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Ferocious Devil City was indeed a gathering place for Ferocious Devil. In a short period of time, a group of powerful Ferocious Devil s rushed over from all directions.

The restaurant had activated a formation for defense, and it would take them a while to activate the Transmission array.

Just then, Yun Xiaodao came out, holding a cold blade in his hand, he rushed towards a red ball of light.

"This Ferocious Devil is very strong, I wonder if this Little Yun can handle him." Long Xueyi said: "It's about time you make your move."

Yun Xiaodao's current strength was not ordinary either. Facing a strong Ferocious Devil, he was not afraid in the slightest and directly charged forward.

Clang! Two powerful weapons clashed together, and a crisp sound accompanied by a mighty shockwave spread outwards. The buildings and floor tiles below were all lifted up by the shockwave and swept in all directions.

Yun Xiaodao was pushed back, the blade in his hand also had a hole, with blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth, at the same time, Zhu Rong also flew out.

The Ferocious Devil's sinister face was full of viciousness, this Ferocious Devil was twice as tall as Yun Xiaodao, and the blood red blade in his hand was at least two people long, covered with a red Evil Qi, and from its aura, Yun Xiaodao was weaker than the head of the Ferocious Devil.

High up in the sky, Yun Xiaodao was floating in the sky above the Ferocious Devil. The two of them were dealing with each other like dwarves, and the opponent's strength was also far above his.

When the Head of the Ferocious Devil saw that the person blocking him was a young lad, he became furious and shouted, "Brat, you think you can compete with me?

Seeing that Yun Xiaodao was about to be chopped into pieces, Zhu Rong yelled from afar, "Little Yun …"

In that critical moment, when Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong felt despair, Chen Xiang flew out from the tall building.

The gigantic blood blade fell, and when it cut down, that wave of energy had even caused the ground to crack, and even caused an extremely violent gust of wind to blow towards. Just as the blade was about to cut Yun Xiaodao's head open, a shadow suddenly flashed over.

Ding. This time, the sound was much clearer. Moreover, it was much smaller than before and did not emit any sound waves.

There were many Ferocious Devil who were shouting on the ground, but they suddenly quietened down. The person who had suddenly appeared was too shocking to them.

Dang dang dang, there was another sound. The part of the huge blade that was cut by the dagger fell onto the ground and collided with a piece of rock. The huge and powerful thing was broken by a broken dagger just like that.

"All of you, quickly go back to that hotel and bring the person away. Leave this place to me." Chen Xiang whispered to Zhu Rong and Xiao Dao, but at the same time, his dagger suddenly released a burst of extremely evil demon Qi, flying straight into the sky.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong found it hard to imagine, that their savior was actually a powerful Devil Cultivator. They knew that they were no match for the Ferocious Devil leader, and now, there were over a thousand mortals trying to save them.

The dagger that Chen Xiang had used had been taken out from the Treasure Chest by him. It was an important weapon that had once belonged to the Demon Emperor.

The Ferocious Devil felt the overflowing demonic energy coming from the dagger and almost kneeled down to worship, but the group of young Ferocious Devil below, could not handle the powerful demonic energy coming from the dagger, and all fell to the ground. Although it was just a little bit of the Demon Emperor's might, it was so terrifying that even Chen Xiang couldn't help but admire those fellows that could be called emperors in the ancient times, but he felt that he had done well, and killed a Ice Emperor.

"You …" This gigantic Ferocious Devil was indeed worthy of being called the head of the Ferocious Devil. Even though he felt fear, he still let out a wild roar, raised up the half red giant in his hand and fiercely slashed at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang dodged in a flash and arrived beside the Ferocious Devil Head. Using the dagger to slash at his neck, a powerful force burst out from the dagger, bringing with it a strong demonic Qi, as though it could cut through everything in the world, it was extremely powerful.

"Bastard." After the Ferocious Devil felt the extreme danger, he immediately turned his head, but he was still a little too slow. His head was sliced off, and some stuff flowed out, but the head of the Ferocious Devil did not die.

"Who are you? If you go against me, that is the same as offending the Fire Lotus Demon King." The head of Ferocious Devil said angrily, but the response he got was actually the fatal strike that Chen Xiang had dealt him.

Chen Xiang held the dagger and used all his might to point it at the head of the Ferocious Devil. Then, he fiercely rushed forward and punched this head of the Ferocious Devil.

"Of course I know. I killed you to offend her." Chen Xiang flew over again and activated Devil-suppressing holy power, secretly using the power of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, he used the Heaven Blasting Palm to attack the head of the Ferocious Devil, slaying him completely.

After killing the head of the Ferocious Devil, the group of little Ferocious Devil s immediately became terrified, but Yun Xiaodao and the others had already teleported away. Chen Xiang followed the chant that Bai Youyou had passed down to him, releasing a black flame, which condensed into numerous black fireballs, smashing down and burning the Ferocious Devil s.

The black flames quickly spread to the entire Ferocious Devil City. The other Devil Cultivator s knew that there was a big battle within the city and had long slipped away. Although the Devil Cultivator were warlike, they were not stupid and would not provoke such a strong enemy.

After burning down Ferocious Devil City, Chen Xiang quickly left and returned to Chen Martial Continent.

Right now, a few people were floating above Ferocious Devil City, who were being burned by the black flames. One of them was an old lady, Wang Qiongjin, the Blazing Lotus Demon King.

"I haven't talked about this kind of flame for a long time. Black Demon Flame, there are only a few in the Heavenly Demon Sector who know how to use this kind of flame, and there's actually someone who knows how to use it here." Wang Qiongjin lost this batch of Ferocious Devil s, causing her to feel so much hatred that her blood dripped. She knew that it was Dragon Subduing School who did it, but she couldn't go look for him now.

Although she had the power of a Demon King, she could not make a move. Even if the Fire Divine Palace attacked Dragon Subduing School, it would be a waste of her effort, because the Dragon Subduing School had hidden herself too deeply, she did not know how many powerful fellows were inside. Last time when she went to Dragon Subduing School to look for trouble, she found a Alchemist who had decided to refine pills.

… ….

The center of Evil Dragon Graveyard, Dragon Subduing School.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were currently wolfing down the sumptuous dishes on the table. Since they were able to complete such a difficult mission, they naturally had to reward themselves well.

There were only the two of them here, and everyone else had their own missions. The majority of them were going to deal with the fiendish demons, so this was a type of experiential learning for them.

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