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Everyone understood that Chen Xiang's appearance here was to stir up trouble. They did not want such a huge battle to break out in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, so they settled the matter here.

Right now, it was progressing differently from what Chen Xiang had expected, but his objective had already been achieved. These Sky Region were no longer able to join forces with the great powers of the Nine Heaven World to attack the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

The White Tiger did not expect it to do this, and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Do you need my help?"

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to reply, he was pushed away by a wave of air, causing a golden light to shine out, making everyone unable to open their eyes, when they heard the terrifying dragon roar, they knew that the Dragon Emperor had turned into its original form, and that the entire world was trembling.

With Jiang Sheng here, maybe Ten Heavens Supreme Lord Qi Shi was also there. The other Sky Region Strong of Lord Stage s would definitely not get involved in this mess, Dragon Emperor only wanted to quickly leave this place. If Jiang Sheng, Qi Shi, and the White Tiger attacked him together, his vitality would be greatly damaged.

After a flash of golden light, Dragon Emperor's huge dragon body just appeared and suddenly disappeared. He brought the group of Sky Dragons back to Heavenly Dragon Realm through space.

"This bastard actually ran away." Jiang Sheng held the small divine hammer in one hand and the small divine cauldron in the other.

The other great emperors of the Sky Region wanted to leave, but were stopped by Qi Shi.

Although Qi Shi did not reveal his identity, these four Sky Region Emperors already knew that he was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Where is the Evil Emperor?" Qi Shi glared at the new Evil Emperor.

"He's in the Heavenly Evil Realm, but he's been missing for thirty thousand years." Although the resurrected Qi Shi was a lot weaker, he still did not have the courage to fight this Emperor who had once dominated the Nine Heavens Dictum.

"You can leave now. In the future, you'd better be more honest. Don't think that you'll never die." Qi Shi coldly snorted.

The space around Chen Xiang suddenly fluctuated, Jiang Sheng anxiously shouted: "Brat, what are you doing, why are you using such a powerful spatial force?"

Jiang Sheng didn't even dare to go close. He knew that Chen Xiang had a good grasp of spatial energy, but he never imagined that it would reach such a level. Even when Qi Shi was at his peak, he still didn't have such a terrifying control.

"You two go ahead and reminisce about old times. I want to make a trip to Heavenly Dragon Realm." A vast expanse of space appeared in the air. It was extremely terrifying, causing one to feel as though the space they were in would be torn to shreds under the pressure of the spatial energy.

"What are you going there for? You're not a match for that guy right now." Jiang Sheng anxiously shouted: "Quickly stop."

"I went there to look for someone." Chen Xiang's body gradually disappeared. He had already entered the spatial tunnel that he had opened, which was a passageway to the Heavenly Dragon Realm. He had sensed it based on the spatial ripples left behind by the Dragon Emperor.

After fusing with the spatial Rule spiritual bead, he was extremely sensitive to space. The stronger he was, the more familiar he would be with the laws of space and thus be able to break through some of the laws of space.

"That's the end." The White Tiger spoke a little gloomily as it watched Chen Xiang disappear.

"If it doesn't end like this, could it be that you want to fight to the death and get rid of those fellows from the Realm of the Heavens? In the end, you still took advantage of the Hell Devil Emperor." Lv Zhen had been silently watching this scene the entire time. To be able to settle this matter peacefully and not let Hell Devil Emperor's plan succeed, this was the best victory.

The White Tiger sighed: "Then I better continue to hide, I don't want to be killed by Hell Devil Emperor the second time."

When the White Tiger left, Qi Shi followed.

Bai Yaowei quietly disappeared into the crowd, while Lv Zhen gave her a glance, as if sending her a sound transmission in secret. After that, he asked that Xu Teng to bring him back to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

Jiang Sheng looked at the Divine Hammer and Divine Cauldron in his hands. He had originally wanted to return them to Chen Xiang, but who knew that Chen Xiang had left in such a hurry, so he could only keep them for now.

Although the fierce battle that broke out in the Strong of Lord Stage did not happen, those who experienced it today vaguely felt that the great war of the Primordial Era would happen again very soon.

… ….

Inside the Heavenly Dragon Realm, the only difference was that the Holy Spirit Qi was extremely dense, and all the beasts here had a bit of the bloodline of a dragon. Outside the wilderness, there were a lot of Holy Beasts, and Chen Xiang could feel a few auras.

"Little Rascal, we really have come to the Heavenly Dragon Realm." Huang Jintian sat on the ground with his bald head, "I heard that the wilderness in this place is even scarier than the Sacred Grounds."

The moment Chen Xiang teleported, she caught him in mid air and stored him in the Serene Jade Ring. Only after arriving at the Heavenly Dragon Realm did she release him.

"Of course, I'm here to find someone. Before, I didn't really worry about them, but now they have no news at all." Chen Xiang's face turned serious.

Huang Jintian asked: "Who are you looking for? You have friends here, why don't I know?"

"A White Dragon, and a Draconian with White Dragon Vein." Chen Xiang's face was full of worry: "That Draconian is You Lan, and as for that White Dragon, it's very likely that she's that ancient Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord. She's always been with me, giving me a lot of help."

"I heard that white dragon is female, so that white dragon that was with you is also female." When Huang Jintian thought about Leng Youlan's strange white hair, he immediately realized that Leng Youlan had changed a lot due to his White Dragon Vein.

Chen Xiang nodded her head, "When I returned from the Sacred Domain with you, she left me and said that she wanted to take revenge. In the past, she went to Imperial Dragon Race, but now that Imperial Dragon Race has been tricked by the Heavenly Dragon, it seems very calm on the side of Heavenly Dragon Race, so I want to see if she is here."

"She said that she would find Youlan together with her. Right now, there is no news at all from those two stupid girls. I am very worried about them."

Huang Jintian immediately pinched his fingers and activated Heaven extended method. His eyes kept blinking, and his entire body was trembling.

They were currently in an ancient forest with towering trees, and there were no dangers in their surroundings. Chen Xiang climbed up the tree, while being vigilant of his surroundings, waiting for Huang Jintian to figure out the result.

After an hour, Huang Jintian was drenched in sweat and regained his normal look. Chen Xiang anxiously jumped down from the big tree.

"You Lan is still alive, but I can't figure out where she is right now. As for the white dragon you mentioned …" This is very difficult to calculate, without any clues. It is as if she doesn't exist, but is not a sign of death. " Huang Jintian furrowed his brows, looked at Chen Xiang, and started to count with his fingers.

"Strange, let me calculate for you. Your situation is exactly the same as that white dragon's. What exactly is going on? Before, I gave you a fortune-telling, but there has never been such a situation." Huang Jintian's face was full of suspicion.

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