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Refining Divine Weapons required a lot of time, especially to refine Divine Weapons. Chen Xiang didn't look at them for long before he left Bane 2 and returned to Bane 1.

He came to look for Yu Fan again. Yu Fan already knew that Sun You was dead, but Chen Xiang not giving him Sun You's Divine Deity made him a little angry.

"What about Divine Deity?" Yu Fan found the small house that Chen Xiang was in based on the diary that he left behind. The moment he saw Chen Xiang, he immediately asked him through sound transmission.

Of course, Chen Xiang would not give his Divine Deity to Yu Fan, and said: "Although Sun You is dead, his Divine Deity is not in my hands yet. After I killed him, an expert suddenly appeared and snatched the Divine Deity away, that guy's speed is extremely fast."

Chen Xiang casually made up a lie, but he didn't care whether Yu Fan believed it or not.

"How can this be? Tell me about how you killed Sun You. " Yu Fan became suspicious.

Chen Xiang had already thought about it, and immediately told the truth with his mouth wide open. Since Yu Fan was not at the scene, he could only believe Chen Xiang this time.

"Have you found the next target?" Chen Xiang asked.

Yu Fan couldn't hide it too many times, he could count every time.

"We already have a target, but it's not in this city. It's not good to kill too many people here. This time, you'll get a city that's very far away from here."

The information about Yu Fan's new target was sent to Chen Xiang through his divine power.

"When I'm done, I'll come back and find you! That's right, Master Yu. The Frisbee you gave me was destroyed while I was still in Bane Two. Can you give me another one? " Chen Xiang wanted to fish for as many benefits as possible from Yu Fan before he broke with him.

"Here's three hundred dollars, go buy one for yourself. I don't have any left!" Yu Fan gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag.

Can you give me a bit more? I also want to buy a good weapon and divine armor. When I fought with Sun You, it was because he had too many good things on him.

"I'll give you three hundred more. You should know how to buy more, right?" Yu Fan thought for a moment, then gave Chen Xiang another three hundred gold. The Divine Deity that Chen Xiang had given him before helped him earn a lot of money, so in order for Chen Xiang to obtain more Divine Deity, he naturally had to be generous.

Chen Xiang secretly despised Yu Fan in his heart, so he gave him this little bit. Right now, he did not care about this little bit of money, but on the surface, he still pretended to be happy.

Yu Fan did not stay for long with Chen Xiang before he hurriedly returned to the Feng Shen Native Bank.

Chen Xiang was walking around the city. The bounty for him was still there, and had even increased to $50,000.

However, Hell Devil Emperor was not like how it was outside, where it could tell others where Chen Xiang was at any time. Forget about communication between the outside and the Divine Prison, even if they were inside the Divine Prison, with a distance, it would still be difficult to immediately send a message.

Chen Xiang arrived near Tai Qiang's residence and sent a sound transmission to Tai Qiang, asking him to come out.

"Old Tai, leave this city with me today and never come back!" Chen Xiang said: "Yu Fan is already suspicious of me, last time when I killed Sun You, I hid it from him, and after this time, I will definitely not be able to hide it."

Although Chen Xiang did not tell Tai Qiang about him helping Yu Fan hunt Divine Deity, Tai Qiang had already seen through it.

"Brother Shen, you killed someone here. It will be difficult for you to leave this place in the future. You might even be sent to hell." Tai Qiang said.

"You know about this too?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"Others may not know, but I do! In the past, there were a few fellows who barged into the Divine Prison from other places. In order to gather the God's money quickly and leave, they plundered everywhere, and when they finally went to find the Penalty Heavenly God to hand over the God's money, they were sent to hell or thrown onto the third Bane. " Tai Qiang said: "You've only killed two now, it's not too serious. At most, you'll need a bit more divine money to get out."

Chen Xiang said: "Yu Fan has told me before, as long as I can help him get twenty Divine Deity, he would give me a thousand divine coins and I would be able to leave this place."

Tai Qiang now understood why Chen Xiang would do so many things behind Yu Fan's back. It was because Chen Xiang already knew that the consequences of killing people here were severe.

"Where are you going now?" After Tai Qiang understood the situation Chen Xiang was in, he nodded.

"I'm going to the Wind Eye City, I want to go there to kill a guy. My name is Yang Yan, there's a luxury hotel." Chen Xiang said.

"The people that Yu Fan has chosen are all not bad. I have heard of that Yang Yan before, who did he come from the Gods Realm with his master? His master looks after a native bank, and should have the same position as Yu Fan.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, there were some things that would not come to him out of nowhere. Since Tai Qiang had heard of it before, then there was a high possibility that Yang Yan's master was here to fish Divine Deity like Yu Fan.

"How long has Yang Yan been here? Where's his master? "

Tai Qiang recalled for a moment, and said: "It's probably been tens of thousands of years. Yang Yan and his master have never left this place, his master normally rarely appears, and the main reason he's in charge of operating the native bank is to count the money and send it up to the higher ups."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Yu Fan also did this kind of work and usually kept a low profile.

"Old Tai, as long as you help me get ten Divine Deity, I will give you enough divine money to leave the Divine Prison … Right, how much money do you still have left? " Chen Xiang asked.

"As long as I'm in Bane 1, I only need a thousand gold coins. I'm still short of 700 something." Tai Qiang said with a bit of disbelief in his heart. Chen Xiang actually helped him leave this place. "

If Peng Renyi had said this, he might not have believed it, but he did not know why he trusted Chen Xiang so much.

"There are nine Bane Stars here. What are they all for?" asked. Previously, he had asked the Azure Dragon, and the Azure Dragon didn't know what the other calamities were, because the Azure Dragon was unable to leave Bane Two.

"You already know about Bane 1, you should experience the terrifying old man above Bane 2! Bane 3 is a bunch of extremely vicious people. If he wants to leave the Divine Prison, he would need more than a hundred thousand gold and he will basically never be able to leave. "

"From the fourth to the ninth Bane, there are some powerful people sealed inside. I heard that they were gods who once ruled a hall. Because they made a mistake and remembered that they are gods, they were locked up here and didn't go to hell."

"In the Divine Prison, there are only people who are unsealed and can go anywhere they want! "As long as you have the ability, you can go to other Bane and come out again. However, it's very hard to come out even if there's 10% chance of that."

Only now did Chen Xiang understand why the Azure Dragon had stayed there for so long and didn't go out.

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