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Only after the ancient factions had all entered the Space Gate did everyone begin to fly up into the sky. The Space Gate was getting smaller and smaller as well. If they didn't hurry up, then it would close.

In order to not miss the opportunity, everyone increased their speed and entered the spatial gate. Not long after, there was no one above Sacred Sacrificed Alter.

After entering the spatial gate, everyone landed on a very dilapidated Sacred Sacrificed Alter. This Sacred Sacrificed Alter was the same as the previous one, only the one here was very shabby, covered with weeds and covered with vines.

Everyone looked up at the sky. It was no different from Di Tian's, surrounded by mountains. However, what they were looking at was not spiritual energy, but Immortal qi!

Even though it was very thin immortal energy, it caused many old fellows from ancient powers to be extremely excited. They thought that it would take a very long time before they could absorb this familiar immortal energy!

"It's actually immortal qi. Could it be that because of the abundance of resources in this space, it evolved into a higher grade space?" A person said excitedly.

"It's immortal qi, but this place is relatively sparse. I think this place is similar to the Heaven Realm, there should be places with dense immortal qi, maybe all of these are Spiritual crystal!"

Chen Xiang's expression was solemn, because he felt that this place was extremely familiar. Many people noticed his expression, and he suddenly looked towards the big shots of the ancient powers.

"What's wrong? Dragon Subduing School of the Dragon Subduing School! " An old man said, "We aren't lying to you, right? What kind of expression is that?"

Chen Xiang shouted. "You bunch of bastards, this is the Sacred Dan Realm, you have the resources, but you have to be able to snatch away the Alchemist here!"

When they had just arrived here, Chen Xiang, Long Xueyi, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were all very surprised. It was because the immortal energy here gave them a very familiar feeling, and also gave them a certain degree of gravity.

"This... Impossible, how could this be a Sacred Dan Realm? " An old man immediately retorted, "This world was created by our ancestors to store the resources on top of Di Tian, who is about to be destroyed!"

Chen Xiang originally thought that he would be very strong when he returned to the Sacred Dan Realm, but he never thought that he would actually come here in such a manner!

That's why the Sacred Dan Realm is the heaven of the Alchemist. I came here once before, I can't be wrong! Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "If you don't believe me, go out and ask a few people!"

Chen Xiang had actually come to the Sacred Dan Realm, how did he do it? Many people now believed Chen Xiang's words!

"There's no need to look for him. Someone's coming. A lot of them. They're very strong!" The White Tiger suddenly said, "These people are here in full fury. I think it's best for us to run!"

Many of them were relieved to see the Great Clan Elder, Dragon Subduing School, but now that the White Tiger had said such words, everyone's faces immediately changed!

"Elder Sister Meng'er... If you are separated, you will find a place called Zi Lan Mountain Valley. The Valley Master's name is Yan Zilan and is very famous in Sacred Dan Realm. This Sacred Dan Realm is not simple, in the past I caused a lot of trouble here, and caused a lot of trouble! "But those guys probably thought I was dead, but now …" Back then he had passed his skills to Yan Zilan, the Zilan Immortal Fairy, telling her to walk less of the detour in the divine way, so Yan Zilan would definitely help them.

"Little Scoundrel, you have to take care of yourself! Since you have already grown to such a stage, I am very happy for you, but I am also very worried for you! " Liu Meng'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. She had long anticipated that Chen Xiang would do something, but she had not expected it to be like this.

An extremely terrifying aura came from all directions, followed by a dense crowd of people. The strength of these people were uncertain, and it was obvious that they had been guarding this place for a period of time. Otherwise, they wouldn't have arrived so quickly!

This Sacred Sacrificed Alter was surrounded by tens of thousands of people, when Chen Xiang first came to the Sacred Dan Realm, he did not have a complete understanding of the Sacred Dan Realm. Even the strong warriors at that time did not know everything about the Sacred Dan Realm, but the people who surrounded the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, were mostly strong, and now everyone understood why the White Tiger said that he wanted to run!

"We came from Di Tian … Everyone, we have no enmity with you! " An elder from an ancient faction hurriedly said.

"As long as it's someone from here, we'll kill them!" An old man from the Sacred Dan Realm shouted.

Chen Xiang hurriedly sent a sound transmission to Huang Jintian: "Master, if you don't understand the Sacred Dan Realm, after you scatter, go find an old man called Du Hai, he is a person from the Du Family, it should be very easy for you to find his residence!"

At this time, the people of Sacred Dan Realm had already rushed over!

"It's Chen Xiang!" An old man suddenly shouted.

"As expected of this guy, he has been wanted by the Sacred Dan Realm for many years, I never thought that he would appear now, he has seven Chaos Fire Token, quickly catch him!"

"There's also a bottle of Holy Water of Qianyang!"

"Capture him and we can obtain five trillion Spar s and a hundred thousand kilograms of immortal jades!"

The people from the Sacred Sacrificed Alter were all shocked, they never thought that Chen Xiang could actually stir up such a big commotion in the Sacred Dan Realm.

"You bunch of bastards, all of you were played by the Chaotic Mountain." Chen Xiang picked up the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and slashed at the group of people rushing over, causing a wave of Dragon Power to surge out like a tidal wave, it struck towards the group of people and instantly swept them off the ground!

"It's the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!"

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, "If you want to capture this father, all of you are too inexperienced!" As he said that, he rushed into the crowd and ruthlessly slashed a few times. Using the extremely powerful Dragon Power and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he set off waves of energy that swept away those who did not have much strength.

"Chaos Fire Token is the Chaotic Mountain's most precious treasure. Since you stole seven of them, now is the time for the items to return to their rightful owner." An old man suddenly appeared behind him, emitting an extremely terrifying aura. It caused all the ancient powers' giants to be shocked.

"Old guys from the Chaotic Mountain, the Chaos Fire Token is not yours. You were only worried about being killed by the Chaos Fire Token, so you didn't allow anyone to obtain the Chaos Fire Token!"

Chen Xiang immediately took out two Chaos Fire Token s and released a silver flame to protect his body. The old man from Chaotic Mountain originally wanted to give him a slap, but after seeing the silver flame, he immediately retracted his hand, his face filled with fear.

Right at this time, Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, and ran towards a distant mountain.

"Disciples of the Chaotic Mountain, listen to my orders. Disregarding everything else, I will pursue and kill Chen Xiang with all my might!" The old man shouted angrily, and tens of thousands of people immediately flew towards Chen Xiang, their shouts earth-shaking, extremely shocking.

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