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The Devil-suppressing mirror was also a powerful treasure refined by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. When Chen Xiang held it in his hand, the mirror quickly absorbed the Devil-suppressing holy power that he had condensed!

Before, when he used the Devil-suppressing qi, this Devil-suppressing mirror was already very powerful, but now that he used it, its power was even more terrifying.

The dense Devil-suppressing holy power fiercely rushed into the Devil-suppressing mirror, while the Five Sons of Wolf King had already hacked out countless of blood colored Qi blades that carried Evil Qi.

Chen Xiang groaned, the Devil-suppressing holy power released a layer of golden light which enveloped his body, and when the blood red energy blades hit his body, they were completely useless.

This caused the Five Sons of Wolf King to be extremely shocked. No one had ever been hit by a terrifying Blood Wolf like them, not even a single hair was missing. Even some powerful old fellows didn't dare to stand there and face it head-on.

The Five Sons of Wolf King did not believe what they were seeing, as they all hacked out streaks after streaks of blood red energy blades. In an instant, the blood colored energy blades that filled the sky rushed towards Chen Xiang like a storm, enveloping him within, making people feel like they were in a blood colored purgatory.

A golden multicolored light suddenly flashed from Chen Xiang's body, and those blades of air were instantly extinguished by the divine Devil-suppressing holy power, disappearing completely.

The Devil-suppressing mirror in his hands shone with a golden light. The Five Sons of Wolf King felt that the aura was extremely scorching, and when the golden light shone onto their bodies, they felt as if their bodies were being scorched. It was extremely painful.

Just this Devil-suppressing mirror already had such a great killing power. If he used that Holy Devil-suppressing seal, wouldn't that be able to suppress the Five Sons of Wolf King to death?

That Holy Devil-suppressing seal was his trump card against demons, he did not want others to know about it yet. Moreover, against this Five Sons of Wolf King, he did not need that precious treasure.

"Hehe, didn't you just say you were very powerful?" Chen Xiang took his Devil-suppressing mirror and walked towards Five Sons of Wolf King, the mirror in his hand shone with a golden light, it looked like a divine being capable of defeating demons.

"What exactly is this thing?" Ah... "Hurry up and leave!"

"You want to leave?" Chen Xiang laughed coldly, he activated the Devil-suppressing mirror and shot out a ray of golden light, which turned into a golden rope and tied up the entire Five Sons of Wolf King.

Then, he used the Devil-suppressing qi array to create a few fist formations and sealed all the energy in Five Sons of Wolf King's body.

"Bastard …" You actually used such a powerful demonic cultivation technique to deal with us! " All of Five Sons of Wolf King were lying on the ground, suppressed by a golden colored Qi Formation.

Let alone the Devil-suppressing holy power, even the Devil-suppressing qi array that was released from the Devil-suppressing qi had a very strong killing power towards these demons.

Chen Xiang laughed loudly, "Don't you know that I have long learnt the tenth floor of the Devil Subduing Method? If I were to use it on you guys, I wonder what would happen? "

He was originally only talking about it, but now he really did it. He punched 'Big Bro' on the shoulder.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa … …" Ten explosions rang out. Five Sons of Wolf King's big brother's arm turned into golden dust along with the explosion.

"Hehe, I thought you guys were very powerful. "It's only so-so!" Chen Xiang mocked, seeing his sinister face, Five Sons of Wolf King trembled.

Chen Xiang took out many utensils, then began to bleed the Five Sons of Wolf King.

"I originally wanted to find some powerful demonic beast's blood here to refine pills, but I was unable to find it after a long time. However, you guys have delivered it to my doorstep. My luck is quite good!" The blood of the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan should be pretty good. " Chen Xiang said while smiling.

"My king will not let you off!"

"That is a matter of the future. I have stirred up a lot of enemies, and your wolf-headed old man is not lacking either." Chen Xiang drained a wolf demon's blood.

After that, he continued to draw the other four cores. After he finished drawing, he even took out the cores of these Evil Demon s, which were equivalent to a human's dantian. The energy inside them was the purest.

"You … We, the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan will definitely not let you go, you have destroyed us! " Five Sons of Wolf King's voice was filled with hatred. Their demon cores had been taken away, so in order to recover their strength, they had to start from the start.

"Hey hey, don't forget that you provoked me first. It was just that you underestimated my strength, so you ended up like this. If I fell into your hands, I might end up in a worse state than you guys, right?" Chen Xiang said with a smile, then walked towards the little girl who was not far away.

Previously, she had personally witnessed just how powerful this Five Sons of Wolf King was and how many experts of her Qin Family were suppressed by him. Then, he had kidnapped her and used her as a hostage to threaten the Qin Family.

"Little girl, what's your name?" Chen Xiang released the little girl.

"Qin Keluo!" She was extremely afraid of Chen Xiang. It was not like she had never heard of Chen Xiang's evil reputation before, being able to kill the heaven's son alone, the fierce guy who killed the heaven's woman, and the one who was least afraid of these ancient powers.

"I'll send you back. Next time, you have to be more careful. Don't run around!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"En, thank you big brother!" Now that she was saved, she was obviously very happy. Although the person who saved her was the legendary Great Demon King, when she saw Chen Xiang himself, she felt that he was not really like the rumors saying he was, she felt that Chen Xiang was a good person.

"Don't be afraid, I'm a good person!" Chen Xiang smiled very gently. No matter how he looked at it, he didn't seem like a good person. Moreover, people who called themselves a good person were usually not good people.

He pulled the cute and innocent little girl away from this place that was filled with blood.

Five Sons of Wolf King was not dead yet, their bodies were very strong, and they had some power to recover themselves. After a while, they would be able to stand up and walk back, but they had no power.

Walking out of the forest, Chen Xiang encountered the people from the Qin Clan, as well as the Heavenly Son and Heavenly Maiden of the Qin Clan.

Chen Xiang let go of Qin Keluo's small hand and let her return to his side. However, he was surrounded by the people from the Qin family.

"I remember that my Qin family did not have any issues. If you all want to treat me like how Feng Clan and herself treat me, I will definitely let you all go to the end! " Chen Xiang was very calm at the moment. Although there were a few elders surrounding him, he was not afraid at all.

"He was the one who saved me from the Five Sons of Wolf King." Qin Keluo hurriedly said, "Don't capture him. He's a good person!"

"I ask Young Master Shen to come with us. You have saved our Miss Qirou, we should repay you well." A slightly plump middle-aged man said so, but his attitude was not so friendly.

Chen Xiang saved Qin Qirou, and this was what Qin Qirou had said himself. The Qin family was very worried. The patriarch of the Qin family had already arrived, and there were still a few old men who had not died yet. Currently, there were still many people from the Qin family searching the forest.

"Forget it, this is just a small matter. That Five Sons of Wolf King provoked me first, I will cripple them and then casually save that little girl. There is no need to repay me." Chen Xiang waved his hand and was about to leave.

However, the Qin family did not move aside and continued to surround him.

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