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"How could that be possible? I have too many enemies. We don't dare to establish an immortal palace; we would only let our enemies have the opportunity to build one." Su Meiyao said.

"I did have a devil art once, in the Demonic World, it was also known as Devil." Bai Youyou said: "After I gave it to my sister, I didn't know how she would deal with it."

After resting for a day, Chen Xiang followed Chang Jiancai to the big pill shop. He had to see the price of the herbs here, he needed to collect some medicinal herbs to make a copy.

When he was in Sacred Dan Realm, there were not many high level herbs, but there were quite a few lower and Ground level s, which was just that Chen Xiang did not need them at that time.

The Heaven Realm was so vast, Chen Xiang believed that he could purchase even the Immortal Grade's medicine, but the condition was that he had to have sufficient wealth.

The Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace was divided into five areas, east, south, west, and fourth each, and then there was a central area. The central area was surrounded by a very high wall, and was considered a noble area.

The Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace was very big, even if one did not enter the center, there were many places to live. There were not only streets and houses, there were also mountains and rivers, only that there were no immortal beast s within the mountains and rivers.

Aside from the walls, this place was also very safe.

"Elder Brother Shen, this is a fairly good pill shop outside of the Realm of Flame Heaven." Chang Jiancai followed Chen Xiang's instructions and brought him to a medicine shop. From here, he could see the huge walls that surrounded the central area.

The central region was also known as the Heavenly Domain, it was a region of people who lived and dressed well, and they were all very expensive. The central region was also known as the Heavenly Region, it was a region of people, and the food and clothing were all very expensive, and

The Sky Realm only had a thousand feet high wall, and it wasn't as tall as the ones that surrounded the entire sky palace.

Chen Xiang and Chang Jiancai were able to reach here through the Transmission array, there were many teleportation points in the Immortal palace, and because the teleportation area was inside the Immortal palace, it was not expensive, so many people could teleport there.

Of course, Chen Xiang wanted to enter the Heaven Realm to see. Moreover, he had already heard from Chang Jiancai that there was such a Heaven Realm in almost every immortal palace, and the immortal aura there was the densest and most abundant.

"Elder Brother Shen... In order to enter the Heavenly Region, ten thousand Spiritual crystal would need to buy a pass, and that would only be enough for a month's time.

Chang Jiancai immediately reminded Chen Xiang when he saw that Chen Xiang was staring at the big door of the wall and wanted to look inside. Although Chen Xiang was very generous and teleported people were all out with him, Chang Jiancai did not think that he had enough Spiritual crystal to buy the permit.

Chen Xiang replied with an "Oh". He did not say that he would enter from the main gate, as even an Immortal King would not be able to enter in a place like Evil Dragon Graveyard. However, he was able to enter, so he felt that entering the Heavenly Realm was not too difficult.

Ten thousand Spiritual crystal was not easy to earn, one Hunyuan Dan was only able to push a thousand Spiritual crystal to their deaths, and he would not casually sell Longevity fruit and Nature fruit, he did not want Longevity fruit's immortal fruits that could extend his life to fall into the hands of his enemies.

"The Relive Dan and Hunyuan Dan that were sold at such an expensive price are all here as cabbages. It seems that the Heaven Realm has a lot of resources now." Chen Xiang muttered to himself, and then followed Chang Jiancai into the pill shop that was relatively well decorated.

"Of course, in the Heaven Realm, there are many big powers that have had breakthroughs in the Time Formation, especially those that are used to grow medicinal herbs, so those medicinal herbs that take a very long time to mature can all be produced in a short period of time. However, that kind of large formation can only be established by big powers, and only those big powers can maintain it, and they can also make profits from it." The one speaking was an old man in the pill shop. From his appearance, he should be here to buy pills.

Previously, Chen Xiang had heard from him that some large powers were indeed researching on great formations that could speed up the growth of medicinal herbs. But now, after such a long period of time, they had already made a breakthrough in this area.

However, this is only limited to a portion of the medicinal ingredients. There are some medicinal ingredients that should not be increased in speed, and if those high tier medicinal ingredients are grown by this method, they will also end up growing in a bad state. The old man continued.

"Lucky kid, your luck is pretty good these days. You can always find a business to do it." The old man patted Chang Jiancai's head and laughed.

Chen Xiang could already tell that this old man should be the shopkeeper.

"However, this guest of mine is not lucky. He flew up and did not appear at the welcoming immortal palace." Chang Jiancai said.

The old man smiled at Chen Xiang, and said: "It doesn't matter if he doesn't appear in the welcoming immortal hall, powerful people can shine anywhere, do you need any medicinal pills?"

Chen Xiang was going to ask, but he didn't have any Spiritual crystal now, so the herbs that he needed was not something that the Spiritual crystal could afford.

"Do you have the Sacred animal Dan's medicinal ingredients?"

Chen Xiang still asked, because the Sacred animal Dan was given to him to eat, and the medicine inside was a type of medicine that could be grown, the lowest rank was the lower one of the Heaven level, and the highest was the Holy level, which was why it was called the Sacred animal Dan, but the Holy level's Sacred animal Dan had never appeared before.

"Yes, but a Sacred animal fruit with only one heart." The old man said.

Sacred animal fruit s were transparent, and in the center, they would grow a small fruit core. Growing one would mean that they could refine pills, and Sacred animal Dan that could refine lower quality Heaven level s would be able to refine middle quality Heaven level s such as this.

"How much?" Chen Xiang was definitely going to take it. Even if he didn't refine a pill, if he gave it to Long Xueyi to eat, it would temporarily help her satisfy her craving.

The people around him immediately turned to look at him. Most of the people here were people that knew Chang Jiancai very well, and they knew that the people Chang Jiancai had brought were mostly poor people, yet they dared to ask about the price of the Sacred animal fruit, even though they knew it wholeheartedly.

"Two million Spiritual crystal. This is a pretty generous offer. If it's in the Heavenly Region, I would need at least another two hundred thousand Spiritual crystal to win it."

Chen Xiang was so shocked by the price that his face changed drastically. He anxiously asked Su Meiyao: "sister Meiyao, is this old fellow disrespecting me? Is it that expensive?"

"In the past, a million Spiritual crystal could be taken down, but now … Because of the appearance of those large arrays, the price of medicinal herbs will rise, especially for those medicinal herbs that can be promoted, it should be around this price. If you can use this to grow the Triple Core, then take out the fruit and plant it, then you can get three. " Su Meiyao said.

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