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The dishes that Long Xueyi had ordered amounted to almost forty million kilograms of Holy stone, and all of these were for eating. Just by eating a meal, he had used up a lot of food.

This alarmed the owner of the inn, who hurried over to the private room where Long Xueyi and Long Xueyi were.

Furthermore, she was very strong, so the owner of the inn could not be worried about serving them food. Furthermore, if he were to eat an overbearing meal in the Heavenly Sea City, the consequences would be severe, and the owner of this Golden Jade Restaurant was not someone to be trifled with.

"You two, these are the dishes you ordered."

The owner was a slightly fat middle-aged man, he looked very simple and honest, but when he entered, he released waves of God Power to check out Chen Xiang's and his strength, which left a very bad impression on others, and he thought that Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi would not notice it.

"This is our wine as a gift, these fish are all Golden jade fish, this kind of fish is made from Golden jade fish, it requires 10,000 years to evolve, the meat's fresh and beautiful, moreover it contains an extremely rich amount of holy energy, please enjoy your meal." The boss had a smile on his face as he introduced the various Golden jade fish s on the table.

Long Xueyi looked at the plates of delicious Golden jade fish and could not wait any longer. It was just that she did not want this nagging boss to see how she ate.

"I remember that only the top of the Golden jade fish could sell Golden jade fish. Many years ago, I had once eaten it. Chen Xiang said.

However, he quickly recovered and smiled: "That's right, but that old sir, in order to pursue greater benefits, he used poison to raise the fishes, which caused a lot of people to be poisoned. Right now, all the Golden Jade Fish are from the hands of his two disciples, luckily his disciples are honest people, they did not go down the wrong path and were able to pass this skill down."

Not long after the shopkeeper left, Long Xueyi started to eat crazily. Chen Xiang only ate two, and quickly dealt with the rest.

"This kind of Golden jade fish is really quite good." Long Xueyi praised, his face was filled with aftertaste, obviously he had not eaten enough.

"38 million Holy stone, didn't you come to ruin the battle? What are you planning to do?" Chen Xiang curled his lips: "A Holy Saint just entered this hotel, looks like the owner is worried about us eating an overbearing meal."

Many people in the hotel were discussing about this matter. A few of the more influential people wanted to see Long Xueyi, but they were stopped by the boss, afraid that these people would cause trouble.

"I still want to eat it. It's too delicious." Long Xueyi licked the meat on his plate. Previously, he was filled with righteous indignation and said that he wanted to ruin the scene.

"How about this, I will order another table, then use the Heaven tour method to peek at their production process, and also take a look at where the Golden jade fish they raise is located … "Hehe, you understand." Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly.

"Fine, I don't lack Holy stone anyway." Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi called the waiter outside in, and told him to make another table.

When this news was spread out, the disciples of the famous sects in the restaurant immediately went into an uproar. They felt ashamed of themselves, because they had already lost nearly forty million Holy stone and now they were calling for another table.

Long Xueyi used the Heaven tour method to enter the hotel's secret room. It was the kitchen, and she saw two men busy handling the Golden Jade Saints.

Chen Xiang also wanted to see how this fish was made. He also wanted to see how it managed to sneak into the kitchen like how Long Xueyi did.

The ones inside were the old man's two ungrateful disciples.

"Big Brother, could that girl be eating an overlord's meal or something, almost over a hundred million Holy stone." A slightly shorter man said.

"Probably not, didn't the boss already say that he invited a Saint. If he doesn't give the Holy stone, then he can't leave the hotel." The big brother said.

"They just came down from above and didn't go to that old guy's store. However, after that old guy was set up by us, no one dared to go. Hehe."

"Of course, that old man is really an idiot. If we had investigated our origins back then, he wouldn't have ended up like that, haha."

Long Xueyi was furious when she heard it, but she kept her cool. She felt that she had to be even more ruthless than before to help the elder take revenge.

"As expected of the boss. His plan was so good that after the old man's cooking was tricked over, he would destroy him and become the one in charge of our family."

The owner has earned a lot of Holy stone, this kind of Golden jade fish costs over a hundred thousand catties each, and after going through some cooking with ingredients, it would at most be two hundred thousand catties. He actually sold them for a million catties each, and he even sold quite a few of them, especially today.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang felt like they had been cheated, but now they knew, they would definitely not suffer such a loss.

"Why haven't the Golden jade fish arrived yet?" The big brother took out a Communication jade Symbol paper and shouted.

"There aren't many hotels left. We need to go to the fishing grounds for more." The jade talisman emitted a sound …

"Second brother, go get it."

Hearing about the fish farm, Long Xueyi became excited, and secretly followed that Second Brother.

The fish farm was not far from here, and it was located in the hotel's backyard, in a large pond. There were many guards there, and there were also a few large arrays protecting it.

Long Xueyi pulled Chen Xiang's hand, and Chen Xiang immediately understood what she meant. If he were to be targeted by her big craving dragon, his fate could be imagined.

Very quickly, the two brothers began to cook the Golden jade fish s, and the process was memorized by Long Xueyi.

"It's about time, I can cook it myself in the future." Long Xueyi giggled: "Don't think that my Holy stone is so easy to earn."

When the Golden jade fish arrived, Chen Xiang only ate two, while the others were all given to Long Xueyi.

After eating, Chen Xiang called the boss over.

"This fish is not bad, it's worth it." Long Xueyi smiled and gave Chen Xiang a signal with his eyes.

Chen Xiang took out a Storage bag. Inside it was the seventy-six million kilogram Holy stone that he had ordered long ago.

When the boss received it, he could not believe it. He actually gave it up just like that.

When Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi walked out of the private box, as they were walking down the stairs, the others were watching them, and seeing how relaxed they had become, it was obvious that they had already paid the bill, for them to be able to eat so much in one breath, they were definitely not ordinary people. Everyone hurriedly turned their heads, and did not dare look, afraid of angering the two who did not know where they came from.

Although the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm was very big, there weren't as many people as the Sacred Grounds. There weren't many such large seabed cities like the Heavenly Sea City, and the Holy Man who stood at the entrance suspected that Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were not from the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. This was because there weren't many people like this in the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm.

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