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Seeing the cruel method of instantly refining the pellet with the man that Chen Xiang used to cover them, the Holy Masters reacted quickly. They dispersed first and at the same time, raised their vigilance to prevent Chen Xiang from quickly approaching them.

These Holy Saints came from the Heaven Realm and were not weak. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang's surprise attack a moment ago, he would not have been able to succeed in his sneak attack.

Before he said those words, he had already passed by, he was only left with an image, and at that time, the attention of Hell Prince, Thunder Emperor and the others would all be placed on their opponents, so they did not pay too much attention to Chen Xiang, thus he succeeded.

Even Long Xueyi did not notice, because she had also been focusing her attention, wanting to find the weakness of the Dragon Emperor.

Long Xueyi and Dragon Emperor did not become huge Sky Dragons, because the barrier was too small, and it could not contain them at all. Furthermore, they could not break through, so when the time came, they would only get in the way.

When he was in the Primordial Era, he and Qi Shi had never fought before. At this time, he had already experienced the terrifying killing power of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and in the depths of his heart, he already had a trace of cowardice. If he could choose a new method, he would not fight with Qi Shi.

The divine cauldron could be used for defense, it could also be used for attack, and it could even cover one's body. The Great Saint Leader did not expect that such a thing would be so troublesome, he was worried that he would be covered by the divine cauldron right now.

They were actually facing each other with their palms held tightly together and were fighting with their strength. Although the battle around them was very intense, with bursts of ripples and sounds of thunder, it did not affect them at all. They were floating in the air, not moving an inch.

The Heavenly Alchemy is powerful indeed, but many of the powerful techniques can only be used because of the strong God Power. What I did not understand previously, as my power grew stronger, I started to understand more and more, it seems like I do not need any other techniques anymore. As long as I focus on cultivating the Heavenly Alchemy and the Heavenly Alchemy, I will be able to step onto the supreme path of alchemy.

Chen Xiang used his bare hands to fight the group of Holy Spirit Masters, and now he was in a state of "enlightenment". Before, he had learnt too many, too many techniques, it was too complicated, but now that he was focusing on one technique, his understanding of the Heavenly Alchemy became deeper and deeper.

A Holy Man unleashed a ball of God Power that had been condensed for a long time, but the moment it came into contact with Chen Xiang's body, it was as if he had entered a pill furnace. It was instantly refined and decomposed, condensing into a type of pure and stable energy that was sucked into Chen Xiang's body.

"You can even use the Heavenly Alchemy to cultivate your soul. The Spirit Refinement Method in the Heavenly Alchemy is vast and profound, and it is more powerful than any other Spirit Cultivation Method."

Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy to attack mainly using "Refining" to attack, tempering both the fire and the spirit.

The two Saint Rulers wielded long blades and suddenly approached Chen Xiang. The other Saint Rulers protected the two, attacking Chen Xiang from afar with all their might.

As the two powerful Holy Blade slashed down, Chen Xiang actually opened his arms wide, as though he wanted to slash out with his own arms.

"Fire Refinement." Chen Xiang muttered in his heart, and a burst of light red mist appeared on his arms. When the two Holy Weapons came into contact with the red mist, their bodies instantly turned completely red, and all of the energy was absorbed by Chen Xiang's arms, transforming into an even stronger flame.

"When refining, it needs to be melted."

Chen Xiang bellowed, the flames burned fiercely and the two Holy Knives were actually melted, and by Chen Xiang's invisible divine power, they were twisted into two balls of burning red iron.

"I'll return it to you." Chen Xiang used his God Power to send the two red balls flying out, piercing through the two Holy Saints' chests, and smashing their heads.

Chen Xiang was multitasking right now. While trying to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy, he was also trying to use it to fight and at the same time, he was also using it to cultivate his soul. In his Divine Deity, there were three beast-like divine souls.

Chen Xiang did not focus all his attention on the battle. He fought with the group of Holy Spirit Masters, and continuously thought about the difficulties of the Heavenly Alchemy, trying to comprehend its profoundness.

"Right." Chen Xiang suddenly thought back to when he had just stepped into the Martial Dao and obtained the Yin and yang god blood s, the Tai Chi diagram in his dantian.

"Tai Chi."

After thinking about it, Chen Xiang, who was using the Shrinking step to dodge back and forth, suddenly stopped in his tracks. His feet sank into the ground and divine power poured from his feet into the ground, forming a black and white spinning primal chaos diagram.

"When refining pills, the greatest fear is that it will be difficult to fuse multiple ingredients together. However, as long as the incompatible ones can change into Yin and Yang, through the combination of Yin and Yang, it will be much easier to fuse them."

"This old man cultivates the fire element, while this one cultivates water. All of you, come here." With a thought, Chen Xiang released two thick water vines, pulling the two of them into the Tai Chi Array. Those who cultivated the water attribute were immobilized in the Yin position, while those who cultivated the fire attribute were immobilized in the Yang.

The Heavenly Alchemy also had a Yin Yang Chapter. He used some of the mental cultivation methods inside it and added on to the fact that he had the Yin and yang god blood s in his body. He could easily control the Yin Yang energy and was able to better understand the Yin Yang Chapter.

"Begin." The Tai Chi diagram beneath Chen Xiang's feet suddenly started to spin, the two old men's faces were filled with shock, they also started to spin too, because they felt that they were slowly dissolving.

They did not know that when the Yin and Yang in the Tai Chi Diagram interacted, there would be a heaven and earth in there. As long as a person was powerful enough, they would be able to reject any power that came in their way. This was related to the power of space, but Chen Xiang was able to grasp the laws of space, so he used it very well.

As the taiji diagram started to spin, the two elders turned into two balls of fire and water energy and merged above Chen Xiang.

"If there are many different specialties involved in fusing them together, although Yin and Yang represent a variety of energies, it will not be easy for them to be quickly combined."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, and then two words came out of his mind, Limitless.

The Tai Chi Array beneath his feet suddenly grew a lot larger, but there were still many Spirit grain s inside the Tai Chi Array, all of them were discovered by him through the Philosophic stone.

The Taiji diagram was already extremely profound, and with the addition of the Spirit grain that appeared on it that were brimming with natural dao halos, it became even more mystical.

"All of you, come here." At this moment, Chen Xiang didn't even need to release the water cane to feel the strong suction force from the Tai Chi Array beneath his feet. It was as if the formation was swallowing space inch by inch, pulling those Saint Rulers that didn't want to come over.

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