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Although many of the beasts in the Realm of Flame Heaven were powerful, they were far behind humans in some aspects, such as formations and pills. However, when powerful beasts grasped such things, they would become much more powerful.

Chen Xiang had only refined five Heaven Decimating Pills, and the many days of pills and beast cores that he had picked up had not been refined. The main reason was that he did not want to drag this out for too long in order to avoid those Holy armoured lion unlocking the Drunk god magical poison.

Lv Qilian's spirit liquid merged with Chen Xiang's creation divine liquid, increasing the speed at which he copied the Drunk god flower. Within a few days, there were more than a thousand of them, and Chen Xiang had to admit that Lv Qilian's copying speed was much faster than his.

"And now?" Lv Qinlian passed the batch of Drunk god flower to Chen Xiang, and she stopped copying the Drunk god flower.

"I will refine it to become a Drunk god powder. It can strengthen my poison ability." Chen Xiang said: "Give me some spirit liquid, I don't have any more on me."

If it was someone else, Lv Qilian would definitely not agree to it. But Chen Xiang was different, she did not have any objections and focused on condensing her spirit liquid.

Chen Xiang took out the pill furnace and placed the Drunk god flower inside. If he burned the Drunk god flower directly, it would produce a fragrance, which was a Drunk god scent. Although its poison was strong, it was far from being as strong as the Drunk god powder that was refined into powder.

Lv Qilian watched by the side as he refined the Drunk god powder. She would definitely be able to duplicate a lot of the fruit given to her by Chen Xiang before he gave her one, so she would definitely not tell anyone about this matter.

"Where did you get this Drunk god flower?" Lv Qilian was extremely curious. Her mother, the Grandma Lv, had been looking for her for a long time, but she couldn't find her mother. At this time, she had already condensed a bottle of spirit liquid.

"Inside the Chaotic Mountain." Chen Xiang said: "That place is very mysterious. Although I have entered before, but I am still unable to see through it.

Lv Qilian nodded, she had heard of the legends of the Chaotic Mountain. The Chaos fire that Chen Xiang had grasped was closely related to the Chaotic Mountain, and there were even more related terrifying legends.

They had already prepared here for ten days. Chen Xiang refined a large amount of Drunk god powder and gave a large portion to Lv Qilian.

"These are ten Poison Cleansing Pills, all refined with my blood. They can be used to remove Drunk god magical poison s. Don't use those Drunk god powder s unless you have no other choice." Chen Xiang said: "When dealing with Wild Lion Princess, I will use poison. You just have to guard against it carefully."

Lv Qilian lightly patted Little Lizhi's shoulders and nodded, indicating that she should listen to Chen Xiang's arrangements. In truth, even if Lv Qilian didn't remind her, she would still listen to him, because in the past few days, she had experienced Chen Xiang's capabilities. If not for Chen Xiang, they probably wouldn't know what they could do to avenge their dead sisters.

The current loss was one of the most tragic losses that Hundreds of Flowers Palace had suffered in many years, so these few days, Little Lizhi was feeling a little sad and she spoke very little. Even if Chen Xiang was teasing her, she did not pay attention to him.

After preparing everything, Chen Xiang and the two girls left the mountain. Chen Xiang took the two girls back to the Raging Lion's nest according to his memories.

They took close to a month's time to finally arrive at the side of the ravine. Now, Chen Xiang was instructing Long Xueyi to go and investigate, as his cultivation in the divine way was relatively high, so it was difficult to find him.

It had already been two months since their last fight, and Chen Xiang was still a little unsure. He was worried that those berserk lions would be saved, if that was the case, he would have to start with a new plan.

That Wild Lion Emperor knows how to use his powerful strength to force the poison out of their bodies. However, the poison is somewhat deeper, so no matter how strong Wild Lion Emperor is, it would still take a few years to completely remove the poison from their bodies.

Long Xueyi quickly scouted out everything. "Don't worry, those Beastmen Ferocious Lions are all lying inside the cave, while the other Ferocious Lions who haven't been poisoned yet are not very strong. Don't worry, only the Wild Lion Emperor and the Wild Lion Princess pose the greatest threat."

When Chen Xiang told them what he had found out, both Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi were secretly happy. This was because on the journey back, Chen Xiang had told them that if those berserk lions had dissolved the Drunk god magical poison, they might have to come up with a new plan.

But now it was useless. They could go according to their original plan, but that did not mean they would succeed. The risks were great, and they were already mentally prepared.

"Remember, survival is most important." Chen Xiang said: "Let's go to the canyon now."

Little Lizhi's expression was calm, although the enemy she faced was very strong, she still maintained her calm, and even planned to fight to the death.

"Little Lizhi, remember our battle plan." Chen Xiang asked: "At that time, don't be so stubborn."

"Got it." Little Lizhi nodded. On the road here, Chen Xiang and her discussed a fighting plan aimed at the Wild Lion Princess.

As for Lv Qilian, she had to face the Wild Lion Emperor alone. Both Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi were worried for her.

"He's coming." Chen Xiang said in a heavy voice.

They did not restrain their auras, as they wanted to attract Wild Lion Emperor and himself over.

Ever since the Ferocious Lion nest was ambushed by Chen Xiang, Wild Lion Emperor and Wild Lion Princess were extremely sensitive to any movement in their surroundings.

And this time, they felt a very familiar aura. It belonged to Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi.

"There are three of them. I didn't expect them to dare to come back." Wild Lion Emperor roared, and all the birds and beasts were startled, and started fleeing in all directions.

"Kill my son! I will tear you apart!"

The Wild Lion Emperor's angry roar sounded out like thunder, shocking Chen Xiang and the others. This kind of might made them feel powerless, and made them want to retreat. Although the other party was an unranked Holy Beast, he was still a Holy Beast, and his strength was not something they could compare to.

Following the roar, a huge lion claw suddenly pressed down.

"Leave it to me." Lv Qilian shouted as she raised her jade palms high up into the air. Her jade body was surrounded by white clouds as light flew around her.


The gigantic lion claw swatted down, but it did not press down, and was rebounded by the power of Lv Qilian's palms.

Lv Qilian's throat felt sweetness. Although she could block that palm, her body had been shaken by a very strong power and she had almost vomited blood.

Chen Xiang had already left with Little Lizhi, leaving far behind the battlefield where Lv Qilian and the Wild Lion Emperor were. Just as they had predicted, the Wild Lion Princess immediately chased after them.

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