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Chen Xiang was not surprised by the relationship between mother and daughter. He was only curious why Yao Shumei had asked for a helper.

Chen Xiang guessed that the two men who came in with Mu Jialan were probably the other two thugs that they had just recruited. However, looking at their clothes and temperament, they did not seem like they lacked Spiritual crystal s to do this kind of work.

"These two men are both in the advanced stage of the Immortal Realm. That Heavenly Peach Blossom Goddess only has the strength of the intermediate stage of the Immortal Realm. Who knows, they might not be a match for those two men." Long Xueyi said. She could quickly see the strength of others.

"The Innate Qi in those two men's bodies were very pure. They were not rogue cultivators, but rather from famous sects." Su Meiyao said.

"Mom, this is the person who just accepted the recruitment, right? How strong is he?"

Mu Jialan had a gentle and sweet smile on her face as she sized Chen Xiang up. No matter what kind of person the other party was, as long as they weren't her enemies, she would treat them politely.

"He has already passed the first round of my assessment. He is now in the second round." Yao Shumei's words surprised Mu Jialan slightly, and the two men were even more so surprised. They never thought that the person in front of them, although not much in terms of appearance, would have such strength.

Mu Jialan's eyes lit up as he laughed: "Mother, even the two Ground level guards from the two Immortal Country s were unable to clear your first round. I never thought that he would actually be able to do it.

The light robed man refused to accept this and immediately said, "That's just because we haven't used our true strength yet."

To lose face in front of a woman was something that these two men couldn't accept, even though Mu Jialan was speaking the truth.

The other man in black also quickly said, "If you don't let this brother compete with us, then you will know."

Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. He really wanted to teach these two a lesson, but just when he was about to agree, Yao Shumei said: "We'll talk after I finish this round of examinations.

Yao Shumei was secretly toyed with by Chen Xiang just now, so he was in a bad mood and wanted to take revenge.

"As long as I can meet you three times in the second round, I'll consider it as passing." Mu Jialan's eyes moved about, he looked at the two Immortal Country's guards and spoke softly: "Mother, this is extremely difficult. In these past few days, no one has been able to pass through even the first round, let alone the second round."

In the past few days, Mu Jialan had been annoyed by these two Immortal Country guards, and took this opportunity to attack them. This was because they were unable to pass Yao Shumei's test and had to use their background to follow them.

The two men's faces changed slightly, but they did not say anything, but Chen Xiang could see the ruthless look in their eyes, it was directed at Mu Jialan, Mu Jialan had also noticed it, but she still had a smile on her face, obviously wishing that the two men hated her.

Yao Shumei frowned slightly when he saw that his daughter wanted to make enemies with these two men. "You youngsters, can't you help me relax a little?"

"If it wasn't for my father's sake, I really don't want to come." Before, he had even planned to pursue Mu Jialan, but he didn't expect that Mu Jialan would scold him in such a way, which made him angry in his heart.

"Exactly, don't think that you can strut around as long as you are in charge of Di Tian's position of power in Heaven Realm. You guys are only so-so here, don't think that you're still acting like you're in charge of Di Tian." The other azure-dressed man said coldly.

Yao Shumei was furious, and shouted: "You don't want to follow me, you can go back now, if not for you, I, Yao Shumei, would still be able to accomplish the task. Before this, I did not want you to come, you have not even passed the first round of my examinations.

Chen Xiang watched the show from the side, and the scene allowed him to see the situation that Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan were in in in the Peach Blossom Sky Kingdom. It could be said that it was normal, but one part of the reason was because they had accomplished a great merit in the Emperor Sky Realm, so it gave them some convenience.

However, from the words of the two men, the beautiful mother and daughter pair were merely vases in the Peach Blossom Sky Kingdom. It was also because of this that made Yao Shumei angry.

When Mu Jialan saw Yao Shumei scolding her, he stuck out his tongue and laughed softly, "Mother, don't be angry. These two fellows are useless at all, not only did they come here without proper business, they eat and play merrily all day long, and even brought a group of their bad friends. They always have something to do with me."

Yao Shumei said to Chen Xiang: "I have let you down, we will proceed with the next round of examination. If you can pass, the rewards in the future will definitely be very generous, and the two fellows just now can all be given to you. From what you can see, the strength that you have displayed is much better than those two guys."

"It's enough to have one henchman. Mother is so awesome too. One or two? What's there to be afraid of?" Mu Jialan smiled sweetly.

"Then Madame, please get ready. I am going to make my move." Chen Xiang said.

Mu Jialan retreated to the door, her beautiful eyes flashing. She seemed to be studying seriously.

"Attack me three times. As long as you can touch me with these three moves, including my clothes, even if I can pass, I will only dodge. I won't retaliate, nor will I block." Yao Shumei and Chen Xiang stood at a distance and made a gesture that indicated that Chen Xiang could make his move.

"Watch my palm."

Suddenly, he disappeared. He did not use a spatial teleportation, it was purely his footsteps, he modified it using the Shrinking step, so no one could see him. But in Mu Jialan's eyes, his footsteps were extremely strange, as if he was riding on lightning, flashing back and forth.

When he made his move, Chen Xiang had even reminded Yao Shumei and when Yao Shumei saw this strange yet incomparably quick movement technique, she was greatly shocked. Not giving her time to think, Chen Xiang had already arrived behind her back and smashed his palm towards her.

Yao Shumei's movement technique was also not bad, Chen Xiang had seen it firsthand, but it was all in his hands, and when Yao Shumei dodged, he seemed to know Yao Shumei's thoughts, and immediately appeared at the place where Yao Shumei had landed after dodging, beside Yao Shumei. He had already slapped his palm towards Yao Shumei, just in time to push him to the side of the beautiful woman's proud mountain range.

"Ah!" Yao Shumei cried out. Just now, she felt that her twin peaks, which had not been touched by a man for who knows how many years, had been rubbed by someone just now.

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