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Chen Xiang followed closely behind the white shadow, used his spatial energy to travel in front, and fiercely slashed with his blade to stop the white shadow. It was a young man with delicate features, but his lips were white, a pair of glasses emitted a white cold aura, and his long fingers exuded a deep cold aura. His fingernails were extremely sharp, like sharp daggers.

"You're courting death." The young man sneered and a streak of white light spat out of his mouth. When it hit Chen Xiang's chest, it exploded into an extremely terrifying gust of cold air, causing Chen Xiang to retreat continuously in the air.

Just as Chen Xiang stopped, he saw another white light flying towards him. This time, it was towards his head.

This white light that carried a deep cold aura was formed from an ice arrow. When it hit a person's body, it would instantly dodge, spitting out the venom of a profoundhan poison, and quickly infiltrate their body.

Previously, when he was too close to the young man, Chen Xiang was unable to dodge, but this time, he could clearly see what was inside the white light.

The ice arrow shattered when it hit the ice mountain, causing the shattered ice to melt and turn into a cold mist that surrounded Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang never thought that the profoundhan poison contained within this small ice arrow would be so terrifying, the cold mist that was released immediately covered his eyes, but he could clearly feel that right now, there were tens of these ice arrows piercing towards him, with a single glance, he knew that the other party was a ruthless character, and had attacked so crazily from the very beginning.

If they were dealing with an ordinary Saint, they might have already killed several of them. Just the dense profoundhan poison in that cold mist was enough to give a group of Saint realm experts a headache.

The way the young man used the profoundhan poison was very clever. It matched well with the powerful divine power, detoxifying the enemy while breaking through their defenses. If the young man was ambushed, as long as he could not defend against the profoundhan poison, he would most likely be poisoned.

Chen Xiang hurriedly hid himself in the tyrannical space, and then appeared from within. After stepping out, he sprinkled out a cloud of powder, which was the poison powder made from the combination of the Magical corruption gas and the Drunk god powder.

"As expected of the three Divine Deity s, it's indeed hard to deal with. Your poison fighting abilities are not bad, the Magical corruption gas and the high grade Magical corruption gas you used just now are all high grade, but they have no effect on me. I am a person who uses poison, and am able to suppress most of the strange poisons." In the end, the youth did not attack, but instead stopped.

Chen Xiang's cultivation was lower than him, but to be able to withstand his attack, was admirable, and he couldn't help but praise him.

"He expected you to poison him, so he prepared in advance. It looks like this guy has been training to resist poison." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang never thought that the experts in the Cold Wind Forest would actually chase after him. The power of the Hell Devil Emperor to win over people's hearts was too terrifying.

"The three Divine Deity s are mine now." After the man said that, Chen Xiang suddenly felt his body becoming stiff, the temperature of his entire body dropped a lot.

"This is the Profound Frost Divine Seal." The young man saw Chen Xiang struggling and sneered: "Your strength is only this much. Your strength should be because of the Magical corruption gas you used and the Drunk god magical poison you used.

Countless ice arrows suddenly appeared in the surroundings and quickly flew over.

In that instant, Chen Xiang let out a loud roar, and his body erupted with the power of the Dragon God. This was Long Xueyi's power, and it suddenly flowed into his body, allowing him to struggle free from your Profound Frost Divine Barrier.


Chen Xiang's body shook, his berserk divine power was released from his Heaven Earth Killing Method, transforming into the terrifying vibrating power within.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Profound Frost Divine Seal had been broken, and the ice arrows that were flying over had been shattered as well, turning into bursts of cold mist. Although there were extremely terrifying profoundhan poison s within the cold mist, it was useless against Chen Xiang.

The young man's heart trembled, he never thought that the few moves that he was most proficient in would actually be broken by Chen Xiang. At this moment, he realized that the three Divine Deity s were not that good, so he anxiously retreated.

Seeing that he was going to run, Chen Xiang suddenly flashed and chased after the man. A white fan suddenly appeared in his hand, it seemed to be made from the snow white and beautiful peacock feathers, it was extremely beautiful.

Previously, although he was just casually saying that he wanted to use Kong Bailing's feathers to make a fan, but Kong Bailing wanted to give him a gift, so when she was bored, she used her own feathers to make a fan. Now, she gave the fan to Chen Xiang, letting him see if he could take care of this young man.

Chen Xiang's ability to escape was very strong, and his ability to chase was as good as his. That young man couldn't get rid of Chen Xiang no matter how hard he tried, and he was even brought very close to Chen Xiang.

"If you want to kill me in exchange for Divine Deity, you must prepare to pay the price of your life." Chen Xiang sneered, he waved the white feather fan and waved it a few times, releasing a burst of white mist that covered the young man's body.

Not long after Chen Xiang made his move, the other party stopped and fell from the sky. The inside of his body had already started to petrify.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, looked at the young man, and laughed: "You are indeed powerful, but you actually met me."

"This is a strange petrification poison, how did you get this? Within the Super Old poison, this kind of strange poison is the rarest …" "I've been looking for it, but I didn't expect to meet it in such a way …"

After the man finished speaking, his body had already turned into a stone. Chen Xiang used the Devouring magic kungfu on him, swallowing the divine soul inside, and placing it inside the Divine Deity.

He looked at the white feathered fan in his hand and smiled. "Little Peacock, your white feathered fan is quite powerful. Why did you kill that fellow so quickly?"

"This fan is useless. The poison inside was completely released by you just now. Soon, the feathers will turn into dust." Kong Bailing giggled: "I didn't expect it to be of use to you just now, and to even defeat such a powerful guy."

Chen Xiang knew that these feathers were all Kong Bailing's best feathers. Although Kong Bailing said that it was fine, but Chen Xiang felt that if he pulled too much of them out, it would still have a huge impact on her. He had already decided that he would do his best to use Petrification Poison in the future.

When Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi walked out, their faces were slightly pale. It seemed that they had not completely exorcised the profoundhan poison yet.

"This bastard." Jiang Sheng fiercely stomped his foot on the stone statue, shattering it into pieces.

"Eternal life …" Where did you get this poison from? You little monster, it's really too dangerous. " Qi Shi looked at Chen Xiang with a terrified expression.

"Hehe, I got it by chance. Eat this, it can help you quickly expel the poison," Chen Xiang said as he gave Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng separate bottles.

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