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Eight furious dragons covered in deadly lightning headed towards the pearl.

The incomparably clear bead contained a lump of black mist.


This ball of mist was silent, but once it entered, the black mist began to roil as if it were about to break through the bead.

The eight lightning dragons let out roars from time to time, as if they were enraged.

The feeling Long Fei got was that the eight Thunder Dragons had turned into a ball of black fog.

What was that black fog?

Why did he have to use eight lightning dragon Seal s, and one of them was even within the Semi-artifact?

Thunder Dragon Rod was the quest item.

Where was the mission?

Long Fei was also not clear...

However …

He had to get down the Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm.

… ….

Niu Dahai said: "Junior Brother Zhou, stop stalling for time. You have the first treasure map in your possession, hurry up and open the entrance."

He couldn't wait any longer either.

He was digging earlier on, but he did not expect to encounter a group of evil creatures and almost died inside. It was fortunate that he was saved by Long Fei, otherwise his fat life would have ended up as a burp.

Zhou Tianxiao did not want to waste time.

He took out the treasure map and took a look at it, observing the surrounding terrain, then walked up to a huge stone pillar, where there were some carvings on it.

And then …

Zhou Tianxiao called out to someone: "Hey, Yuan Ba, come over here."


The big guy with the backpack ran up.

His face was rather thick.

He looked a little dumb with his dull eyes.

He immediately ran to Zhou Tianxiao's side and asked: "Young Master, do you have any instructions?"

A ball of fire burned in Zhou Tianxiao's heart, and he immediately slapped the ground, cursing: "How are you so slow? What orders? You don't have a brain, do you? "

"Of course it's to move this stone pillar away."

The slap resounded loudly.

When it hit Yuan Ba's face, it was as if he did not know of the pain. He did not move at all.

His arms suddenly exerted force.



Both of his sleeves were torn apart by the bulging muscles.


Veins popped out on his forehead as he exerted his strength. The stone pillar that weighed over a hundred thousand jin actually began to move.

"Holy sh * t!"

"What kind of power is this?" Long Fei was extremely shocked, this stone pillar was at least one hundred thousand kilograms, but he had easily moved it.

This was not the power of the war chief realm.

Niu Dahai also had a face full of shock, as he said to Long Fei in a low voice: "This guy was born with godly strength, what a pity … "It's a pity that I followed the wrong person."

He sighed.

"Get up!"

"Yes, I did."

He immediately picked up the huge stone pillar, walked a few steps to Zhou Tianxiao's side, and asked: "Young Master, where should we put it?"

Zhou Tianxiao bellowed: "Throw me to the side."


Yuan Ba threw his hands together, "Rumble."

The stone pillar shattered and rubble flew out.

A pebble landed on Zhou Tianxiao's body, causing his gorgeous clothes to have a white spot.

Zhou Tianxiao turned over and slapped him hard: "I let you throw me to the side, I didn't tell you to throw me here. Trash, you can't even afford to lose your life if you dirty my clothes."

"Yes, yes, yes. I'm sorry, Young Lord, I'm sorry." Yuan Ba lowered his head, and wiped off the blood on his body with his hands, just wanting to help Zhou Tianxiao clean himself up.

Without waiting for him to reach out, Zhou Tianxiao slapped him again, and scolded: "Go to the side and die."

Yuan Ba immediately retreated to the side, and said: "Yes, yes."

There was no resistance at all, not even a look in his eyes.

Three consecutive slaps.

Everyone would be angry, but he was not angry at all, he even felt that it was natural for Zhou Tianxiao to hit him.

Long Fei looked a little unhappy.

Niu Dahai was also unhappy, and said softly: "Boss, Yuan Ba is a slave to the Zhou family, and almost starved to death on the streets! It was the Zhou family that gave him a bowl of food to eat, and from that day on, he became a slave to the Zhou family, and no matter what he took, he would never resist at all."

"What a fool."

Long Fei's heart trembled, "To not resist even when his dignity has been humiliated, what kind of idiot is this, or is he being loyal to me?"

No one could define such a thing.

Maybe to Yuan Ba, all of this was nothing.

However …

Long Fei had a good impression of the looby, he felt that this kind of person shouldn't be living like this.

The divine power in his body was simply too powerful.

… ….

Zhou Tianxiao looked down the stone pillar and muttered, "Not this one?"

"Yuan Ba."

"Move all the pillars here." Zhou Tianxiao ordered.

There were over a hundred stone pillars of different sizes in this plaza. All of them were incredibly huge and weighed over a hundred thousand jin. It was too difficult for a single person to move them away.

Long Fei said softly, "Don't you have a treasure map in your hands? "If we look carefully, we'll definitely be able to find the unique characteristics of the stone pillars, so he won't have to put so much effort into it."

Even if it was innate divine strength, it wouldn't be able to hold up to a hundred stone pillars.

If he was even the slightest bit careless and smashed down, he would really become a pile of meat paste.

Zhou Tianxiao stared at Long Fei coldly, and snorted: "Who do you think you are, do you think I can teach you how to do things? Get out of my way. "

Long Fei frowned.

Niu Dahai was immediately in a bad mood, and said: "Junior Brother Zhou, what did you say? He's my boss, you better be a little polite to me. "


"Niu Dahai, what kind of dog or cat can become your boss? "You really don't care." Zhou Tianxiao said with a cold smile.

Niu Dahai shouted, "I am willing, what can you do?"

The corners of Zhou Tianxiao's eyes turned sinister. "You aren't going to bring him into the secret realm as well, are you?"

Niu Dahai said: "Of course, do you have any objections?"

"Hahaha …"

Zhou Tianxiao laughed and said, "If you, the Ox King, want to bring people into the secret realm, what objections would I have?

Better for him.

Like this, no one knew about Niu Dahai's death here, and no one spread news of him.

Even if Niu Dahai didn't bring Long Fei down, he would still make the request.

Because …

He would definitely not let Niu Dahai and Long Fei leave this place alive.

Niu Dahai disdainfully said: "If you don't have any objections, then stop bullshitting here."

Zhou Tianxiao's face turned cold, and thought to himself: You dog, I'll give you guys some more time to live, just you wait!


Zhou Tianxiao turned and kicked Yuan Ba, then shouted: "Didn't you hear what I said? I want you to move all the pillars here. "

"I think you're tired of living."

With one kick, Yuan Ba was kicked to the ground.

Yuan Ba crawled up without a single word of complaint, he immediately walked in front of a pillar with big strides. With the strength of his arms, he fiercely grabbed onto the pillar, and then gently laid it down on the ground, afraid that he would break the stone pillar that had splashed onto Zhou Tianxiao's body.

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Half an hour later.

All the pillars fell to the ground.

Zhou Tianxiao walked to the first stone pillar that had been dropped and laughed loudly: "Idiot, the mechanism is right below the first stone pillar. I was trying to trick you just now, hahaha …"

"I didn't expect a fool like you to really put down all the stone pillars. You really are worthy of being a dog raised by my Zhou family."

Chapter IV

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