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"Refinery failure!"


"Refinery failure!"

… ….

In the Long family's thatched courtyard at the back of the mountain.

Long Fei had been researching ways to improve true pill ever since he returned from the Fengyuan Merchant Union, and was trying to improve it using spirit herbs. Just as Liu Feng had said, the spirit grass was just too strong, and could not be controlled.

"No way!"

"No way!"

"Still not."

Every time he failed, Long Fei would stop to ponder over it. He would continuously simulate it in his head, and shake his head time and time again.

"How can I control it?"

It was really difficult.

Improving a pill was not about refining it, it was tens of times more difficult than refining it.

Even refining a normal true pill only had a fifty percent chance of success. Increasing the success rate of the true breath which had been raised in the true pill, was simply too difficult.

For the entire day, Long Fei was defeated.

This also allowed his Alchemy to rise to the eighth level of the Yellow Rank.

"Big Brother Long Fei, eat something." The leopard girl walked up and watched as Long Fei stayed by the side of the pill furnace for the entire day.

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "You guys go ahead, I'm not hungry."

And then …

The space between his eyebrows tightened, and he once again fused and controlled the world with the spiritual herbs.


"Refinery failure!"


"Refinery failure!"

He continued to fail.

Long Fei tried more than a hundred methods, but they were still ineffective. He was still unable to completely control the powerful spirit force impact from the spirit grass, "Is it really impossible?"

Behind him were three women.

jojo, the leopard girl, and the shadow in the darkness.

Seeing Long Fei's predicament, they didn't know how to help him.

They knew about the bet between Long Fei and Fu Tianqiu, and there were only two days left. If they couldn't reform it successfully, Long Fei would have to kneel in front of so many people and kowtow and apologize to Fu Tianqiu.


Long Fei did not take any of these to heart.

The only person he was worried about was Elder Liu.

Slapping Fu Tianqiu's face was nothing, he just wanted to save Liu Feng.


Long Fei once again threw himself into the process of alchemical transformation.

true breath activated the fire, causing the spirit liquid to seep out from the spirit grass and fuse together …





… ….

He had completely thought of admitting defeat, and had never thought of giving up. For Liu Feng, he had to succeed!

For the entire night, Long Fei did not rest even a second.

Throughout the entire night, Long Fei had not succeeded a single time.

… ….

Feng Yuan Merchant Union VIP lounge.

Nangong Lei smiled slightly and said: "This time, I have to thank Pavillion Master Fu."

Fu Tianqiu laughed: "No, no, just a mere trash like Long Fei, teaching him a lesson would be as easy as lifting a hand."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

The two of them burst into laughter at the same time.

Nangong Lei secretly rejoiced in his heart, and said: "Long Fei still has a day and a half left. If you don't succeed in altering the medicinal pellets, you will kneel and admit your wrongs to Fu Tianqiu in front of everyone in the city. At that time, I would really like to see how your Long Family will lose face, hahaha …"

The young master of the Long family kowtowed and admitted his wrongs. This was no ordinary matter.

This would affect the Long Family's influence in the Fire Glass City.

If he made the right use of it, the Long family's reputation would be greatly tarnished.

To Nangong Lei, as long as it was something that could strike at the Long family, no matter how big the matter, he would still participate.

Fu Tianqiu smiled and said, "Duke Nan Gong, don't worry. I've asked the Earth Stage Ninth Rank Alchemy Grandmaster and he said that even Heaven Stage Alchemy Masters should not think of improving the true pill."

"There's still a day and a half left. He definitely won't succeed."

He couldn't guarantee anything else.

However …

He dared to guarantee the true pill.

No one knew true pill better than the Fu Family, and the current true pill had already reached the perfect stage.

No one has anything to improve on.

Long Fei would definitely lose!

Nangong Lei laughed and said: "Pavillion Master Fu, for safety's sake, I have a Alchemy Grandmaster here. At that time, he can verify it himself and let him compete with Long Fei."

"This will prevent Long Fei from cheating."

He had already discussed this matter with the black-robed old man.

Fu Tianqiu laughed: "Since Duke Nan Gong is so thoughtful, then when the time comes, I shall ask your Palace's Alchemy Grandmaster to be the judge."

He was no fool.

Of course they knew who the Alchemy Grandmaster in Nangong Lei's home was, it was definitely an expert from the Heaven Sect.

He had to give her some face.

Nangong Lei laughed, "This time, I must make Long Fei kneel on the ground and not get up, hahaha …"

Fu Tianqiu also laughed loudly, and said. "I think exactly the same as Your Highness, hahaha …"

The Nangong Imperial Clan had yet to arrive.

Nangong Lei would never miss a chance to suppress the Long family.

After returning to the Duke Palace, Nangong Lei reported to the black-robed old man.

The old man in black said lightly: "I understand, I will go into closed door training to prepare."

"Don't bother me if there's nothing else."

"Yes, Teacher." Nangong Lei and Dongfang Jian were waiting for him in the courtyard.

Nangong Yan stepped forward and said: "Father, I want to participate in the Alchemy competition as well."

"No way!"

Nangong Lei did not have any leeway to negotiate, and said: "There are only five days left to the banquet of forbidden peak, and in these five days, you must improve your cultivation further, and obtain the qualifications to enter the Heaven Sect."

Dongfang Jian said: "Uncle, my father has already said that Little Sister Yan does not need to take the examination to enter the Heaven Sect. With my father's authority, who would dare to say anything?"

Nangong Yan already had the inner sect disciple badge, he did not even need to take the examination to become a disciple of the Heaven Sect, and muttered: "That's right."

Nangong Lei said: "banquet of forbidden peak, just because you are the champion, other people have lost a chance. Don't you understand this principle?"

"From now on."

"Dongfang Jian, you have to make her reach the fifth layer of the Heavenly Sword Technique. You have to shock everyone in banquet of forbidden peak with one move, understand?"

Dongfang Jian hugged both of his hands, and said: "Don't worry Uncle, I will definitely give my all to help Little Sister Yan."

"Little Sister Yan, let's go train in the sword."

Even in his dreams, Nangong Yan dreamt of seeing Long Fei kneel and kowtow, but for banquet of forbidden peak's sake, she endured it.


Because he was stomped on by Long Fei the other time at the Long family, Dongfang Jian had completely disregarded the sect rules and passed down to her the sky level sword technique 'Heavenly Illusion Sword Art' to her.

Once this sword technique reached the Mahayana Realm, even Long Fei would not be a match for it.

Her current cultivation had already broken through to the second level of the war chief, and was already above Long Fei. With this set of Heaven Ranked Sword Technique, she would definitely be able to defeat Long Fei!

"Long Fei, just you wait." Baidu Search: Half a Float

"banquet of forbidden peak will be the day of your death. I will make you wish you were dead." Nangong Yan said sinisterly in her heart. She already hated Long Fei to the bones.

Even if she couldn't, there was still Dongfang Jian.

This time.

He wouldn't be as shocked as last time, he definitely wouldn't be!

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