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The Ice Dragon Race lived in an extremely secretive ice mountain cave. Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were currently in one of the ice mountains.

"Senior, according to the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's guidance, the Emperor's Tomb should be here, where's the entrance?" When Chen Xiang came in, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was already very restless.

"This is the entrance." Long Da said, "When I brought you in earlier, you all should have seen a very large passage, that is the direction to the Emperor's Tomb. If you really want to go, we must immediately leave this place, because when you trigger the mechanisms inside, it will cause great damage to the surroundings."

"Is this what Senior Long Han said?" Chen Xiang asked.

Long Han was the Ice Dragon Grandmaster of the Ice Dragon Race.

Yes, only those who have obtained the approval of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword can safely enter the Emperor's Tomb, not even by accompanying them. " Long Da smiled with gratitude: "We have waited for you for a long time. Since you are able to come now, you must have already possessed a certain level of strength to enter the Emperor's Tomb. Our mission is also complete, we can leave this place."

Afterwards, Chen Xiang told Long Da about some of the things that happened outside. He mentioned the Ice Dragon Race that Long Huishan was currently leading, and suggested that the ice dragons should meet up with Long Huishan and the others.

Chen Xiang did not mention that his Evil Dragon Graveyard was about to be surrounded. The Ice Dragon Race here had just lost a lot of clansmen, Chen Xiang did not want them to fall into war again.

Long Da accepted Chen Xiang's suggestion. After leaving here, he went to find Long Huishan.

"Right, I heard your clansmen mention that the Thunder Dragon and Fire Dragon had helpers, could they be from the Imperial Dragon Race?" Chen Xiang asked.

With a worried look on his face, he said, "They aren't from Imperial Dragon Race, they're from some places called the Heavenly Regions. There are also dragons in those Heavenly Regions, and a group of dragons from Imperial Dragon Race went to that place back then.

In the past, the dragon race was very powerful and flourishing, but after the green dragon left, it was still as powerful as before. In the end, the White Dragon bloodline was destroyed, the jade dragons withered, and the other old dragons of the Imperial Dragon Race were able to relax and bring a group of outstanding and powerful dragons to the Heaven Realm to develop. The Emperor Dragons in the Nine Heaven World are not as powerful as the ones in the Heaven Realm.

Long Da said, "The dragon race of the Heavenly Realm should be called Heavenly Dragon Race. The Thunder Dragons and Fire Dragons they sent here should have quickly sensed your death, so you should quickly enter the Emperor's Tomb. At that time, even if they can enter, I'm afraid they won't be able to do anything to you."

"If the Heavenly Dragon Race's base camp comes here, then we won't be able to withstand it … The ancient book left behind by the Frozen Dragon Ancestor has told us that there is a high chance of a new Dragon Emperor being born in the Heaven Realm. "

Chen Xiang knew very well what kind of place the Heaven Realm was. The Feng Yujie he met in the Sacred Domain was a human emperor level person, his strength was comparable to the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables s in the past, and there were new Dragon Emperor s that had been born in the Heaven Realm. Chen Xiang was not surprised at all.

"Even if there isn't a new Dragon Emperor there, we can be sure that back then, the Dragon Emperor was also inside there. There are still quite a few people in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables."

Huang Jintian nodded: "Back then, because Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was targeted by Hell Devil Emperor, Nine Emperors and Five Venerables was also worried about themselves, so they all escaped and took refuge in those Heavenly Realms."

"Dan Emperor, Fire Emperor, Ice Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Sword Emperor, Demon Emperor, Demon Emperor, Evil Emperor, Star Emperor. These are the Nine Emperors of the past. Ice Emperor has confirmed his death. "

"Ice Emperor is dead." Long Da felt extremely shocked: "Back then, I met him here and fought a big battle with him. Since he was injured and was no match for me, it's extremely difficult for me to kill him. Even the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then wasn't able to kill him."

Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang: "It was all done by this brat, but he didn't use any proper method."

Chen Xiang laughed awkwardly: "I was just lucky … Oh right, there are those in all five of Nine Emperors and Five Venerables. "

"I only know of Senior Dan, Senior Lei, and Senior Soldier. Senior Dan is the Dan Emperor and the Senior Soldier should be a Divine Craftsman. The remaining two are said to be very secretive." Huang Jintian said, this was what he had seen from the ancient book.

Long Da also knew a little bit, and said, "The Demon Emperor, Sword Emperor, Demon Emperor, and Star Emperor, these four are all neutral. Back then, they did not participate in the encirclement and annihilation of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, which made them semi-disabled. Although Senior Dan, Divine Craftsman, and Supreme Thunder are very strong, they are all just carefree wild cranes that don't even know if they will appear in the future."

"How about the Dragon Emperor?" Chen Xiang asked, "Is it your Frozen Dragon Ancestor?"

Long Da shook his head. "Dragon Emperor seems to be a woman …. I am not too sure about the specifics, but it is said that she is the only woman in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, and she is also a very ancient dragon. Just like the Azure Dragon, she is also the first ancestor dragon to be born in this world. "

The corner of Chen Xiang's eyebrows twitched, this was obviously Long Xueyi, the Little Naughty Dragon.

"Could it be a white dragon?" Huang Jintian said with a frown. He knew that Chen Xiang was related to a white dragon.

That Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord seems to be a white dragon, an ancient legend of our Dragon race. Back then, when the heavens and earth were just born, many different types of dragons were born, and each type of dragon had nine different types. Long Da replied, "Because of this, the White Dragon Clan was the most powerful clan back then, and they ended up in a miserable state."

Huang Jintian sighed, "I wonder if the Heavenly Dragon Race above the Sky Region will come down. You have a dragon vein, you will definitely be targeted by them."

The revived Di Tian immediately possesses the power of the Holy Spirit. Looks like it will be very troublesome. If the Heavenly Dragon Race really comes to steal your dragon fountain, there will be at least two fellows in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables who will have to come out to help you block it. "

"Let's not talk about this for now, I'll go to Emperor's Tomb to take a look." Chen Xiang frowned. Right now, there were a few Sky Region experts secretly assisting those great powers to attack his Evil Dragon Graveyard, which put him under a lot of pressure. If his Heavenly Dragon Race appeared again, he didn't know how to respond.

Long Da brought Chen Xiang to the passage leading to the Emperor's Tomb and said: "After you go in, wait for a while at the entrance. Once we retreat, you will retreat through that door and when you feel three consecutive tremors, we can begin.

Chen Xiang nodded and walked into the pitch black passage.

Huang Jintian and Long Da quickly left. When Long Da brought Chen Xiang back, he told the other six ice dragons to gather the other tribe members and prepare to leave.

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