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Nangong Huo was an old cunning fox.

He did not seem to be involved in the conflict within the four pillars, but behind him, he was in control of everything.

He had always kept the Nangong Imperial Clan out of the picture.

He was waiting for a chance to reap the harvest.

However …

No matter what happened outside the city tonight, he did not want to care about it, because tonight, his goal was Long Fei, the dragon salyer on his shoulder!

"Ao'er, let's greet everyone." Nangong Huo slightly said.

Nagong Ao looked down upon everyone as he walked to the great hall and coldly laughed, "What do you have to greet a group of people who are on the verge of death?"

Before he could finish speaking, his figure had already left the great hall. In just the blink of an eye, his speed was too fast!

"What shocking speed."

"Sixteenth Prince, didn't they say that he disappeared on the day he was born?"

"So he was hiding to cultivate?"

"The aura coming from his body is so strong."

"What level has his cultivation base reached?"

… ….

Everyone's faces changed drastically. They were all upset by Nagong Ao's aura, and some of them were unhappy as well.

Nagong Ao was too arrogant!

Right when they were talking, Nagong Ao moved slightly, and under the night sky, layers of demons appeared, landing on the stage. He raised his eyes slightly, and asked coldly: "Who wants to die first?"

"He's too arrogant!"

"I, Luo Yi, am here to seek advice …"

A white clothed genius moved his sword, his footsteps trembling as he quickly rushed out of the hall and towards Nagong Ao.

"Quick Sword Hand Luo Yi!"

"So fast."


Nagong Ao sneered. The moment Luo Yi came down, his body slightly moved and he kicked out.


Luo Yi's body flew to another place.

Inside the wall of the trap, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and his body twitched a few times. He lost all signs of life. He was dead!

Instant kill!

One kick kill!

Everyone rushed out of the hall and looked at Luo Yi on the wall. A few guards rushed up to check and said, "Reporting to Your Majesty, Luo Yi is dead. Dead!"

Everyone's faces darkened.

Nangong Huo was ecstatic in his heart, but he showed a look of reproach on his face and said: "Ao'er, stop right there, don't kill in vain."


Long Fei was shocked, "What a strong power."

"No way!"

"These people are all my experience. true breath, Energy Values, if he were to kill all of them by himself, what would I do." Long Fei's heart sank.

This meant that Nagong Ao had to challenge everyone. In that case, even if Long Fei killed him, he wouldn't be able to obtain a hundred Energy Values.

Absolutely not!


Tonight, he was the main character!


Without waiting for Long Fei to speak, Nangong Yan took a step ahead and said: "Emperor Uncle, his cultivation is so high, we are not his match at all. How about we directly let him enter the finals, that way we can test each other's strength."

Zhuge Jianqiang looked at Nagong Ao and gave in, saying: "The princess is right, his strength should directly enter the finals."

Li Yi followed, "Yes!"

Luo Yi was also a war chief realm, and was killed instantly when he went up, how strong was Nagong Ao?

He was completely dominating their existence.

Their goal was to stall Long Fei and kill him. How could they stall Long Fei when he appeared?

Nangong Huo said slightly: "I also have that thought."

In his heart, he did not want this banquet of forbidden peak to end prematurely.


Nangong Huo slightly shouted, "Ao'er, you step back first!"


Nagong Ao spat, his face was filled with disdain, the air moved, and he directly flew to the roof of the violet gold temple, "A bunch of trash!"

Nangong Huo said indifferently: "Let's begin, Eunuch Liu take out all the lots prepared, let them draw a lot to compete with."

"Yes sir!"

… ….

After the drawing of lots was completed, a group of 28 disciples entered the arena.

All of them were at the second and third levels of the war chief. Only Long Fei had just broken through the first level of the war chief.

"Let's begin!"

Nangong Huo said: "lot number one against number twenty-eight."

"It's me!"

"It's me..."

It was also at this time that Long Fei lifted the handsome guy's head, walked out, and said indifferently: "Tonight, everyone is very clear on who everyone is looking for."

"Then let's not waste everyone's time."

"I'll be the arena master!"

"Attack the battle arena. It's good if one of you comes up, but it's also good if all of you come up together." Long Fei jumped out, because according to his calculations, if it was a 1v1 match, he would still not be able to kill all 10 of them, and would still not be able to gather all 100 Energy Values.


Long Fei looked at Zhuge Jianqiang and said, "You are a rapist, didn't you always feel bad towards me?"

"Second fool Li, you are the same, aren't you?"

"Nangong Yan, you have been wanting to kill me this whole time, right?"

"And who among you doesn't want to kill me?"


Long Fei shouted loudly.

At this moment.

Wang Jinglian, fatty wang walked over and said: "Young Marquis Long, I never thought of killing you."

Long Fei looked at fatty wang and said: "Alright, you can be considered an exception."

And then …

Long Fei continued: "Since you're going to kill me, then come at me together!"


Long Fei walked to the stage, the dragon salyer shook, and shouted: "Who wants to be the first one?"

On the roof.

Nagong Ao looked at Long Fei coldly with a look of contempt. Looking at the dragon salyer in Long Fei's hands, he snorted coldly, "What a waste of a heaven's gift."

"What are they singing this time?" Nangong Huo could not see through Long Fei.

Phoenix blood lineage.

Break through the war chief.

Now he wanted to challenge everyone by himself, what was he planning to do?

You want to die?

So what if you have a dragon salyer at the beginning of the war chief?

Although holy artifact s were important, if one did not have a stage of cultivation, no matter how strong the holy artifact was, it could not be unleashed. A stage was the foundation of everything.

He did not even grasp the power of the war chief and had to challenge these people who were level 2 and 3 of the war chief. Just because Long Fei had killed Nangong Lie before, Long Zhanwu?

However …

None of this was his own strength.

"Huff …"

Nangong Huo said: "Long Fei, do you want to reconsider, and … The competition today cannot allow the summoning of war pet out for battle. "

This had to be restricted by Long Fei.

That's a dragon! It's definitely not simple!

Long Fei laughed: "Thank you Your Majesty for your kind intentions, I have thought about it clearly, please come."

He sneered in his heart and thought, "Old fox, I'm afraid you want to see this."

jojo said anxiously: "Young Master, let me help you."

She did not care about the rules of the stage or the banquet of forbidden peak, she just wanted to protect Long Fei and prevent him from getting hurt at all.

Long Fei immediately said to Liu Luoxi: "Hold jojo." Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

"jojo, I'm fine."

Xiao Tiantian also anxiously stomped his feet, "What does he want to do? Does he think this is the Long family?

Ye Ziyan also had a face full of worry.

Nangong Yan sneered, and said: "You like to show off, don't you? "Then I'll let you have enough today!"

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