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One million damage dealt.

It was twice as high as when he killed Nangong Wudi.

This was the savage side of dragon salyer.


Long Fei could only release his abilities once, so any more wouldn't work. His spirit power couldn't hold up much longer.


The twenty thousand points of damage was indeed very powerful, but the Dark Spirit Magus King had at least ten million HP, and couldn't even kill him.

"Be careful!"

Yuan Ling shouted loudly.

Yuan Ba had already rushed out.

The Dark Spirit Magus King wielded his great sword and let out an arrogant growl, "Go to hell!"

With both hands, he raised his sword and slashed down on Xiang Longfei's head.

In that instant.

Yuan Ba took a step forward and directly held onto the Dark Spirit Shaman King's arm. At this moment, a giant strength surged out of Yuan Ba's body, and all the veins on his body bulged out.

A sudden sinking.

The mission was pulled down.

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The Dark Spirit Mage King moved its arm, and the huge sword slashed towards Long Fei with a distance of less than 10 centimeters away from him.


The earth split open.

The entire square was trembling, the ground cracking and uneven.

At that moment.

Long Fei did not have time to react at all. It was too fast, and the force was too strong, if not for Yuan Ba slightly pulling the Dark Spirit Shaman King's arm off, his body would have been split into two halves.


It had to be said that Yuan Ba's strength was simply heaven defying.

His cultivation was only at war chief realm, but the power he released was invincible.

Pure strength.

In gaming terms, his strength is purely physical attack power, a strength born of a god of war!

He grabbed the Dark Spirit Mage King's arm and flipped it over, directly jumping onto the top of his head. He then crossed his arms, forming a battle axe, and heavily smashed down.

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The Dark Spirit Magus King's body sank down, and his anger started burning, "Trash like you, ah!"

A burst of power came out from his head, sending Yuan Ba flying out, smashing into the wall a hundred metres away and spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

His face was incomparably pale.

And Long Fei, although he was not injured.

However, he was still sent flying by the strong sword Qi.

The deadliest thing was.

Three minutes later, Long Fei's vision returned to the darkness.

He could only sense the aura of the Dark Spirit Magus King.


Long Fei quickly retreated until he was hidden from Yuan Ling and the others. Then, Long Fei shouted, "All of you, do not move."

At the same time.

Long Fei was extremely arrogant as he said: "Dark Spirit Mage King, come, come, come. Come and kill me, you bastard, come at me if you dare!"

They kept clamoring.

He pulled aggro.

Yan Huang ancestor asked: What are you planning to do?

Long Fei said: I want to kill him!

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Your strength is still too weak, I want to pass on a strand of power to you because it's impossible for your body to withstand it."

"No need!"

Long Fei said: "I want to kill him myself."

The fire was raging.

Just now, that sword almost took his life, causing his hairs to stand on end. Long Fei was exceptionally unhappy, "Arrogant, I want to see just how arrogant you can be!"

The Dark Spirit Mage King roared out, waved its long sword and rushed towards Xiang Longfei.

The gigantic longsword was pointed at Long Fei's face as it sneered disdainfully, "Lowly living beings, tremble under my sword."

"Your father is shaking your head!"

Long Fei's right hand moved, collecting the dragon salyer. After that, he took out a 'seal' from the Space Ring, the 'Yellow Springs Summoning Seal'.



A stream of true qi was poured in, "Summon it!"


The Death Calling God Seal released a ghostly aura, and the aura seeped directly into the ground. In an instant, the sound of ghosts crying came from deep within the earth.

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"Who is calling me?"

With one hand holding the brush, the other holding the Book of Life and Death.

The King of Hell was summoned!

With a savage expression, he stared at Long Fei and asked: "Are you the one who's summoning me?"

Long Fei was stunned.

He never thought that he would be able to summon out the King of Hell.

The heck …

Wasn't the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal too awesome?


Long Fei became excited, and said: "Your Majesty, I was the one who summoned you, and now I order you to kill him."

King Yama was summoned by Long Fei.

Thus …

Long Fei's words were an order.

King Yanluo turned around, stared at the Dark Spirit Magus King and asked coldly, "What kind of strange thing is this?"

The Dark Spirit Magus King was also enraged, and shouted, "I am your ancestor."

Long Fei immediately added fuel to the fire: "Lord Yama, he's scolding you, he's looking down on you. Kill him, kill him … …"

The King of Hell flew into a rage, "You are courting death!"

The judge moved his brush, and King Yanluo's body disappeared, instantly landing on the head of the Dark Spirit Shaman King.

"Power of life and death!"

The paper knife directly shattered the Dark Spirit Mage King's shield, and it couldn't form again.

He moved again.

In the Book of Life and Death, something was written on it. It abruptly tore it down and stuck it on top of the Dark Spirit Magus King's head. It murmured, "Hades wants you dead, he won't let you live till the fifth fragment!"


"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

… ….

The Dark Spirit Magus King's body kept exploding, and the power of the Yama King's damage was simply too great.

Long Fei laughed excitedly: "Continue being so arrogant."

"Humans are lowly? I think you are the lowly one. "

"When you see our Lord King Yanluo, you better not kneel down and sing 'Conquer'."

Long Fei watched as the Dark Spirit Mage King's HP continued to drop, however … The damage was getting weaker and weaker, but it still wasn't enough to kill him.

Long Fei immediately said: "Master King Yan, go and mess with him a little more, a little more will be enough."

"He is not in my Book of Life and Death. I cannot kill him. Boy, I will leave the rest to you."

"My time is up. Ox-Head is calling me home to eat."


The Hades had disappeared.

Long Fei:...

"Isn't this too fast?"

"Lord Hades?"

Long Fei's Underworld Summoning Seal vibrated a few times before he injected the true qi.


"Cooldown isn't over yet."


"Cooldown isn't over yet."

I can't summon it.

"I'll go!"

Long Fei scolded him, "That's too unreliable."

"The monsters haven't killed you yet, can you at least have some potential? Don't you know you're being looked down upon? "

There was no reaction at all.

The Ghost Souls summoned by the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal were random. At the same time, the Ghost Souls summoned by the Summoning Seal had different time limits.

Earlier, it was time for the Hades to disappear.


Long Fei was left alone again.

At this moment.

Niu Dahai shouted loudly, "Boss, what's the situation?"

"Huff …"

"Don't come over." Long Fei looked at the Spirit Demon King who was crawling up from the ground. He took out the dragon salyer and carried it on his shoulder.

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