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Chen Xiang produced three drops of blood, and said: "Is that really going to work? Don't waste my blood."

Long Xueyi used his divine power to control the three drops of blood to fly towards three different directions, and said: "You just need to continue running, this way you'll be able to divert at least one or two of the wild dogs. These wild dogs have bad brains, even if they can tell that the three drops of blood is not the correct target, they will still go chase."

Sure enough, Chen Xiang had already used his Heaven Tour to look behind him. He saw two dogs bringing two groups of people towards another direction, and it was Long Xueyi who had used his blood to lure them away.

"Looks like the remaining dog is a good dog." Long Xueyi said: "It shouldn't be that hard anymore right now; there's only a small group of people chasing after you."

Even so, Chen Xiang did not dare to face it alone. After all, those people who were chasing him were immortals who grew up here, and he had not confirmed their strength yet.

"If there is a Immortal Monarch, you only need to take care of that dog." Bai Youyou said.

The people who came to track Chen Xiang should have been sent by the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. Chen Xiang didn't have any enmity with them, and they were only doing things impartially.

Chen Xiang intentionally slowed down his speed so that the people behind him could catch up quickly so that he could kill the sky dog. That way, he could escape from the pursuers of the group of people.

After slowing down, he could quickly sense the auras of those people.

"There's actually a Heavenly Monarch, looks like that Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace is quite strong, to be able to send one of his Immortal Monarch s to finish you off." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was now only at the Immortal Realm, and was only at the early stages. He felt that it would be difficult for him to break through in the future, but now that he had just entered this realm, he would not think about breaking through anymore for the time being.

At most, he would only be able to deal with late-stage Immortals. If he were to face Immortal Monarch, he might have to engage in a bitter battle unless the opponent was a demon or he used poison or a sneak attack to win.

"I can't fight against this Immortal Monarch, but I can still kill that dog right in front of his eyes." Chen Xiang continued to slow down, and when the people chasing after him saw his back, they immediately became vigilant, because they sensed that the people in front had deliberately allowed them to catch up.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and started to condense his divine power, then locked onto the snow-white Tengu.

"Let's use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell Soul Dispersing Curse. Using this technique to attack this kind of beast does not require much strength, it will be very effective." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang originally only planned to attack directly with his spirit, but after hearing Bai Youyou's words, he immediately used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. In the past, due to the limitations of his own strength, he was unable to use many of the techniques within the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, and this Soul Dispersing Curse was one of them.

He chanted an incantation, and after condensing the power of the incantation, he immediately turned around and roared towards the back. He chanted an incantation, and after condensing the power of the incantation, he immediately turned around and roared backwards.

Seeing these black incantations, those people immediately defended themselves, because they did not know what it was, worried that this was some powerful evil technique, but that Tengu was not so lucky. After the wind formed from the mantra blew past, that Tengu had become a stupid dog, although it was fine, its soul had already dispersed, and although it did not have a body, it was already crippled.

"What a powerful mental attack, just who is this person. He has already caused us to lose a Tengu. We must get this debt back from him." A relatively young man said with a head full of sweat. Just now, he only felt that he was as lacking as this Tengu, by a small margin, to become an idiot.

"If I'm not mistaken, this should be the legendary Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. We must immediately inform Asgard Mistress about this matter." He was the strength of Immortal Monarch, and was more knowledgeable than these youngsters.

"Let's hurry up and leave. This person had held back earlier. If he wanted to deal with us, you guys would have been in trouble already." The old man kept the Tengu into Storage magic treasure s that could store demonic beasts, and then quickly left with the other young men.

Chen Xiang, who was running away, had left a strand of divine soul to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"If they see that I am using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, it shouldn't be a problem." Chen Xiang asked Bai Youyou. Although he had used devil arts many times, but most of the people knew that he had this kind of powerful devil arts, and very few could survive.

"No, they don't know who you are." Bai Youyou didn't mind at all, "However, this will still cause some waves. The attraction of the strange techniques in the Demon World is even more attractive than many of the Immortal World's divine arts."

Chen Xiang also felt that the Devouring magic kungfu, for example, was extremely useful, but he seldom used it now, and had only chosen to use it as an opportunity. He would not blindly use this devil art to swallow other people to raise his strength, if he used too much of it, it would more or less leave behind some hidden dangers.

If he were to fall into the hands of someone who had ill intentions, he would definitely be especially useful. In the end, he would only end up being killed.

"I have to quickly find that Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm. The Beast Slain Method is inside, and that Dan Emperor is also marked with an item there. I wonder if the Dan Emperor is hiding something there." This was what Chen Xiang was more concerned about right now. He needed to gather all the Heaven Earth Killing Method as soon as possible.

"If that's the case, you first have to go to a place with more immortal palaces or a super large immortal palace in order to find out where that place is." Su Meiyao said.

"Then how do we get there?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

If you want to undergo teleportation, you have to enter the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace's Heavenly Realm. Only inside there can be large scale Transmission array s, don't even think about walking on your own, even if it's a fellow like White Tiger, it would be hard to reach in a short period of time. Su Meiyao's words made it difficult for him.

He could not enter the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace now, he had just killed another person's Tengu and those people already knew that he understood Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

"Don't worry, I can help you deal with this, but I'm still a little bit away from breaking through. As long as I can break through, I can let those Tengu not smell even the slightest hint of you." Long Xueyi said with complete confidence.

"It's true." Chen Xiang obviously knew what Long Xueyi was planning.

"Of course, give me about twenty more Sacred animal fruit before I break through." Long Xueyi counted with his fingers inside the ring.

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