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Chen Xiang never thought that no one would snatch the profoundbing away from him after he yelled out the price. To be able to obtain it at this price was far beyond his expectations.

"Is there really a treasure inside this profoundbing gourd?" Lv Qinlian, White Tiger and Li Baojun immediately asked him via sound transmission when they saw him walk onto the stage.

Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou who were still in the ring also asked.

"My Chaos Divine Eye cannot completely see what is inside, it only has a shadow inside, so it might not be a treasure but something else," Chen Xiang replied as he took out a Storage bag and handed it over to the auctioneer.

The old man responsible for breaking the profoundbing walked over, held out the purple flame on his finger and extended his hand towards the profoundbing.

At this time, many people stood up to watch. Although the profoundbing did not look like much, it was after all a piece of profoundbing. Moreover, it was rather strange with two different colors changing between each other.

At that moment, Chen Xiang's eyes became extremely sharp. Like lightning, he reached out his hand and grabbed towards the pile of shattered pieces, and many sharp-eyed people already saw that there was a light blue stone within the pile of ice crystal fragments. Although it was only the size of a walnut, it gave off a very unique feeling, as if it was a huge mountain.

Chen Xiang grabbed the light blue stone in his hand and shouted fiercely, because that stone was very heavy. If he did not react, he would not have been able to grab it.

"It's the Void Heavenly Stone! It's actually so big!" An elder in the private room exclaimed.

It was said that a Nihility God Stone the size of a grain of sand was equivalent to the weight of a mountain and was extremely sturdy. If a Nihility God Stone was added in during the refining process, it was very likely to become a high quality immortal equipment.

"It really is the Void Heavenly Stone. Seeing how much effort it took to lift it, it was definitely correct."

"I heard the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's blade was made from this sort of thing."

"A Heavenly Stone the size of a grain of sand can be sold for an astronomical price in the Heaven Realm, let alone such a large one."

The big shots in the room were all sighing and jealous of Chen Xiang. They saw how easily Chen Xiang kept the Void Heavenly Stone into the Storage magic treasure and knew that Chen Xiang had an extremely powerful Storage magic treasure. This kind of person was definitely not someone to be trifled with.

Ling Feng, who was in the Purple Moon Imperial Land, was currently green in the face. She had been in the Heaven Realm for a long time, so she naturally knew how precious a Heavenly Crystal was, and that was something that couldn't be evaluated. Especially for those large powers, having such a Heavenly Stone meant that they could refine a high quality saint artifact.

Chen Xiang was very excited to receive the Void Heavenly Stone, but he calmly walked back to his seat, as if nothing had happened, and calmly sat there. Even if someone beside him wanted to get close to him, he would not care.

Many people were extremely jealous of him, because he only used a hundred billion Spar to buy such a huge piece of Void Heavenly Stone. What kind of dog shit luck was this, many people extremely regretted not bidding just now.

The upper echelons of the Gold Sun Sacred Realm were finally much more balanced in their hearts. Although the Heavenly Void Stone was not more valuable than the Philosophic stone, they were still inexplicably happy when they saw the expressions on the group of Purple Moon Imperial Land s.

"Everyone has seen, our Purple Moon Imperial Land's profoundbing did not fake anything, everything depends on luck and luck. This old mister just now used 101 billion Spar s to obtain such a large sky stone," the host forced a smile, he had known earlier that the price would be even higher, but he did not.

The second piece of profoundbing made a divine stone like the Void Heavenly Stone, making the Purple Moon Imperial Land not want to continue auctioning it. He wanted to break all the remaining profoundbing, but he would definitely be despised by many people.

The third piece of profoundbing was brought up, this piece of profoundbing looked much better than the previous bottle gourd profoundbing, it also had a shape, it looked like a tiger lying on the ground, only it was grayish-black, but its surface was extremely bright, and there was a cold Qi on the surface, it looked somewhat Evil, and its size was also very big.

There are no treasures inside the profoundbing, you can't just look at its outer appearance, just a bottle gourd profoundbing is an example, "The host saw that everyone was hesitating, and continued to speak:" If you want to obtain the treasure, you must first fight for it, like that old mister just now, you are not stingy with the treasures, and buy that unremarkable bottle gourd profoundbing, and in the end, you will get an incalculable Heavenly Stone. "

"The starting price is one hundred and fifty billion, and each bid increase must not be lower than one hundred million Spar. Starting now …"

Then, Chen Xiang immediately called out a bid: "Fifteen hundred and twenty-two billion."

When everyone saw that it was this lucky star calling out a price, they immediately started bidding, because Chen Xiang gave off a very calm and collected feeling, looking at him, he looked like an expert. Everyone did not understand anything about these profoundbing, so when they saw Chen Xiang bid, they also followed along.

Lv Qinlian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang's bidding was very fierce and fierce. Every time he bid, it would bring in billions of treasures and it would also attract many strong people from the private rooms.

"No treasures, I was just toying with them," Chen Xiang replied with a smile.

After being together with Li Baojun for a long time, they knew Chen Xiang's tricks, so they could tell that Chen Xiang was purposely misleading others. Moreover, Chen Xiang had said before that if the second profoundbing with a treasure appeared, he would absolutely not buy it himself.

The more Feng Quan looked at it, the more he felt that there was a treasure inside the Black Tiger profoundbing. Feng Quan was currently in charge of the Feng Clan that had been tormented by Chen Xiang many times, and the number of Spar was also limited. However, he also wanted to try his luck.

This piece of profoundbing had already exceeded the price of the first piece, and many people had already stopped bidding.

After the hammer landed, Feng Quan walked up the stage to hand over the Spar. However, he regretted his actions now, and regretted his impulsiveness, but the Void Heavenly Stone from before was too enticing, which was why he took the risk to bid for the Black Tiger profoundbing.

"Leader, you tricked me, but this also made Purple Moon Imperial Land make a lot of money," Li Baojun laughed.

"It's nothing. It's not like I'm making my Spar anyway, and it can also make the relationship between Purple Moon Imperial Land and myself worse," Chen Xiang didn't care at all.

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