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Only now did Chen Xiang understand the difference between refining a real Heaven level Pill and refining a super pill. When refining this Heaven level Pill, the tyrannical power was much more difficult to deal with than when he was refining the super pills.

These super pills had all been squeezed together by many different ingredients. If one refined them like this with a thousand of them, they could reach the effects of the Heaven level Pill, but it would take a lot of time to refine them. Furthermore, the actual effects would definitely not be as good as the Heaven level Pill, so one could say that the refinement process was not that big, as long as one could afford to waste time.

But right now, what was truly required was a large amount of energy and experience to refine a Heaven level Pill. For example, Chen Xiang currently had no experience, so dealing with the endless changes during the process was extremely difficult.

The cyclone in the furnace was as large as any other low-grade pills, but it contained countless times more energy than those low-grade pills. If they were to be pressed together and solidified, the explosion of energy would be extremely powerful.

Chen Xiang had already released a large amount of divine power to "surround" the ball of air whirl, but the medicinal powder and Medicine aura made from spirit medicine were still mixed with a large amount of spirit energy, these spirits were born with strong resistance power, and after fusing together, they became even more tenacious.

At this moment, Chen Xiang felt as if his divine soul was standing on the shore of a ocean, being hit by wave after wave of extremely strong waves, as if he was about to disperse. This was the unprecedented sense of danger he was facing in Alchemist, and in the worst-case scenario, his divine soul might be heavily injured.

"In my furnace, you have to listen to me, I control everything." Chen Xiang's face sunk, the Divine Sense Sea suddenly flickered with sets of golden lightning bolts, like the rolling divine power in the ocean, they turned into golden dragons and jumped out from the Divine Sense Sea, striking the ball of air and splitting it into two parts.

"Let me handle it." Chen Xiang released the Dragon Transformation skill's God Power and injected it into the Yanlong furnace. The two cyclones were surrounded by a few small dragons, and the Dragon Transformation skill was slowly shrinking, squeezing the two violent air cyclones into two pellets. Clang clang clang clang clang clang.

During the process of being squeezed, the quality of the air whirl kept on increasing, and the power that exploded out was also terrifying. If the Yanlong furnace had become transparent, that kind of light would definitely be able to blind normal people.

As the furnace gradually stabilized, Chen Xiang's tensed mind also relaxed. After a moment, he took a deep breath, although he was very tired, but his face was filled with joy, because he had succeeded.

"My God purification succeeded." The reason for Chen Xiang's happiness was this, the God purification was a divine concocting method he had created based on the Heavenly Alchemy. If he could succeed now, he would no longer need to use such a complicated method like the Foreseeing Alchemy, which was hard to grasp.

He opened the Yanlong furnace and two pellets that were emitting a resplendent golden light floated into Chen Xiang's jade box. Although he had wasted a lot of Hunyuan fruit before, when he took out the pellets, he still maintained his style and gave out as many pellets as possible.

"This little scoundrel... and he actually succeeded. He didn't even need a hundred layers of Foreseeing Alchemy, and was only able to refine two Hunyuan Dan, with such high quality … " Su Meiyao looked at the jade box that Chen Xiang had given her.

Chen Xiang's breakthrough this time had completely overturned her previous understanding of the dao of alchemy and made her unable to accept it. However, she had to admit that Chen Xiang had already walked down a path of his own and did not need her to guide him in the field of alchemy anymore. Furthermore, she could not offer any pointers, at most she could give him some advice and hints based on her own experience.

Chen Xiang took out a few medicinal pellets and ate them. He closed his eyes and rested as he lightly said, "I really want to have a good sleep, but I can't do it now. I still have a lot of things."

"Little Scoundrel, you're amazing. You don't need to use that damned Foreseeing Alchemy to concoct a High Rank pill, you must have really learned from me back then." Su Meiyao muttered, the hardships she went through in refining the pill back then, she could not bear to look back.

"sister Meiyao, I will definitely teach you in the future. This God purification is still incomplete, I believe it will be easier to master in the future." Chen Xiang laughed, "I said it before, I must use the shortest amount of time to help you recover your strength."

"Do you really want us to leave you like this?" Su Meiyao snorted: "Did you think that without us, it would be more convenient for you to pick the flowers and provoke the grass?"

Chen Xiang looked wronged, "No way …"

Long Xueyi laughed. "Allowing sister Meiyao to recover his strength is because he can take her, right little scoundrel."

"Little pervert, I really want to take you in right now." Chen Xiang said snappily: "The things that your dragon race has in mind are all so filthy as expected."

"Keep an eye on that old woman. When I recover, I'll have to carefully plan out how to deal with her in secret."

Long Xueyi said in a tender voice, "I understand … The old granny gathered this group of people here for a meeting, but from their conversation, it seems like they do not intend to attack the Chen Martial Continent at the very beginning. "

Chen Xiang was a little surprised, and asked: "Oh, then what do they want to do?"

Long Xueyi said: "They plan to go to the various big shots of Chen Martial Continent and have a talk with them, because they have already confirmed that there is a dragon vein there, and they want to get a part of the Chen Martial Continent's power to be given to them, and also, let them, these Demon and Devil Realms s, as well as some other powerful forces of the Human Realm, to build their own mountain gate above the Chen Martial Continent, and own their own territory."

"Bullshit, only an idiot would agree with that group of bastards, they had no good intentions from the beginning. Entering the Chen Martial Continent and giving them a portion of Dragon Bloodline, isn't that equivalent to letting them become stronger? Even pigs wouldn't do something like feeding tigers and causing trouble." Chen Xiang said angrily: "If Chen Martial Continent does not agree, they can continue to attack, right?"

"They are planning to do this. If they truly come to an agreement, they will be able to own their own land in the Chen Martial Continent, wait until they become strong, then they will annex the original powerful forces in the Chen Martial Continent, and with the Fire Divine Palace as the main force, they will dominate the entire New Imperial Heaven World, occupy all resources, and take in all other forces." Long Xueyi said, "At that time, they will use the reason of seizing the dragon fountain as a peace to persuade Di Tian and the others to put pressure on the Chen Martial Continent."

Chen Xiang recovered and asked: "When do these people plan to move?"

"I don't know yet, but they will first go to the original Pill City in Continent of the King. With their great efforts, the situation there has gradually gotten better. That place is more lively now, and it is being controlled by the Fire Divine Palace." Long Xueyi said: "They have another reason to go to Pill City, because that place is close to Dragon Subduing City, and they seem to be planning to make a move on him."

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