignified Dan King, wanting me to kneel and kowtow to this fellow, what a delusion," the old man with long eyebrows sneered.

Li Baojun swept a glance over the other Dan King who had followed along, and his gaze finally landed on the Alliance Master.

When he said that, a ball of multicolored flame suddenly appeared in Li Baojun's hair. Seeing that flame, many Alchemist s were stunned.

Legend has it that the depths of Earth's Core Fire Realm was filled with multicolored flames. Li Baojun was actually able to control this kind of flame, and if it was ignited, it would be difficult to resist.

Li Baojun roared, he waved his hand and struck out with his palm, five different colored interweaving flames that formed a palm blade, sweeping towards the long-browed old man.


The fire palm landed on the long-browed old man's face. The speed was so fast that many people were unable to stop it. After the fire palm landed on the old man's face, a burst of hot air came out, followed by the long-browed old man's head exploding into white ashes.

A sliver of Five elements heavenly fire landed on the old man's body, and in the blink of an eye, the headless body was turned into ashes.

Li Baojun's power was similar to many of the giants of the ancient powers. They were all immortals who had just passed through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, but since Li Baojun had such a terrifying flame like the Five elements heavenly fire and was also a Alchemist, his power was naturally much stronger than many other people.

"I am just a Alchemist, I do not wish to kill anyone, you better not force me to do it," Li Baojun said in a gloomy voice. When his eyes that contained killing intent swept across the crowd, it caused everyone's hearts to fiercely beat, as though they were afraid that he would smack them to death with one palm.

At first, these people thought that Li Baojun was easy to bully, and that they just wanted to find Li Baojun to ask him about the matters of the Dragon Subduing School to get that dragon vein, but now that Li Baojun had revealed such a terrifying strength, they were definitely not people they could deal with.

"If you don't want to die, hurry up and scram, you are already big and strong, yet you still dare to do such a thing that will only lower your status? You are only fit to be weaklings," Li Baojun completely detested this group of people, he finally understood why Chen Xiang would take the risk of being hunted down by the entire world in order to be hostile to these powers.

They left the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall in a panic. All these people were Dan King, or were of decent strength, but compared to Li Baojun, they were far too lacking. Li Baojun could kill them with a single slap, and Li Baojun had kept his promise.

"So boring, these bunch of cowards," Duan Sanchang ridiculed.

"They will be back before long, and when the time comes, they will bring even stronger people with them. At that time, I will definitely let them see how powerful I, Li Baojun, am," The hand Li Baojun revealed just now also surprised Chen Xiang. That Five elements heavenly fire was definitely stronger than his own Heaven fire.

Unless his Heaven fire could evolve into a Heavenly Flame, it would be impossible to defeat Li Baojun in terms of flames.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran returned very quickly, and thick smoke covered the sky above Pill City. Lan Lan and Yan Yanran were supposed to be responsible for the things that were done in the dark, including assassinations.

"Seems like Pill City has let us go. From their postures today, they want to chase us out of the city," said Yan Yanran. She had changed into a normal looking girl.

"We had thought about it long ago. If they wanted to chase us away, they would have to take back the premises first, according to the contract, if they wanted to take them back, they would have to pay a hundred times their current value. Since the price has risen a lot, if they wanted to take back the goods, they would definitely suffer a huge loss.

Lan Lan asked: "What if they do not follow the agreement?"

Li Baojun snorted gloomily, flapping her sleeves and sending a gust of wind, blowing away the white ashes on the ground, "The fish dies and the net breaks, at that time, it won't be a problem for me to destroy this Pill City by myself, but our Dragon Subduing School has Spar s, or pills, we can afford to play with them."

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