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"Do you know where Chen Xiang is now?" The White Tiger asked.

Jiang Sheng took out a long stone board and injected some energy into it. The stone board suddenly floated up.

"This is the location of a Hell Devil Envoy. They are currently heading in this direction." Jiang Sheng then took out a map of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, and compared it with the others: "This direction is towards the Life Forest."

When the White Tiger heard Life Forest, its expression suddenly changed.

"Master, what's wrong? Are you afraid of something else?" When Qi Shi saw the White Tiger's expression, he knew that it was worrying about something.

"The Vermillion Bird should be in there." The White Tiger said, "If she was reborn, only the Life God Fire in the Life Forest would be able to help her recover to her peak strength. When she was born in the Nine Heaven World, it was all because of the Life God Fire."

Qi Shi and the sword blade were very clear about the conflict between the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird, they knew that the Vermillion Bird was very dilapidated. If the Vermillion Bird resurrected inside and possessed the power of the past, the White Tiger would very likely be in trouble.

"Could it be that that brat knew that the Vermillion Bird was inside, so he purposely went there?" Jiang Sheng said.

The White Tiger shook its head and sighed, "If this kid really went to find the Vermillion Bird for protection, then he was completely wrong. With the White Tiger Divine Weapon on him, if the Vermillion Bird saw him, it would definitely eat the consequences."

The Vermillion Bird hated the White Tiger to no end, and the White Tiger himself was well aware of this.

"Master, I heard that this Life Forest is very scary, is it true?" Back then, when he had travelled a bit through the heavenly regions with Jiang Sheng, he had also heard a bit about this Life Forest.

It's true, there is a dark area there, it is said that no one knows what is inside, I have never been there, maybe the Vermillion Bird has been there before, a long time ago, I have been outside the Life Forest, I only went to a forest of fire, it was hard to advance further, because there is a layer of darkness in front of me, it is hard to penetrate. The White Tiger recalled the past and said with a solemn face, "If Chen Xiang has nowhere else to go, maybe he will barge in. With his abilities, it won't be difficult for him to get in, but it won't be easy for him to get out."

"Then let's hurry up. It's best if we find him quickly." Jiang Sheng said.

… ….

Chen Xiang, who was heading towards the Life Forest, felt a bit of excitement in his heart. He really wanted to explore the Life Forest, especially the dark area that even the Vermillion Bird was unwilling to talk about.

What he did not know was that at this time, there were many people who did not want him to enter the Life Forest, let alone the dark area that caused people to talk about changes in their expressions.

Chen Xiang used his spatial energy and quickly arrived at the Life Forest. This Life Forest was located at the bottom of the ocean, it was very vast, occupying a large area, and what was miraculous was that the area covered by the Life Forest was completely blocked by a natural barrier that blocked the seawater from seeping into the forest. Furthermore, the natural barrier could even project sunlight from the water into the forest.

When he dived into the sea, Chen Xiang could only see the luxuriant trees outside, but some of the trees inside were all blocked by the mystical power released by the natural barrier.

"The area outside is not small. It's very vast." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"This is Hou Clan's territory. I met the young master of the Hou Clan in the forest outside last time." Dongfang Xinyue said.

Chen Xiang entered the natural barrier and arrived inside a forest. Taking a deep breath of the fragrant forest, he couldn't help but exclaim.

He raised his head and did not see the natural barrier. What he saw was the blue sky shining down from the water surface. While he was admiring the beautiful scenery, he suddenly saw a mass of black gas rushing over from the sky.

"Is he on the surface of the water or did he really appear in the forest?" Chen Xiang immediately released his divine power to sense, but he did not sense any sort of evil Qi.

"No, it directly appeared here. This aura has been dealt with, and it came from the Infernal Realm." Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed: "It's Hell Devil Troop!"

"What?" Chen Xiang looked at the mass of black Qi that had suddenly become very large, and immediately activated his spatial energy, preparing to leave. However, he discovered that the surrounding space was actually sealed up.

"The Hell Devil Troop is made up of ten Hell Demons, leading a million Hell Demons, Demon Soldiers and Demon Generals. All kinds of demons have come, and this can be said to be an army that the Hell Devil Emperor has meticulously cultivated. Long Xueyi had already appeared by Chen Xiang's side, and his expression was extremely heavy. "Hell Devil Emperor wants to stop you from entering the Life Forest, so he has paid a very painful price when he dispatched this army.

The sky above Life Forest was covered by a large amount of black qi. What was terrifying was that the black qi suddenly turned red, just like blood, it gave off a truly bewitching and evil light, enveloping a large part of the forest.

"You can't run anymore?" Chen Xiang looked at the trees around him, all of them were blood red, the space enveloped by the blood light had already been sealed.

Back then, he did not have this scale when dealing with the ten days of the Great Yan Jing. You must know, he was only using this army to delay you, and let the people from the Thunder Emperor behind catch up to you, and then take you down. " Long Xueyi said with a cold expression, "There's only one big battle now.

Red light shrouded the area and the sky was covered with dense blood clouds. The rolling blood clouds suddenly moved away, and a large group of dense black creatures covered the sky like countless locusts. However, these things that were flying over were all Demon Soldiers and Demon Generals from hell.

"Hmph, ha, hmph, ha."

The millions of demon soldiers released waves that shook the sky and earth, causing the water surface to ripple. Their evil auras spread to almost every corner of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm and filled with the desire to kill, causing the entire Sacred Water Heavenly Realm to look like a battlefield.

The rhythmic cheers rang out unceasingly, filling the heaven and earth and causing everyone to feel fear and trepidation.

"This …" Qi Shi and the rest suddenly stopped.

When Qi Shi recalled his memories back then, many scenes of him fighting and killing Hell Devil Troop appeared in front of his eyes. Back then, he was defeated by this Hell Devil Troop, but of course, those times were mainly because of his Iron Lion Army being cursed.

"It's the Hell Devil Troop, the Ten Kings, the Hundred Generals, and the million strong army of hell that's being commanded." This kind of scene, was something Qi Shi would never forget for the rest of his life.

Jiang Sheng let out a long sigh: "Hell Devil Emperor has already learned to be obedient. He knows that if he doesn't kill Chen Xiang now, there will be endless troubles in the future."

… ….

When the people of Thunder Emperor heard the shouts, they stopped, and the Hell Devil Envoy who was following them started laughing loudly.

"It's the Hell Devil Troop. The Great Emperor's Hell Devil Troop is invincible in this world, invincible and invincible." The Hell Devil Envoy said proudly.

Of course they knew that this was the Hell Devil Troop. Back in the days, this army was the one who killed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's business, so they felt that there was nothing to be proud about, because now the Hell Devil Emperor was actually using this army to deal with a single person.

At that time, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord took control of the Nine Heaven World, he had numerous experts under his command, and he also had a few Emperor Level friends. He was worthy enough to be attacked by Hell Devil Troop, but now, Chen Xiang alone received such treatment.

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