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Yuan Ba should be wearing the holy artifact.

This made him seem even more amazing.


Long Fei's mission of taming him had not been completed, which made Long Fei a little confused. Logically speaking, Zhou Tianxiao was already dead, and he had also saved Yuan Ba.

The mission should have been completed.

But no!

What exactly was wrong? Long Fei couldn't understand, but... looby brother Yuan Ba, he was definitely going to do it!


He had even thought of a name.

As long as he completed the mission, Long Fei would give Yuan Ba a complete name!

Long Fei looked at Niu Dahai and said, "Release me first!"

Niu Dahai shook his head with all his might and said, "No, I won't let go until you promise to give me a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure."

"F * ck!"

"A Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure can make you do this? "You're too unambitious." Long Fei said, he wanted to destroy at least a Heavenly Ranked Spirit Treasure, as for a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure?

He really did not reveal anything. It was completely inconsistent with his identity.

Niu Dahai placed a piece of leather paste onto Long Fei's thigh, and said: "I just don't have spirit, I just want a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure, if you don't agree, I won't get up."

"Agree, agree. Can't I agree?" Long Fei really had no choice, he had never seen such a shameless person.

Niu Dahai hooked his pinky again, and said: "Pull the hook!"

Long Fei:...

Niu Dahai said while standing there alone, "Hook hanging, not to be changed for a hundred years, whoever changes will be the puppy."

Then, he quickly stamped his seal.

Finally, he crawled up while grinning and said, "Boss, you don't know, but I've always wanted a Profound Ranked Magic Weapon in my dreams."

It was as if a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure was the supreme holy artifact.

Long Fei very disdainfully kicked him away, and said: "Scram, I don't want to talk to someone as unambitious as you. I have to dream about obtaining a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure. You're too much."

Yuan Ling slightly said: "To you, maybe Profound Ranked Spirit Treasures are trash, but to us, they are existences comparable to holy artifact s."

Niu Dahai also said, "I want to snatch away a Yellow Ranked Magic Weapon, not to mention a Profound Ranked Magic Weapon. Obtaining a Profound Ranked Magic Weapon in the Xuanjian sect is extremely difficult, my dream is to have a Profound Ranked Magic Weapon in my lifetime, then break it down, understand its structure, and create a set of Profound Ranked Magic Weapon myself to bring glory to the Artifact Forging Hall. It was too difficult. "Sigh …"

Niu Dahai revealed a bitter smile, looked at Yuan Ling and said: "junior sister apprentice Yuan Ling also wants to find a lightning attributed sword from the Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm, if not why would he follow a scum like Zhou Tianxiao here."

This time, Long Fei was stunned.

Looking at the two of them, Long Fei never would have thought that the incomparably powerful sect would actually be so pitiful, without even a Profound Ranked Weapon.

Think about yourself.

A large number of holy artifact were just swallowed by the Yan Huang ancestor.


He still had several holy artifact s on him.

dragon salyer, Yellow Springs Summoning Seal, Thunder Dragon Rod, the Xuan Ming sword sheath that just burst out.

Compared to them.

Long Fei was simply an existence that was above the ninth heaven.

"Of course."

Who could be as abnormal as Long Fei?

Once it went berserk, the holy artifact would explode forth with a "shua shua" sound.

Long Fei muttered: "Seems like the sect is different from what I imagined. I thought that everyone had a holy artifact and that they were all powerful."

Niu Dahai laughed bitterly: "The Xuanjian sect has tens of thousands of people, how can they have so many spirit treasures? If you want to obtain the Magic Weapon, you must do a mission, live to the death with your exceptional talent, if you get selected by any elder, you will be able to shine, if not, many people will never get a Magic Weapon in their lives."

Yuan Ling said: "The sect does have holy artifact, but they are all in the hands of the elders and the sect master. As long as you are strong enough and have great talent, you can obtain anything you want in the sect. If you do not have these two, then you can only rely on yourself."

If not for the fact that he wanted to obtain a lightning sword, it was simply impossible for Yuan Ling to follow him here for an adventure.

Any warrior's pursuit of Magic Weapon is limitless.

And then again.

This world was the same everywhere. The strong were respected.

If you want more, there is only one way to become stronger!

Long Fei was more and more clear of this point, and said slightly: "Let's not talk about this, let's go to the third floor."


Niu Dahai was stunned, and said: "Boss, are we still going down? There are no maps on the third floor, and there must be even stronger demon beasts.

Yuan Ling also looked at Long Fei.

Her eyes were also showing signs of leaving.

However, Long Fei smiled and said, "Great Ocean Ox, don't you want the Profound Rank Magic Weapon?"


Niu Dahai instantly changed his expression and immediately said: "Boss, let's go."

Compared to death, he was more afraid of poverty.

Niu Dahai pulled Yuan Ba and walked out, touching the dark gold chain armor on Yuan Ba's body, saliva almost flowing out, "Wow, what a good thing, Brother Yuan Ba, will you let me wear it once? Once, just once. Hey, hey, hey, don't run so fast, I'm not going to wear it, okay? Let me touch it a little more. "

In the darkness.

Long Fei looked at Yuan Ling, and said slightly: "I'll get the lightning attributed sword that you want as well."

"Don't worry!"

"As long as I'm here, I'll get you anything you want in this world, including the moon in the sky."

She spoke very affectionately.

This was something that Long Fei had been mulling over for a long time.

How gentle.

Even he himself admired himself for being able to say such disgusting words.


Yuan Ling's gaze turned cold as he walked out with large strides.

The system sounded out.


"intimacy + 5"

"Yay!" Long Fei's heart boiled with excitement, "There's still five more, just five more and I'll be able to do whatever I want with her, hehe …"

"Waves after waves."

"I'm just five o'clock away from twenty years of virginity. Oh yeah."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei smirked in his heart.

A few minutes later.

Long Fei and the rest of the four stood at the entrance to the third floor.

Long Fei also hid his smug expression and said solemnly: "I will go in first. You guys wait here for my news."


Long Fei went into the third floor.

"Woo woo …"

Wu wu wu …

The intersecting corridors on the third floor looked like a maze, and it seemed like a human figure was standing not too far away from Long Fei.

Long Fei carefully walked closer. Sister-in-law {1} -/- + Health - Strongest Upgrade System

"Why is it a statue?"

At this moment.

"Kacha, hualala …"

The statues had been resurrected, and the whole corridor was filled with a large number of statues that were in a state of revival. They were densely packed, like terracotta soldiers …

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