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Seeing Chen Xiang's cracked pill furnace, all the Alchemist could not help but frown. Although Chen Xiang's pill furnace was broken, the low grade Holy Pellet should not be able to keep it from bursting from the God level material.

Chen Xiang's pill furnace was only worth a little bit of divine money, but it was still a divine furnace after all.

Only Chen Xiang himself knew that it was because of the immense pressure that caused the divine furnace to crack. At that moment, he had no choice but to release more of his divine power to wrap around the furnace, preventing it from leaking any of his Qi, or else he would fail.

As long as a trace of the pill furnace was leaked, it would be like a broken dike, and the dense spiritual energy inside would rush out like crazy, uncontrollable.

"It can't be over." Chen Xiang began to sweat more and more, suppressing and shrinking the balls of air with his divine power, as long as he could endure it for a while.

Fortunately, he had used Magic method furnace before, so he had released a Magic method furnace like that from the inside of the divine furnace just in case.

Now, even if he had a Magic method furnace, it would still be very difficult to use it for the final condensing of pills. Because the pressure brought about by the fifteen Lingguang Dan being able to condense a core at the same time was too violent, so he could only endure it bit by bit.

The divine furnace began to crack. If there was a better divine furnace, perhaps he wouldn't have to worry about it cracking.

He didn't expect it to turn out like this. The divine furnace that he had bought was so powerful that even a medium-grade saint pill would be able to withstand it.

Now that he had refined fifteen of these Lingguang Dan together, the pressure produced would be comparable to that of a Shangpin holy Dan.

"Even if I have to risk my life, I still have to resist." Chen Xiang's current goal was not to win, but rather not to waste these fifteen Lingguang Dan s that were about to be released. This was also his first time refining a Lingguang Dan, and it looked like he was about to succeed, he couldn't afford to fail no matter what.

Chen Xiang had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of situation. While supporting himself with each step, the fifteen Lingguang Dan were also shrinking, and would condense into a pill very soon. However, there were already a lot of cracks on the outside of the pill furnace.

What surprised the various deities was that even though the pill furnace was already in such a state of decay, there was still not a single trace of aura that leaked out. This kind of control was extremely terrifying.

Those famous Dan Saint Title s were all shocked in their hearts. While Chen Xiang was refining the pellet, not a single bit of the medicinal power was lost between heaven and earth. Even though they had already done their best to control it, a lot of it had still been leaked.

Chen Xiang was currently refining eight sets of medicinal herbs at the same time, but to be able to do this, one could see how terrifying his potential was.

"The pill furnace is about to break completely." Yuan Baibing said in a low voice.

Sure enough, Chen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly turned into powder, and the golden-red light suddenly surged out, especially the bright red blood light. Streaks of red light shot out in all directions, causing the entire arena to look like it was enveloped in a blood hell.

Although Chen Xiang's pill furnace was broken, there was still a Magic method furnace wrapped outside, and the medicine inside still did not leak out.

"Almost done."

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, oblivious to everything that was happening around him, he did not know that many of the gods had released their divine powers just now, wanting to pierce through the Magic method furnace that was emitting a blinding bloody light, but they were all blocked by Penalty Heavenly God.

"He doesn't even have a pill furnace, yet he can still continue." Yuan Baibing faced the glaring blood light and focused on the nervous Chen Xiang.

"I saw it. It's fifteen pills, and it looks like they're still Lingguang Dan s. He wants to refine fifteen of them in one furnace." Devil-killing Heavenly God shouted.

"Those flames are indeed extraordinary." From that ball of red light, Zu Chao saw the weak silver flame that Chen Xiang had released.

The few Dan Saint Title s were all in the arena, they were extremely clear about what was happening with Chen Xiang. The rays of light that they were emitting was very common within the pill furnace, but it was very rare to see it being exposed.

"Fifteen pills." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, exhausted his last bit of God Power, and formed fifteen Lingguang Dan.

The Holy Pellet was formed, the outside was surrounded by a golden light, the previous blood light had also disappeared, and 15 Lingguang Dan floated in front of Chen Xiang.

Seeing the fifteen Dragon Blood Saint Dan s, the entire competition grounds erupted into cheers and discussions, because this was truly unbelievable.

He was faster than all of the Alchemist s, and he had even refined fifteen Lingguang Dan. Even those Dan Saint Title s, were only able to refine one out of five sets of medicinal herbs, and was far inferior to Chen Xiang.

"The Heavenly Alchemy really lives up to its name." Divine Female Palace's Rosy clouds Dan Saint waved her hand and opened the lid, releasing the Medicine aura inside. The outcome had been decided, and there was no need for her to continue.

Chen Xiang only smiled lightly at her. He also couldn't tell if his achievements was related to the Heavenly Alchemy or not.

The other Dan Saint Title who were previously full of confidence now had ugly expressions. They were actually defeated by a little kid, and furthermore, that kid had never refined a Lingguang Dan before.

The Alchemist s who had mocked Chen Xiang earlier had long escaped.

The strength that Chen Xiang had displayed made even the Empyrean Gods exclaim in their hearts, especially the few Pill Gods who were hidden here, all of them asking themselves if they could do the same as Chen Xiang if they had used all their powers.

"Haha …" Our Devil-killing Divine Palace got first place. " Devil-killing Heavenly God let out a hearty laugh, then looked down at the other shrines, as if saying, "We have decided to be the first in this competition."

Although Penalty Heavenly God was expressionless, his heart was still shocked by Chen Xiang. He understood Chen Xiang better than him, and he was able to see everything that Chen Xiang did in Divine Prison very clearly.

"Devil-killing Divine Palace has obtained victory in this competition, adding another point, he is currently ranked first." Penalty Heavenly God announced the results loudly.

Everyone owed Chen Xiang's terrifying talent in pill refining to the Heavenly Alchemy, the other gods all now understood why the Hell Devil Emperor did everything in his power to obtain Chen Xiang's Heavenly Alchemy. If they could obtain it and give it to the alchemist gods, wouldn't they be able to concoct even better divine pellets and gain even more strength?

The powers who had enmity with the Devil-killing Divine Palace were now even more worried, because Chen Xiang becoming a Pill God would definitely be disadvantageous to them. A Divine Palace with a Pill God like that as their leader was extremely terrifying, and one had to know, a powerful Pill God was unable to even be measured with money. Even a God of Fortune would have to be respectful to those Pill Gods.

Yao Shuang and Chen Xiang praised Chen Xiang all the way back from the arena. Devil-killing Heavenly God was grinning from ear to ear as he patted Chen Xiang's shoulders.

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