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Chen Xiang discovered this group of people from afar, but this group of people did not see him. Seeing that this group of people's expressions were off, he immediately hid himself.

"This Bi Xian seems to have been threatened by someone. Looking at his face, he seems to be at odds with this group of people." Long Xueyi said.

"That's right." It was because Chen Xiang had discovered this that he had immediately hidden himself.

Bi Xian walked in the front amidst the snow and ice, while the person behind him had a fierce expression, looking extremely unfriendly. Bi Xian's expression was tense, and from time to time, he would even be shouted at by the people behind him.

Sure enough, within the group, a person shouted: "I'll give you ten more days. If you can't bring us to find a high quality profoundbing, we'll chop your son's head off."

"This guy is definitely selling high quality profoundbing everywhere, which is why he got himself into trouble. This guy really wants the Spar to go crazy." Right now, he was thinking of how to help this Bi Xian. He was sure that this Bi Xian could definitely find those high quality profoundbing.

The man who threatened Bi Xian earlier suddenly took out a square cauldron, and after he shook it, he heard a shout coming from inside.

"Don't worry, within ten days, I will definitely bring you all to find the profoundbing. Don't torture my son anymore." Bi Xian immediately said, his face was filled with anger as he looked at the square cauldron in pain.

Bi Xian's son was trapped inside the square cauldron, upon seeing this, Chen Xiang immediately flew over, and then used Form Displacement Shadow to bring the square cauldron over.

The man holding the square cauldron was originally very proud of himself, but right now, his expression was extremely ugly. The square cauldron that was originally in his hands had actually disappeared.

"Who the hell are you? Don't you know that this is my Great profoundbing's territory? Quickly kneel down and kowtow a few times. Otherwise, don't even think about leaving this place, and actually disturb my sleep." Chen Xiang gave an old man's voice that sounded like it carried a strong sense of anger. He also released a strong killing intent that caused people to be afraid.

Great profoundbing Ancestor, who was this? That group of people had never heard of him before, but they knew that this old fellow was very strong.

"Don't you have ears? Didn't you hear what I just said? Quickly kneel down and kowtow, otherwise, you will die." Chen Xiang shouted angrily, increasing his killing intent, causing the ice to become even colder.

They had been robbed for no reason and had to kneel down and kowtow. These people were pretty strong to be able to come here. Even if the other party was very strong, they would not give in just like that.

"You're not going to kneel, right?" Chen Xiang's voice was incomparably ice-cold, and continuously sneered: "In that case, all of you should never kneel, only the dead do not kneel."

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared out of nowhere, holding onto the Hammer of God, just as it appeared, before everyone could even see his face, they could already feel a strong burst of killing intent, the strongest amongst them was only able to pass through the Nirvana tribulation, even the Worldly Immortal Stage experts could be easily killed, let alone people at his level.

Chen Xiang's Divine Hammer swept horizontally across, sweeping towards the few people in front of them. Before those people could regain their senses, the ice-cold Divine Hammer had already struck their heads.

In the blink of an eye, the upper body of the person hit by the Godly Hammer was shattered by the shockwave released by the Godly Hammer.

"I told you all to kneel, but you all didn't kneel. There's no chance for that now." While Chen Xiang was speaking, a few more people's bodies exploded due to the divine hammer, dying on the spot. They died in extremely miserable states, and just looking at them would cause one's scalp to go numb.

"Don't kill us... We are disciples of the Sacred Fire School, and our relationship with the Sacred Fire School is shallow. If you offend us … " Before the man could finish speaking, Chen Xiang heavily smashed the top of his head and a powerful force surged into the soft body, smashing it into pieces and turning it into a blood mist which drifted away with the wind.

"I hate Fire Divine Palace the most. It seems like I will definitely visit him when I have time." Chen Xiang waved his Divine Hammer and killed these people who were showing off their might ruthlessly.

The snow-white ice was dyed red, but it was quickly covered by snow again. Chen Xiang took out the square cauldron and released the person imprisoned inside.

