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After Chen Xiang left the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, he had already obtained the Alive Slain Method, but he did not have the time to try and condense those creation divine liquid yet.

The distribution of power in Di Tian had changed a lot. Chen Xiang understood that many of the stronger powers in Di Tian had no choice but to bow their heads to the stronger powers in the Nine Heavens.

However, the Super Martial School did not. When Chen Xiang heard the news, he was shocked, the Super Martial School was considered stronger, even with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming leading, it would still be difficult to deal with the powerful Immortal-becoming realm Rankers, but they managed to hold on, causing Chen Xiang to suspect that there was an even stronger person supporting the Super Martial School.

"The Dragon Subduing City has been destroyed. I can only walk to the Evil Dragon Graveyard now." Chen Xiang heard that not only was the Dragon Subduing City destroyed, but during the great battle, it also affected the nearby Pill City and even turned that place into a wasteland.

This Di Tian was very big, and the area that Chen Xiang was currently in was also the Demon Realm. If he wanted to go to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, he could only teleport to the city closest to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and then head there by himself.

He was teleported to the Continent of the King. This place was the closest to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and with the help of the power of the spatial laws, he could reach the Evil Dragon Graveyard even faster.

"I wonder what's going on with dad, is the mysterious tomb still sealed?"

There was a very powerful barrier and a super dragon vein there. Chen Xiang had spent a lot of effort to get in, but his father and his clansmen were all stationed there, and they had grasped many things, so if they were to rely on that super dragon vein, they should also become strong. However, they were unable to come out because their character was to protect the mysterious tomb.

Di Tian was still as mysterious as ever. The Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's Emperor's Tomb was right here, but even now, he still did not know the exact location.

On the way to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, Chen Xiang met a large group of people. This group of people were all not weak, so when they rushed to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, Chen Xiang could not help but suspect that they were going to attack the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

However, when he got closer, he realized that this group of people were all from the Dragon Subduing School s. It was just that they were disguised as from other sects, and did not look like them at all.

"Only the elite disciples would understand why these ten thousand elite disciples are out there. They are Xiao Dao's troops." Chen Xiang did not immediately go over, but chose to stay at a distance to follow him.

Very quickly, he found Yun Xiaodao in the crowd, which made him extremely happy. Yun Xiaodao had become very strong, he was in the middle stage of the Immortal King Stage.

"Xiao Dao, it's me." Chen Xiang said as he sent a sound transmission to Yun Xiaodao, "What are you doing? Shouldn't all of you be in the Evil Dragon Graveyard right now?"

When Yun Xiaodao heard the sound transmission that suddenly came in his ears, he was wild with joy, but on the surface, he maintained a calm expression. He only ordered the vice leader to continue leading the way, while he sprinted towards the forest not far away.

"Elder Brother Shen, it's really you." Seeing Chen Xiang's familiar smiling face, Yun Xiaodao immediately rushed forward to embrace her.

"Where are Old Zhu and the others? Are they alright?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"None of them died." Yun Xiaodao grinned: "Our lives are very tough, it's just that everyone will get hurt occasionally, that's all."

Originally, Yun Xiaodao had felt very heavy on the road, because they were about to face a strong wave of power. But now that Chen Xiang had returned, he felt that even if the sky collapsed, he did not need to worry.

"Aren't you all inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"It was originally, but we came out for other important matters, mainly to secretly destroy some large powers' garrisons, and to make a big mess of their condensed power. This way, we can delay their main attack, but for some reason, we don't know why now, a group of powerful Night Devil s are causing a ruckus in the vicinity of the Evil Dragon Graveyard." Yun Xiaodao said.

"If they were to launch an all-out attack, would they be able to break through Evil Dragon Graveyard? How is Evil Dragon Graveyard's defense now?" Chen Xiang asked.

Yun Xiaodao sighed: "If they were to launch an all-out attack, no matter how powerful the Evil Dragon Graveyard is, there would be a certain amount of damage. In the past few decades, we have been attacked many times, and every three times, they would be the ones to break through the outer defenses of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, and attack our Dragon Subduing School. This time, they have won over many powers and the Great Night Devil's humanoid Night Devil, so I am not allowed to gather all of the elites that are outside."

Chen Xiang did not expect the Evil Dragon Graveyard to not only fail but had also had its defenses broken and almost destroyed. He frowned and asked, "How much power do they have gathered this time?"

Yun Xiaodao said with a grave expression on his face, "Yanyao and Lan Lan heard from the outside that Imperial Dragon Race, Fire Divine Palace, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Xie Family, Heaven Sword City, Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, Myriad Dan Immortal Country, more than a dozen saints and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s are the core strength. Then, they even called over several hundred of the immortal palaces and more than a dozen great Immortal Country s.

"Elder Brother Shen, luckily you came back, if not I'm afraid we would have to leave this time." Yun Xiaodao said.

"Thank you for your hard work." Chen Xiang patted Yun Xiaodao's shoulders. He was feeling a lot of pressure now, "I'm not going back first, I never expected them to gather so much energy, I need to get some help too."

"Yes." Yun Xiaodao nodded, he had heard that there were two very strong elders in the Dragon Subduing School, one was the Great Clan Elder, and the other was the rarely seen female very high Elder.

"Are Duan Ming and the rest in the Dragon Subduing School now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, it's all thanks to him that the Dragon Subduing School was able to resolve the crisis."

Chen Xiang took out tens of millions of kilograms of Holy stone and a large number of immortal pellets, and gave them to Yun Xiaodao: "Bring all of these back, and then let the two of you discuss how to distribute them. The total attack that they are planning to prepare ought to be for a period of time yet, we still have some time."

"All these years, although the Long family has not helped us, they have secretly given us many high level weapons and armor. They would be used on our elite disciples to make them stronger." Yun Xiaodao tore off his clothes so that Chen Xiang could see the soft armor on him.

It was refined from the Holy armoured lion's Holy Armor. At first, Lv Qilian gave Xue Xianxian a lot of it and used it to refine these armor.

When Chen Xiang thought about this, he took out the Holy armoured lion's scales and bones and handed them over to Yun Xiaodao: "You must think of a way to deliver this to the Long family and hand it over to Xianxian."

Not only were there the skeletons and scales of some Holy Beasts, there were also the materials that he had ordered Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er to buy were all high grade items.

After parting with Yun Xiaodao, Chen Xiang changed his direction and returned to the City of the King, preparing to head towards the original Chen Martial Continent. He was going to find the White Tiger.

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