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After knowing what had happened in Nine Heaven World, the Azure Dragon sighed incessantly. It seemed like he wanted to return, because most of his old friends were there, and only a few of them had entered the Gods Realm.

"Old cyan bug, where's the big Flame Lion? He should have gone to the Gods Realm as well! " Long Xueyi asked.

"His luck is not bad. After being heavily injured, he successfully escaped. However, with his temper, it shouldn't be long before he will cause trouble again. I don't know how he is right now either." The Azure Dragon smiled helplessly, "I hope that after experiencing it this time, he will be able to change his fiery temper."

Long Xueyi rubbed her cheeks, looked at the beast meat on the fire, and muttered: "I really want to go to Gods Realm to save Old Bing, thinking that he would be a mount for me everyday, I feel very uncomfortable."

The green dragon sighed, "Me too, but there's nothing we can do about it. Those fellows are too powerful, even if we can go to Gods Realm now, we won't be able to beat them."

Chen Xiang said: "With the God of Fortune's position in the Gods Realm, there must be a lot of powerful Gods who have a good relationship with him. Not to mention dealing with the God of Fortune, even his disciples would be enough to cause a headache."

Long Xueyi leaned on Chen Xiang's shoulder. She also knew how powerful those gods were, but she was still full of hope: "Little Scoundrel, you must try your best to save Old Ice for me in the future."

"Of course. As long as I have time, I will definitely do it!" Chen Xiang caressed Long Xueyi's face and smiled at her confidently.

The green dragon nodded with a smile. Of course he could tell that the relationship between Chen Xiang and himself was not ordinary.

"Senior Azure Dragon, I want to ask you something. You might have heard of it in the Gods Realm!" Chen Xiang told the Azure Dragon about the divine tomb of the mortal world that he was born in, where his father was still guarding.

"I had heard of this tomb a long time ago. It is indeed very mysterious. A little hawk inside the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm once guarded this tomb and then entered the Gods Realm! I came to Gods Realm to inquire about this matter. "

The green dragon recalled what happened back then. Back in the Nine Heaven World, there were many unanswered questions.

"Where did that god come from?" Could the Heavenly Alchemy have been brought down by him? " Long Xueyi asked: "The big white cat saw a Divine Deity from the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and obtained the Heaven Earth Killing Method and the Heavenly Alchemy. The big lion cultivates the Heaven Earth Killing Method and the Heavenly Alchemy, becoming the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

The green dragon replied, "I am not sure about that. In short, there was a godly battle at profound Cold Ancient Realm's place that caused the entire area to turn into a world of ice and snow. Up until now, no one has entered deep inside. As for the gods in the tomb, I feel that they should be forbidden by the various divine halls, so that person cannot be mentioned. "

This made Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi even more curious. The origins of the god in the tomb was even greater than they had imagined. They had originally thought that it was an ordinary little god or something similar.

"What's going on with the shrine up there?" Chen Xiang asked: "Are all the shrines powerful?"

"There are only three hundred Deities Templar, and there are many different types of Deities! However, there were only a few people who were familiar with the place, such as the Wealth Divine Palace s, the Fire Divine Palace s, the Thunder God Hall, etc. The Demonic Shrine was also the Hell Devil Emperor's shrine! These are all powerful Deities Temples, but the majority of the other Deities Temples are affiliated with them. " The green dragon said.

"Is there a Temple of the Dragon?" Long Xueyi asked.

"Not at the moment. Originally, I wanted to set up a place and gather all of the Gods Realm's dragons together. Who knew that Old Ice would bring them here?" The green dragon said.

"I'll build one from now on." Long Xueyi smiled and said, "Then I will be the Dragon God."

"It's not easy to establish a Divine Palace, because there are 300 allowed places above. If you want to establish a Divine Palace which is recognized by the all divine palaces, there are only two ways! One is to use a large amount of divine money to buy a shrine, and then change it to your own. The second is to buy out the divine gods of the all divine palaces, and let them allow you to establish your 301 shrine. "

"Hmph, if I don't leave with these two methods, I won't get their permission. If they dare to cause trouble, we'll beat them up." Long Xueyi did not care.

Chen Xiang asked: "Then what is the all divine palaces?"

"all divine palaces was something created by the cooperation of the 300 divine halls. Every once in a while, the gods of the 300 divine halls would gather together or when there are big matters they would come together to discuss! Right now, the Penalty Heavenly God that is in charge of the all divine palaces, is equivalent to maintaining the order of the Gods Realm.

Long Xueyi said: "Then doesn't that mean that Penalty Heavenly God can do whatever he wants?"

The Azure Dragon shook his head, "Of course not, the Penalty Heavenly God is also restricted. If it's a small matter, the other gods will not interfere, but if it's a big matter, the Penalty Heavenly God cannot decide for himself, if not he will be allied by the other gods and be sealed in hell."

In the Gods Realm, all the gods in the various halls have similar strength. It's hard to tell who's the one on one, and as long as there's no conflict between them, they wouldn't fight each other. I heard that for many years, they've never fought against each other before. The Azure Dragon said, "However, once a God is attacked, there will only be one result, which is going to hell."

A group of Gods had died in profound Cold Ancient Realm, and there was still a very strong one in the mortal world waiting to be revived. This caused Chen Xiang to be a little worried, if that God really caused a ruckus in Nine Heaven World, wouldn't it cause a lot of trouble?

Chen Xiang decided that before heading to the Gods Realm, he would definitely go take a look at the Divine Tomb as well as the depths of the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

"Senior Azure Dragon, how much do you know about Mei Emperor? This woman has already appeared. " Chen Xiang really wanted to understand more about the Mei Emperor. After all, he saw the Mei Emperor as a huge threat and he needed to get rid of it as soon as possible.

"This woman is very dangerous, very scary! And the cultivation technique, is a forbidden evil technique from the Gods Realm! " The green dragon's face changed, "That year, she brought disaster upon a large number of experts, turning the sky and earth upside down in Nine Heaven World, and bewitched many people to besiege Qi Shi, causing the death of the Nine Heaven World. I suspect that she has a very close relationship with the Hell Devil Emperor. If she appears again, her power will definitely be even greater! "

Long Xueyi said: "I really want to go back and stop this woman!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Otherwise, it would be unimaginable!"

"Oh right, Old cyan bug, you have been in the Gods Realm for so long, do you know how to cultivate your soul?" Long Xueyi asked. Both Xue Xianxian and Xue Xianxian had failed to cultivate a divine soul within the ring, so she was a little anxious, because from the looks of it, they had stayed here for a period of time.

"Of course there is. Our dragon race is experts in cultivating to become deities. I have been in the Gods Realm for so long, if I can find such a method then wouldn't I have wasted my time there?" The Azure Dragon laughed.

With the Azure Dragon here, Chen Xiang and the others were safe, so Long Xueyi made Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er put down the things by their hands and came out of the Serene Jade Ring.

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