Bi Xian watched on dumbfoundedly from the side. He was not afraid of death, but he was worried about his own son. When he saw that Chen Xiang did not have any intentions of killing him, and even released his son, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Bi Xian was moved, he almost kneeled down to express his gratitude.

"Your son isn't too strong, hurry up and bring him away from here." Chen Xiang said indifferently, he had the appearance of an expert.

"Thank you, senior, for saving me."

Chen Xiang waved his hand, then asked: "I want to ask you something. Have you heard of Chen Xiang before?"

Bi Xian's heart jumped, and he anxiously nodded his head: "Of course I've heard of it."

"How is he now? He's a good friend of mine, I only found out that he's trapped in a city in profound Cold Ancient Realm. However, after I entered the depths of profound Cold Ancient Realm, I delayed him for a while, but I don't know if he's still alive or not." The reason why Chen Xiang said this, was so that when he looked for Bi Xian in the future, this Bi Xian would work with him even more enthusiastically, and bring him to look for those profoundbing.

"Sigh, he has been trapped for almost ten years, and although he did not die, he might be trapped in the future. There is a hall master of the Fire Divine Palace guarding that city, and it is said that the hall master is one of the top experts in the Immortal World. If senior really wants to save him, I hope you can consider it further."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then floated away as he ran towards the profound Ice City, instantly disappearing without a trace.

"That square cauldron is very powerful, it can be used to trap people. The formations inside are very old, and the methods used to refine them are all lost, and the materials are very special. Even in Heaven Realm, it would be hard to find." Su Meiyao said.

"Looks like that Sacred Fire School is quite powerful. There is such a thing, but it's mine now." Chen Xiang chuckled: "In the future, I can use this thing to capture people."

"These things are specially used to trap people. There are some sharp thorns on the walls. When this cauldron is shaken, the people inside can easily be pierced." Su Meiyao laughed.

The square cauldron was only the size of a brick, but it could become bigger.

Chen Xiang erased the consciousness above the four-legged cauldron, and then dripped a drop of blood on it to confirm that it was his master.

He came to the profound Ice City and looked at the sealing formation from a close distance. The seal formation was still activated with a large number of Spar, and the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace had yet to return. He was probably searching for clues within the underground palace in order to find the one that killed the Ice Emperor.

Chen Xiang had investigated some things regarding the Sacred Fire School in the profound Ice City, and as expected, his relationship with the Fire Divine Palace was very good, and his overall strength was also very strong, he was a refiner sect. When they were attacking the Chen Martial Continent, they would always want to take over the mines in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, and they wanted to capture the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country even more, because the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country was also a very strong refiner sect.

There were rumours that Leader's Leader had sought out Fire Divine Palace's Hall Master several times, and asked him to bring some people to the Chen Martial Continent to kill them. This was because only when the Fire Divine Palace's Hall Master personally acts, would they be able to easily take down the Chen Martial Continent.

Fire Divine Palace had not made any movements during these nine years, but Chen Xiang knew that Fire Divine Palace had a ten-year time limit. If the White Tiger did not come to save him after sealing him for ten years, the Fire Divine Palace would attack the Chen Martial Continent.

Now that Chen Xiang had come out, he would definitely not allow such a thing to happen. The Chen Martial Continent was his root, he had walked out from there, and definitely would not turn that place into a battlefield.

"Sacred Fire School, thank you for allowing me to do something." Chen Xiang had already investigated the location of the Sacred Fire School, he planned to take advantage of the fact that Fire Divine Palace's vitality was severely injured and kill him.

Before the Fire Divine Palace attacks the Chen Martial Continent, he must weaken the Fire Divine Palace's power as soon as possible, and this Sacred Fire School is the number one subordinate of the Fire Divine Palace. Now that Chen Xiang knows about it, he definitely won't let the Sacred Fire School follow the Fire Divine Palace and attack the Chen Martial Continent one year later.

"The forces that forge weapons should have quite a few good things, right?" Chen Xiang looked at the square cauldron in his hand, he felt that this Sacred Fire School must have a lot of these antiques.

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